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File: 1618993253574.jpg (8.09 KB, 150x227, 150:227, aHR0cHM6Ly9pLmltZ3VyLmNvbS….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

9e972 No.59078

Rest in peace, AtsuiNabe. I miss you every day. For those who know, you know. But for the rest of you, he was a former admin who killed himself.

07609 No.59079

File: 1618996454093.png (899.4 KB, 1003x1080, 1003:1080, 1604309131003.png) ImgOps iqdb

Oh man. Who are you? How do you know that? When did that happen?

9e972 No.59080

Former mod from seven years ago. Believe me or don't, your prerogative. I know it because I talked with him extensively. He mentioned having a gun at one point and being very depressed on separate occasions. It was around four or five years ago.

I'm expecting to get banned but I've drifted away from this place over time so I feel it's worth the risk.

9e972 No.59081

Balls to the wall. I am KriemhildGretchen.

603eb No.59082

u killed a thread with this…

ddfc4 No.59083

didnt know him but RIP

68066 No.59084

was he one of the names on that leaked /staff/ screenshot from 2014 when anachronos went missing?

b61fd No.59088

Sad to hear. I joined the team just as he left. There hasn't been a new admin since then.

9e972 No.59089

I mean, if you extensively use a place like Wizardchan, I guess there's only two options in the end. You improve your life or you end it. I'm working on the former.

Yes, as was I.

e8842 No.59091

If you still have the option to improve your life, why did you even bother posting this?

90470 No.59108

I think I may actually remember this. He posted under his admin tags how he couldn't take it anymore when he gave it away right?


I'm really saddened by this. I didn't get to talk much to him in a personal manner, and now I wish I did, but as far as my interactions with him went he was a really good guy. Not many know, but he was not the only admin that planar shifted. I wish I could do better with what they have left to my care, they really loved wizardchan.

bb89c No.59138

do you think there's something we could have done as a community to help wizards like this?

b63b1 No.59141

Just being somewhere that we can relate to each other helps when it comes to suiicde if someone chooses that fate we can only wish they succeed and do not give themselves injury sadly.

bb89c No.59154

idk, dont normies at least setup a way to talk to suicidal people in need. we could have a chat room or something. i remember when i was younger sometimes all i needed was for someone to genuinely listen to me and make me feel not alone. i had suicide attempts that were near fatal and i think people might have been able to find the right words to talk me out of it

bb89c No.59155

what i forgot to add to this post: but i had no where i felt comfortable reaching out to. i have almost no online friends. maybe if we made a welcoming comfy place. even like an app for one on one chats thats always there and everyone knows about it… idk

bf01a No.59158

Want to buy weed

9e972 No.59160

The community just has a mentality that any and all attempts to improve oneself are pointless and counterproductive. Sure, some forms of self-improvement aren't the domain of Wizardchan, but things like working out or deciding the NEET life isn't for you (without disparaging those for whom its suitable) just gets you a ton of insults. It's kind of why I've drifted away from here over time.

Plus you aren't really allowed to develop personal relationships (e.g. sharing Discord IDs) which means you can't really even get online friends. I understand why it's best to avoid identities being established here, but even that will get you in trouble.

67837 No.59161

Shoulda hit the gym, find work and get a gf and he wouldn't have killed himself. Sadly the people here won't take my groundbreaking advice because they are jealous meanies. :(

b61fd No.59163

This is an interesting HTML5 chatroom from Japan: http://gikopoi.com/.

Maybe we could have our own instance.

bb89c No.59171

strawman and immature. we are talking about preventing our own kind from literally killing themselves. can you stop trolling for 5 seconds to have a serious discussion

i agree with you. people would need to be open to it in the first place

67837 No.59194

Who cares? You are not going to prevent anyone seriously considering suicide from killing themselves on an imageboard, and nobody's asking for your help. Go do some volunteer work in real life if you want to feel better about yourself.

be93d No.59221

Is this the guy who sold it for 600$ or something or was there more admin changes.

> I wish I could do better with what they have left to my care

Me too

0ebce No.59249

RIP. It sounds like he would have banned the faggots, trannies, profeminist, and anti inncel crowd on here. He is now free from this degenerate and cruel world.

9e972 No.59254

You would have been surprised as to what his actual views were.

0ebce No.59256

If you've already disclosed his death, why not tell us more about him and his views.

9e972 No.59274

Because I'd rather not make this about right-wing political shitflinging. I already dislike seeing that constantly on the site. It's one of the reasons I've drifted away.

b07c7 No.59309

to words: Black supremacist.

67837 No.59321

? it's not like anyone takes that seriously. I am curious too.

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