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f0b0f No.58446

If we do not allow wojaks and frogs why the hell do we allow spongebob reaction images and the like when they are as bad if not worse and scream reddit and facesnap or whatever the children use.

257ce No.58447

The first airing of Spongebob Squarepants began in May 1999, almost 22 years ago.

257ce No.58448

Defend yourself you tremendous faggot OP.

f0b0f No.58450

I realize this but zoomers use the spongebob memes it is part of their imagery.
Normalfags love the spongebob meme images it is an outsider meme belonging to normalfags

2099a No.58451

I agree with OP they should be banned

c9687 No.58458

What about Doge, the Shiba Inu memes?

2099a No.58468

Yes. Anything with a KYM page after 2006 really

6a1cd No.58469

Doge memes are far worse than any spongebob memes. First off the resurgence in the doge meme's popularity is so mainstream that at this point it's basically a new normalfag meme again. I see doge memes like everywhere I go. I see them almost as much as I see wojaks and pepes. Actually now that I think about it, I see them MORE than the latter these days.

Secondly, I can't even think of a meme that encapsulates gen z ironic meme culture more than the doge meme. That meme attracts cancerous ironybros like flies on shit.

That said, from what I can tell the "no outsider memes" guideline only ever gets enforced on wojaks and pepes probably because the guidelines specifically name them. I've seen every other mainstream meme here under the sun and they don't get removed.

7dcac No.58471

Same for those Shaggy, ponies and Chad memes.

5b98b No.58472

spongebob is based

2099a No.58473

I'm in agreement with you guys. Really the closer you get to a textboard the better off you are. Memes just scream "recent 4chan refugee"

805e5 No.58474

mods can't ban shit and admin is too busy taking care of his wife and kids to care. you waste your time

aa5f0 No.59581


Yeah, I also want pepe and wojak back.


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