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c9999 No.58570

can we please wordfilter the outsiders memes that immigrants to wizchan use? Same as we do for pepe and wojak

for example, wordfilter
"based" -> to "I am a faggot" or something similar

86d3b No.58571

filter "foid" to succubus

36c82 No.58574

That would be hilarious. Please do this, mods.

b215d No.58580

angry man baby wishes to repair circle jerk walls. circle jerk responds with glee

c9999 No.58581

Are you even human?

b453d No.58582

confused man baby questions the humanity of anyone that ridicules him

6a6a3 No.58584

That's just "man baby" spammer aka the "wizfapper". His entire schtick is calling everyone fat man babies despite being an obese loser who spends all day on /b/. Classic insults based solely on projection. Posted a links to live videos of himself masturbating on /b/ on multiple occasions thus earning him the nickname "wizfapper" in addition to "man baby spammer". Thinks this was some EBIN PWNAGE but in reality it just confirmed he was an obese loser. Regularly engages in "ironic" homosexual erp. At least half of the gay erp you see on /b/ is from him.

ec7ac No.58585

Can we please ban/filter the "_oomer" meme, e.g. zoomer, coomer, doomer?

b215d No.58590

naive man baby tries to one-up me by implying every post i've ever written stems from character flaws. demonstrates fundamental lack of logic through over-generalizations, reductionist logic, strawmen, and name calling – what i call the man baby quadrinity. doesn't appreciate the naked wiz body nor the confidence it takes to fap chat in my wiz art form. neglects to see the mastery of man baby posting. probably from a lack of reading comprehension or intentionally wilful ignorance. doesn't realize my wiz belly is actually cute and i challenge him to say otherwise

27966 No.58596

The mods are super inconsistent when it comes to text based outsider memes.

Usually it's based more on how they feel about a particular user then what outside meme they used.

6a6a3 No.58597

Everything I said was true and despite your staggering self-awareness, you know it's true. And judging from the fact that you felt the need to that same post twice, it must have struck a nerve.

b0099 No.58598

repeating that something is true doesn't make it so, man baby.

b453d No.58600

You have to understand that he is not one man, but multiple split personalities. One is a punished wageslave destroying anyone that doesn't adhere to the strict moral code of adulthood ("man baby poster"), the other is a megalomaniacal horny slut, hungry for cock and attention ("wizfapper").

In psychoanalytic terms, one could say that the man baby poster is the super ego personified, while wizfapper is the more primitive id. These are always in conflict and produce constant psychological stress which suppresses his ego. It is no use trying to play to his rationality, as it has been forfeited to the much stronger libidinal forces.

>>58589 and >>58590 are truly a rare sight, when you can see both manifestations, only 10 minutes apart from each other. Usually this creature dwells in the caves of the abyss and cannot be identified so easily as with IDs.

7f01e No.58601

/b/ attention whores are such an embarrassment. This is pathetic.

b0099 No.58603

stop bullying. its only natural to have sexual urges! why do you think i fap

32891 No.59394

seriously what the fuck

f0d32 No.59395

How broken do you have to be to spot that

baa54 No.59396

lol I posted apu apustaja (not a pepe) and it was gone it less than a minute, meanwhile schlongs threads on /b/ still not deleted as of now

c7221 No.59398

All frog memes and wojaks and their varients ought to be banned but sadly the mods do not ban normie social media memes and "ironic" memes.

32891 No.59412

Not as much as you to get triggered by it

f0d32 No.59413

>try to make conversation

baa54 No.59466

ok sorry i didn't know apus weren't allowed, just an observation i made.

b90ca No.60081

It's better to let outsiders clearly identify themselves through their unfiltered lexicon.

faf01 No.60083

File: 1625851345609.png (11.54 KB, 443x217, 443:217, based.png) ImgOps iqdb

ecb9c No.60084

No. Fucking. Way.

faf01 No.60085

A transparent ploy, even for a /b/ poster

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