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File: 1618425877428.png (4.06 KB, 616x87, 616:87, ks.png) ImgOps iqdb

51fb4 No.58900

Can mods get rid of this kalen poster?

For those who don't know, kalen spammer is a ~30 (he said he dropped out of high school before 2008 so he's likely around that age) year old shameless pedophile who stalks a 15 year old succubus named Kalen from Florida and talks about how badly he wants her. Anyone who uses Feels knows what I'm talking about, he always goes on and on about this obscure e-succubus and how much he wants her.

Not only that but he breaks the spirit of rule 2 (wants to have romantic experiences) with posts like pic related.

He's a literal crab pedophile who openly wants a romantic relationship with a 15 year old succubus and does not belong here.

51fb4 No.58902

File: 1618426978437.png (717.29 KB, 2740x1528, 685:382, ks2.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is him on feels, which confirms the succubus's age as 15 and him as being around 30. Posts his fantasies about her and updates Feels on his stalking of her and her family.

Ice this orbiting crab pedophile.

faff7 No.58903

File: 1618427849209.jpg (418.83 KB, 1908x1146, 318:191, 5882422-0-image-a-30_15415….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nobody knows who the fuck he is except for you, because you probably go to r9kancer
15 year olds are definitely not children.
Why is he a crab exactly?

Retards like you really don't know what words mean. You're becoming more and more like a hysteric succubus.

619c9 No.58904

I don't know him by name but I have reported him plenty of times over the years. He's posted his conversations with her before as well as sexual photos.

Mods should remember if I do, ban on sight baby.

ea1b8 No.58906

who cares

30d6d No.58930

is there a new feels?

ac136 No.58931

its an ironic wizjoke so its ok


Yes, I've been aware of this person for quite a while.
>Can mods get rid of this kalen poster?
Every post he makes is from a random proxy, so it's improbable, unless we make the entire site like /meta/ and disallow proxies from posting.

626f8 No.58940

I'm surprised he's still posting about her if he's the same as the guy I'm thinking of.
You obviously don't know what you're talking about. Pedo he may or may not be, but he's probably been using the site longer than you have.

30d6d No.58943

i wouldnt mind that
or maybe during the night or whatever time mods are offline you can enable it to mitigate spam and abuse.

2617a No.58980

This is paranormal, definitely.

36e6e No.59016

lol, the burgers are trying to ban the kalen poster. is no one safe! fuck tards get a life tbh. kalen is 18+. there's literally no evidence that kalen is underage. the burgers are just making up shit and adding spin to try harass people through the mods as usual. you're a bunch of fucking losers who have no real power. stop trying to harass people who haven't done anything tbh my man.

>this post brought to u by the feels society

51fb4 No.59017

>kalen is 18+. there's literally no evidence that kalen is underage
Except for kalenposter himself repeatedly and consistently alluding to and outright stating kalen is underage. He's even posted pics of her and she's VERY clearly underage.

See: >>58902

a3ba8 No.59018

We are the most powerful shitposters on all the chans. Stopping him would be a real uphill battle. I do not want this site or Feels to go down again though. The best we could do is to gently remind him to tone it down really

36e6e No.59021

you realize that feels is anonymous, right. anyone can post anything and claim it was posted by someone else. dumb ass

51fb4 No.59023

So every single time kalenposter states or alludes to the fact that kalen is underage, it's actually an impostor, the kalenposter who posts here is the true kalenposter and totally not a pedo, and you are certain that the real kalen is totally an adult despite evidence to the contrary? And you know all this…somehow?

How dumb to you think we are?

36e6e No.59024

do you understand what a joke is? kalen isn't underage. its an inside job that ties back to funmin on feels. i really am getting tired of the constant back seat moderating. lmao, fuck off with that shit burger

51fb4 No.59025

Sure, the whole thing is just an elaborate ongoing "joke".

Nobody is going to believe your bullshit and anyone with an IQ over 30 can see you're just trying to muddy the waters to create reasonable doubt when the truth is obvious. Imagine trying this hard to defend a blatant pedophile who spends all day stalking underage succubi on tik tok.

Thankfully his posts get deleted when I report them and even the mods have stated they're aware of his antics. >>58932

36e6e No.59026

>man baby posts a link to a screen shot that anyone could make in paint
>expects people to take it for forensic evidence

is this all you do all day? try get random people banned on meta? get a life you fucking loser. lmao

619c9 No.59027

I am thankful for his attempt to improve the community.

51fb4 No.59028

Lol big mistake to out yourself as man baby poster. You like to get on your high horse and complain about people who post pedo hentai but when it comes to a blatant pedophile who stalks underage succubi on tik tok you suddenly jump at the opportunity to be his criminal defense lawyer. Your pathological contrarianism really fucked you over here since defending a blatant pedophile is going to instantly nullify any attempt to claim the moral high ground in the future.

36e6e No.59029

man baby thinks he understands the complex mental life of man baby poster.

its simple really, man babies like to fap over 'lolicon' which are usually kids 12 and under. TEENagers that are 18 and over are YOUNG ADULTS. while PRE-TEENS, the stuff that man babies JERK their tiny little sausage dicks over are simply CHILDREN.

we must distinguish what kind of HURT we're dealing with. stalking dumb zoomer teens is something i approve of for the lulz and is VERY wizardly! hopefully kalen poster can give kalen some kind of anxiety / paranoia mental disorder! SMITTEN!!! 💙.💙

C-cute, cute, CUTE!!!!!!!!

51fb4 No.59031

>TEENagers that are 18
Kalen is very clearly underage and no attempt at muddying the waters can obfuscate that.
Yeah that succubus in that pic is totally an adult.

Imagine defending a blatant pedophile crab just to OWN the MAN BABY BURGERS. Pathetic.

36e6e No.59032

>starting yet another pointless witch hunt on meta with no evidence
>designed to cause reactions
>burgers instantly join in to hunt random people cause they're pathological losers
>wastes everyone's time on a non-issue, forces mods to read the bullshit, people jump in to the drama instead of contributing to the site
>purposefully misleading, designed on distortions of the truth and various emotionally charged propaganda to attract max butthurt

w-wow! t-thank you for trying to save wizchan, guise!

36e6e No.59033

>Kalen is very clearly underage and no attempt at muddying the waters can obfuscate that.

w-wow! everything is exactly as you say because you say it even more confidently! nice evidence bro. kalen is CLEARLY, and indubitably, certifiably, fuck-you

11fc2 No.59034

Amazing this unfunny troll still hasn't been banned.

51fb4 No.59036

You seem pretty emotionally invested in defending a pedophile. Really activates my almonds.

36e6e No.59037

im contributing to the discussion by pointing out the classic witch hunting fucktards that frequent this site. nothing wrong with that

kalen isnt underage

6928e No.59038

A pedo a simp and a crab? What a winner.
thatfeelwhen.net from what I could tell lurking a few time it's almost entirely 5 people spamming that same memes all day though.

36e6e No.59039

please don't make fun of feelers. we're trying our best to craft quality feels and feelers are very sensitive

>that feel when the smell of rice on a cold day

51fb4 No.59040

See: >>58902

And just in case you want to claim this screencap is fake:

1. Archive of feels post showing pic of kalen, who is very visibly an underage succubus:

2. Archive of kalenposter stating kalen was a baby in 2008:

3. Archive of kalenposter saying kalen is 15:

36e6e No.59041

burge lawyering begins. he has archived the evidence. trial begins

99f9d No.59979

You're a bitch. Grow up.

2006b No.59980

Serial chiller.

ca1b8 No.59981

I use vpns for privacy. My dad is a big tech guy and one day he made a joke about how much furry porn I fap to. Since then I almost always use vpns, to be honest I don't know if it actually works or not

3829e No.59984


e0974 No.59994

speaking of things to get rid of, how about removing the textboard and wiki links?

e96f8 No.59996

There's still hope to come back. I sent Admin an email about the wiki but it bounced so maybe the Email server wasn't up then.

626f8 No.60028

Do you really want them to come back?

050ae No.60041

You have absolutely no control of your provider's practices with your data regardless of what is advertised.
If you're not doxxed through DPI, then they probably know your identity via credit card.

aa6f9 No.60043

I vpns for porn and browsing the internet, I'd never dream of even logging into my email with the VPN on.
I am >>59981 by the way. I'm just on a different IP

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