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6cb9c No.58979

I think the best resolution to the gay stuff being posted as wel as the furry stuff in the fap thread is to make it be spoiler because it is clear that whenever a fap thread is made someone posts a lot of furry weird stuff and a lot of us are not gay fags and do not like this.

This is clearly a troll attempt

bf8e8 No.58981

There was a mod that used to spoiler it as a courtesy, but he probably got tired of having to look at that all the time.

15eb8 No.58982

>This is clearly a troll attempt
It is! The gay furries and "Manly Man" bara posters have admitted in the past. Whenever they find a particularly offensive image. or someone explains why something they post in the fap thread is gross, the homos will post it repeatedly in /b/ to avatarfag and signal to the other gayhomos that it is time to bump the lounge fap thread with more material that makes people leave the site. Ban them all, no rule changes needed. They're trolling and they know it.

7ad69 No.58984

daily reminder that wizchan is not a porn site and nobody gives a shit that someone ruined your porno thread, burger

6cb9c No.58986

ban would be good the homos ruin this place but we all know that no homosexual will get banned you can link the mods a stream of you jerking off and they will not ban you.

4658c No.58987

ow my human pedoshit safe space

57782 No.58988

I’m gonna go with this, I’m not really a fan of the fap thread, there’s no real point in sharing what you fap to since if it’s not generic anime succubi some burger will get butthurt

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