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File: 1617414534216.png (27.79 KB, 958x270, 479:135, 909491.png) ImgOps iqdb

b8951 No.58656

It starts with the mods, Admin picked mods that are lazy and take hours to delete club penguin on the mainboards and never permaban persistent shitposters, and faggots that shit up the main boards with shitposts that have the words wizbussy, wizkid, witchie, wizchild, wizson, wizbaby, among other things.
I reported the club penguin every time that spam bot acted and other rule breaking posts alike but your mods are too slow to act.
We had a /b/ thread on lounge about adopting "wizkids" and "witchies", where a post read "I will love to sleep with wizkids on the same bed" or it was "I will love to see my wizkids on bed", I criticized said OP but a retarded mod banned me for it. Then another pedo saying in the cannibal thread that he will love to "eat" a wizkid butt or witchie bun, and then surprise surprise an actual pedo retard posted club penguin.

You have to choose new mods and ban the faggots, admin.

9f512 No.58667

>I want immediate personalized service that operates to my exact will on this small unlisted basket weaving forum for depressed and unmotivated men!
>No more shitposting on the shitposting board!
>I witnessed a rule break and instead of reporting it, I will wait until the board is slow so as to make my meta thread about it stand out!
>I have no post history besides my weekly pantshittery over the mods being what I imagine to be sexy, flaming homos with HUGE dicks
that one wasn't funny, keep that gayness to /b/

e85f6 No.58669

>what I imagine to be sexy, flaming homos with HUGE dicks

–oofs and winks then burst out laughing–

eb703 No.58711

The mods allow faggots to stream their fap sessions here and wont allow succubus who are witchies to post here it is a joke.
Mods are kiwifags laughing at all of us on secret forums probably

5c761 No.58714

>The mods allow faggots to stream their fap sessions here
one guy linked his stream once and ban evades occasionally to remind everyone that he was banned immediately for it
>and wont allow succubus

im a mod btw

a3176 No.58724

Then where is your tag? He posts all day and I don't see him get banned.

e85f6 No.58745

i wasn't banned. i was temp banned. and that was only for posting '3d' even though i didnt post 3d on the main website and it wasnt intended to arouse as evidenced by me being bullied for my fat wiz belly. in conclusion ur still losing this argument burger. im never going to get banned. i am the official wiz jester of wizchan

0bda9 No.58883

Did Crystal Cafe and this place merge or something? That would explain the influx of cancer in the past year or so.

922d0 No.58888

>being this new

8a335 No.58889

File: 1618366576021.jpg (3.03 MB, 1800x1200, 3:2, mansion ruins.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The Ghosts at Wizchan.

long ago before any imageboard existed here in this land was built an orphanage. At first it was a place for relief and compassion but soon turned in to abuse torture and death, far, far away from the eyes of civilization, the only justice that could be served was by the hand of God, turning it ablaze by turned scorched down, and only a few escaped and lived in the mountain woods.

Now there is several spirits that refuse to leave, so they can always make you remember their story, this is…


1dae3 No.58893

Its this one retarded tranny that keeps shitting up the place and ban evading

71c89 No.58907

really worries me, because a shitposting tranny literally killed my favorite chan, 4chon.net. I want wizardchan to remain pure and living.

baea1 No.58923

One of the biggest downsides to alt chans is that it only takes one extreme shitposter to ruin it. I'll never understand the mentality of an obsessively dedicated shitposter. Spamming the same phrase, meme or topic can't possibly be fun for that long, even for the most easily entertained. The only thing I can think of is that they're miserable faggots who either want to ruin something for everyone else, or have an agenda that they've dedicated their miserable lives to.

Maybe I just have a bad memory or I'm just looking at the past through nostalgia goggles, but I don't remember these types of extreme shitposters even being a thing back in the 2000s. Obviously there were always trolls, flooders, shitposters and people who tried to force memes but none of them were so dedicated and zealous that they spammed the same shit for years at a time.

ff9cb No.58925

Probably not worth it's own thread but what is going on with the really long lag between making a post, it showing up on the front page, and the big delay when the board and thread updates to show the post.

Is it a software or hardware problem, or are post being manually reviewed befor going up?
Like it can take 5 or more minutes for a post to show up on /hob/, despite the homepage showing the post near instantly.

ff9cb No.58927

It's not just the alt's, it is now a common problems on all image boards. It just that on more populated sites like shitchan the effects of the spamming is diluted.

I straight up think it is some form of memtal illness that causes it.
Like their mind just gets stuck on one idea, topic, word, whatever and they compulsively spam it to scratch that mental itch. Like a weird annoying version of OCD.

eb703 No.58928

Look at barneyfag on shitchan he will sit there all day posting about barney the dinosaur and spamming all these screenshots.

Amazing how that guy can do that for so many years.

baea1 No.58933

>I straight up think it is some form of memtal illness that causes it.
Oh I'm 100% sure each and every one of them is severely mentally ill. But there also seems to be a malicious element with most of them. No matter how severe their lack of self-awareness is, they all have to know how disliked they were given how frequently others explicitly tell them how annoying and unwelcome they are, but it seems many relish in their infamy and actively try to be as annoying as possible.

My guess is there are two types of these shitposters:
1. Extreme mental illness + scathing bitterness + lack of empathy + lack of hobbies + lack of any other purpose in life.
2. Extreme mental illness + scathing bitterness + extremely zealous dedication towards an ideology + lack of hobbies.

But either way I can't comprehend how anyone can have motivation that intense for that long, especially towards something that yields zero tangible benefits. Whatever their mental illnesses are, depression sure as fuck isn't one of them. Nobody with depression could have that level of motivation.

But regardless, a good imageboard would have zero tolerance towards such posters. Since you can't gatekeep them out, you'd need a moderation team that would permaban them, which would likely require banning proxy use and many ip range bans.

I would go as far as to say any poster that is highly identifiable should either be temp banned until they change their behavior to not stand out, and permabanned if their behavior didn't change after maybe like 3 temp bans.

0fdba No.58934

For Rulebreaking posts and edgy bitter malicious stuff being spammed I fully support this solution

>I would go as far as to say any poster that is highly identifiable should either be temp banned until they change their behavior to not stand out, and permabanned if their behavior didn't change after maybe like 3 temp bans.

7e69c No.58936

Why on earth do succubi like you get out of posting on this site anyway? Don't you fuckers burst into flames if not given attention every two hours? Just post on reddit and ugly soyboys will give you hige amounts of attention, no need to LARP on wizchan, it lows my mind a female would ever waste her time on this place.

922d0 No.58942

You know about 4chon.me?
I'd put money on it being a software problem. There's no post queue to be manually reviewed or anything like that here unlike on a certain other site.

baea1 No.58960

I would argue that all of the highly identifiable posters on here are breaking rule 8 or at least the spirit of the rule.

0fdba No.59000

Most of them are, yes. We need more mods to handle it all from spilling into the main boards

0bda9 No.59063

I've been here for a while, I was just confirming whether or not that happened since I heard about it. I don't really bother keeping up with drama here.

cc8cd No.59071

File: 1618876147955.mp4 (1.68 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 究極の謝罪を競う「土下座選手権」開催(Apology….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

wizards appealing bans to goddess moddess

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