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File: 1617405133270.gif (146.58 KB, 500x393, 500:393, wizard.gif) ImgOps iqdb

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As some of you might already know, wizchan was kicked out of our former host. I'm still in the process of trying to recover and transfer the domain to another registrar. Fortunately we had a mostly complete backup from just a few days ago. If there's any technical issue with the site you can post about it in this thread.
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13181 No.58788

Don't like the moderation? Make your own site faggot.

50eda No.58789

do you actually think i dont know about ids? lad, i literally streamed myself naked with my face showing. i dont give a fuck. i stand behind what i've done. im not an anonymous coward like you

9e327 No.58790

File: 1617918243973-0.png (4.43 KB, 504x88, 63:11, 1617917673966-1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1617918243973-1.png (25.3 KB, 846x468, 47:26, 1617917673966-0.png) ImgOps iqdb

50eda No.58791

i dont know what you're trying to say here from your autistic screen shots. see above: i know about the ids… do you think you're a detective for viewing my posts?

9e327 No.58792

File: 1617919613254-0.png (4.43 KB, 504x88, 63:11, 1617917673966-1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1617919613254-1.png (25.3 KB, 846x468, 47:26, 1617917673966-0.png) ImgOps iqdb


>you always took hours to delete the CP thread. Every single time it happened it took you hours
Well your logic on this is a bit flawed. You wouldn't have noticed all the times we took these sorts of posts down within a few minutes because most people would never have seen them. Of course it would seem like the mods "always took hours" to delete spam because that's the only time you'd see it, when mods are asleep or not at their PC. While I'm awake I keep the mod panel open and check it regularly, if something is reported I see it pretty quickly.

Anyways I'm not sure exactly what got the site shutdown. I only managed to make it to the mod panel after waking up, saw that there were some reports, and as soon as I clicked to see what was going on the site was taken offline.

9e327 No.58794

>there were times when I deleted the CP spambot threads within minutes, you just didn't see me so don't say it took me hours every single time

I'm sure there must've been times when you did but there were like 6 or 7 times when you failed to be on time to moderate so there's enough of a precedent to attest that the mods failed and you are responsible for the loss of wizchan's domain, and for you not to take that statement so literally so you end up thinking it's a bit flawed.
By the 4th time mods were well aware of the existence of a cp spambot, but your behavior did not change, you took no measures and the CP spambot threads were still up for hours. I reported them but then stopped because the reports were ineffective since you were not there.

On wizchan's last day there was the CP spambot thread and a new CP post in the /dep/ crawl thread with a picture of a different little succubus. Then a retard replied with that post to an anonymage who wondered if a poster from the adopting wizkids and lil witches thread was a pedophile.
The day before this I was banned rather quickly for insulting the OP of that adopting wizbabies /b/ thread on /lounge/, so I could not report those posts. All I did was told him to fuck off to /b/ and you banned me for 3 days for breaking rule 5 when it was him who should be have gotten banned for shitposting on lounge.
But since you refuse to moderate this poster >>58707 >>58736 >>58740, CCposter, homosexuals, furries, outsiders, etc., see nothing wrong with them being on Wizchan, and ignore for the most part complaints from anonymages, I know now that you don't moderate for us. You moderate for yourself.
Your actions are testament to your lack of love for the virgins who come here and want a clean Wizchan.
Only now after Wizchan's been lost and the site is virtually dead you're showing signs of life. Never have you been more active on /meta/ than this last days. You will never change though and wizchan will stay the same, but that's what you want so it should not be a problem for you.

13181 No.58795

That's cool, bro. But if you have a problem with the website and how the mod team handles things, perhaps you should fuck off and make your own website huh?

5eb48 No.58796

>But since you refuse to moderate this poster
Well to be fair I reported that pathetic indidual under rule 12 and the post is gone, so I assume he did get banned, at least for a little while.

5ef03 No.58797

>do you think facebook gets their whole domain held hostage over a single complaint.
What a dumb comparison.

Facebook is it's own host. Not only do their own their own servers (tens of thousands of them) but they own their own registrar.


The domain wizchan.org has been restored.

28659 No.58800

Did Dreamhost give you a reason?

28659 No.58801

@admin, I think the site isn't rebuilding the html pages.

74277 No.58802

Are we gonna get a new implementation of the text board now?

6ccf5 No.58803

Does a backup exist of the Wiki? The whole thing has probably been auto archive.is'd and I wouldn't mind rebuilding it by hand from that, but if it's all ready to go but just at the end of a priority list then that's fine too

for the better I hope, that software was flawed. FLAWED.

d6383 No.58804

none of my posts show up you stupid nigger, fix this shit

01779 No.58805

Purge all normies, proto-normies, improvebruhs, /pol/tards and anti waifu/anime retards please.

fa388 No.58806

oh no no no

bea42 No.58808

copy lainchan, posts have to be approved by mods before showing up.
-warning or banned if it's low quality crab shit, mods should rotate night shifts (some wizards sleep all day and stay up all night like night owls)
-put up the 'fbi have not been here' banner just in case and run those scripts that automatically report illegal shit to crime unit if it matches the hashtag and they forward it to the law enforcement. no need for wizadmin to get involved, they do the anonymous report for you.

bdca0 No.58810

The sad thing about this place is that the users are for the most part fine however the faggotry that runs rampant is clearly endorsed by the mods.

Riddle me this wizzie.. how on earth can the internet be so large yet so incredibly small? where the hell is everyone? there should be active wizchan like places with only high quality posters but there just isn't

b0b74 No.58811

>approval needed for your post to appear
no thanks, kike.

5d438 No.58812

>Riddle me this wizzie.. how on earth can the internet be so large yet so incredibly small? where the hell is everyone? there should be active wizchan like places with only high quality posters but there just isn't

start with the population of the earth, get rid of all females, then everyone who can't speak english, then nonvirgins, people that can't speak english, people who are too young or old, etc

you end up with a very small number, only several thousand if i remember. im not gonna do it again. it's probably enough people to keep the main site afloat forever, but there will never be a wizard imageboard diaspora

008c3 No.58813

>we do our job some of the time
>we only fucked up a few times
>I mean the whole site was nuked due to us not doing even the most basic and fundemental function of our job
>but we can't be expected to do our job
>that is fair right?

You got to be fucking kidding me.
You are almost as incompetent as you are corrupt.
You need to be fired and replaced.

As far as gaps in moderation that last for hours.
Make a shift schedul, and hold whoever is assigned or volunteers for that shift personally accountable for any fuckups on their watch.

You know, basic accountability.

Accountability and transparency are the solution to many of the problems and complaints regarding the incompetent and corrupt moderation of this site.

Though such direct critisism will probably be deleted and I will be banned yet again for pointing out when the staff is fucking up or fucked up and that changes need to be made.
Go ahead and prove me fucking right.
Everyone will still know that your unacceptable incompetence and moderation was the cause of the termination of this site.
You can't hide this fuck up with gaslighting, thread manipulation, deletions, locking threads, or bans for not violating the rules but violating your egos.

Hiding the truth doesn't make it go away. It solves no problems. It helps no one.

If nothing is learned from this major incident and nothing is changed regarding the moderation practices of this site then wizchan is doomed.

bdca0 No.58814

You know that the mods were too busy watching /b/fags stream their fap session to delete any club penguin on here right?
We had been very critical of the mods leading up to this and they fucked up it was no surprise.

f4c66 No.58815

It isn't the lack of English speaking virgin men that's the problem. These days adult male virginity is more common than ever. Even on normalfag places you'll find men lamenting the fact that they've never been with a succubus and how no succubus has ever liked them.

The issue is that most of them are crabs. Not necessarily in the stereotypical misogynist sense but in the sense that they still not only want sex and romance but they actively pursue it.

For example I have a younger brother who is a virgin in his 30s. He still goes out clubbing, uses tinder, has friends and has no obscure interests.

Not only that but even if someone is a noncrab male virgin it doesn't automatically mean they would be high quality posters. Even out on that specific demographic, most are probably just interested in normalfag shit and memes. Effortposting is going the way of the dodo and among gen z, it's nearly nonexistent.

bdca0 No.58817

I know this is /meta/ but could not help myself.
These crabs that desire nothing but to be a normalfag yet cannot be but actively try with every fibre of their being are worse than normalfags themselves because the normalfag does not have to try to be anything but themselves they just are.
These crabs possess low consciousness

de8a5 No.58818

I can tell you never ran a small community. It's hard enough to get good volunteers without treating them like employees with a tight schedule and breathing down their neck. Not many people can or are willing to subject themselves to that for free, with good reason.

a55ca No.58819

>Effortposting is going the way of the dodo
Don't want to make the moderation look like the source of all evil, but they nuked a thread the other day in loungue that had various effortpost in them. They locked it and then just delete it because it was becoming meta or something like that.

bdca0 No.58823

This is actually true all things considered we are lucky to have any mods at all but that does not forgive the admin for having such lousy mods.

13181 No.58824

Why doesn't this place have a captcha? This would prevent CP/advertisement spam bots.

I'm aware of privacy concerns, but there are captcha services other than Google, and wizchan could potentially implement its own rudimentary captcha (random letters and numbers with some image distortion and noise).

2b683 No.58825

At the end of the day, Lainchan still has a worse track record and has fallen shorter of its former glory.
Risking the site going down again because of CP is still better than having to deal with a captcha.

6ccf5 No.58826

File: 1618020572961.jpg (179.82 KB, 576x828, 16:23, rat_flan.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It worked on the wiki. We'd only need to have a user answer it once and then either the IP is cleared or they receive a cookie. We could even do rule trivia for common rule breaks so new users are forced to look for the answers by reading the rules.

Q: Fill in the blank: Do not disparage or show contempt for the celibate, ____, or reclusive lifestyles.
A: NEET , n.e.e.t

Q: Which board is reserved for suggestion and complaints about the site?
A : Meta , /meta/

Q: You must be a male ______ to post
A: Virgin


74277 No.58828

>We'd only need to have a user answer it once and then either the IP is cleared or they receive a cookie
that's a good idea, also possibly show captcha for detected proxies every single time? I dont know if that's possible


The reason was illegal content. Unfortunately it wasn't just a matter of a raid either, it was a mix of the engine not doing what it should do, oversight on my part and dreamhost running an automated scan at an untimely moment. The moderators are not to blame, even if they deleted things in the second that they were posted the result would be the same.

Are you sure? I haven't ran on the issue yet.

The textboard has a backup. If you have any other idea for an alternative textboard engine you can suggest it.

Yes, the wiki is backed up. By the way, if you're interested in having a bigger role there and shaping it to your image you can send me an email (when I get around restoring the email, which is not working right now). I was considering deleting it entirely since I thought there was no interest.

I will implement something to make it harder for that sort of spam to happen without having to subject most users to captchas, once I get everything else running.

74277 No.58831

>The textboard has a backup. If you have any other idea for an alternative textboard engine you can suggest it.
Maybe just the same board software from the main site with images disabled and a different default css that looks kareha-like, that way there is no problems with people being banned from the site but still being able to post on the text board

b3681 No.58832

I thought you guys were gone forever this time, don't do it again please

74277 No.58835

so I spent a few hours making this sort of text board theme for the main boards if anyone was interested in the idea, no images will load and you also will not be able to post images

it was too big to post so I just put it on github

2c574 No.58836

Do textboard post show up on the frontpage? it should have it's own latest posts section to attract interest and show activity.

2b683 No.58841

That almost sounds fun. Almost. There was supposed to be an exam like that for new mods.

01ef9 No.58842

I missed this place when it was gone, happy to be back

b7b14 No.58843

No they don't show up because the textboard is for all practical purposes it's own site that isn't really ingrained in this one at all functionality speaking.

13181 No.58844

Isn't it just an anonymous board except you can't post images? Yes, it's different software, but why not just make a specific board called text, disable images and have a new theme for it. It could show up on /all/ and it would be more active. Why the need for a separate engine?

18d9a No.58845

They like the idea of it being a kind of subculture separate from the main site.

bdca0 No.58853

no one uses the textboards though so who cares

5b34e No.58991

My posts now take what seems like hours to appear if they appear at all. Are my posts being placed on a queue to be reviewed by a moderator before they are allowed to appear? What is going on?

5b34e No.58993

Actually, I think it might just be noko making my posts not appear.

008c3 No.58999

It depends on the board but yeah there is sometimes a delay from making a post and it showing up in several places.
The odd thing is it will be seen from the homepage nearly instantly.

4a193 No.59042

Anyone else's's file deletion passwords keep getting reset? I don't do anything to mess with cookies and when I set a password anew it resets to a random string after a day or so.

4a193 No.59043

File: 1618732727621.png (294.07 KB, 641x642, 641:642, .png) ImgOps iqdb

b7b14 No.59057

The back end seems to be in flux and as usual there is no transparency on what the hell is going on with all the weird site issues like the cause of post delays, settings being reset, and the password scrambling on it's own accord.

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