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File: 1619489031264-0.png (65.93 KB, 1019x913, 1019:913, 18858151.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1619489031264-1.png (346.51 KB, 1179x2550, 393:850, 12561118478478.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1619489031264-2.png (3.9 KB, 439x79, 439:79, 1488447778.png) ImgOps iqdb

3bd6d No.59159

This thread wizchan.org/lounge/res/264563.html and others show that wizchan is comprised of nasty people who are insensitive and heartless failed normalfags with a crabs in a bucket mentality. These posts are a direct product of a crab mentality and those "wizards" are the real crabs. It's funny to see the animosity towards wizards that say they want to improve their lives like it was a horrible sin, especially on a site that filters the word inncel to "crab".
Let's think for a second, why would you be mad if some wizard wants to get good at something or is successful in something he likes? It just doesn't make any sense to me. You are not a wizard if you hate on wizards that are trying to improve their lives, you are some resentful failed normalfag.
>Crab mentality, also known as crab theory, crabs in a bucket (also barrel, basket, or pot) mentality, or the crab-bucket effect, is a way of thinking best described by the phrase "if I can't have it, neither can you". The metaphor is derived from a pattern of behavior noted in crabs when they are trapped in a bucket. While any one crab could easily escape, its efforts will be undermined by others, ensuring the group's collective demise.
>The analogy in human behavior is claimed to be that members of a group will attempt to reduce the self-confidence of any member who achieves success beyond the others, out of envy, resentment, spite, conspiracy, or competitive feelings, to halt their progress

Second pic, a wizard leaves wizchan because he found a succubus, "wizards" reaction says it all. Why would wizards be mad if a fellow wiz moves on from wizchan because he doesn't want to be a wizard anymore? Again, it makes no sense unless you're a failed normalfag. Wizards would find it funny and wish him luck or simply ignore the guy, but not hate him or wish him death.

Third pic, a low iq poster thinks that being able to improve means you're not a wizard.

Finally, crab mentality on wizchan have always existed, but it has to change. Hating on wizards that have goals or want to improve in things they like, and other past wizards who moved on to have a relationship shows you're a failed normalfag crab.

37759 No.59164

The fact that you don't even know how to link crossboard threads really shows you are an infiltrator looking to stir up trouble.

3bd6d No.59165

Not an argument.
But I think I used to know…
was it >>>> ?


0df39 No.59167

Please learn now to cite posts properly.


3bd6d No.59169

File: 1619493529529.jpg (41.97 KB, 415x297, 415:297, 1581174198740.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>learn now to cite posts
Learn to read, it's not one post
it's a whole thread and crabs in a bucket in general that are in more than one thread.
This thread is one tiny example

It's for the betterment of the site, wizards are not crabs in a bucket, failed normalfags are.

93a05 No.59181

You make a false assumption that improving means being a normalfag when for a wizard imporving could mean the following things.

1.Gaining a solitary hobby and ability to get money without interacting with anyone
3.A method to kill themselves with they feel they will go through with.

Anyone who wants a GF as a wizard (3D) is not a Wizard hence it is not improving a wizrds life to get a GF the same as it is not improvement to a hetrosexual man to get butt fucked by trannies but for a faggot it would be.

This defeatist philosophy is a good thing in this case because believe it or not some are unable to improve and regardless of if they ca giving up is good psychologically either until they do become the nromalfag they want to be or because they cannot improve as there is nothing in life worth living for in their experience.

Since you are such a newfaggot I am unsure if when you speak of crabs you mean in cels or speaking of people dragging each other down?

Take some self responsibility if a user is so influenced by others that is up to them.

3bd6d No.59182

>anyone who wants a gf as a wizard
>as a wizard
>is not a wizard

You can barely write and when you do you contradict yourself.
> I am unsure if when you speak of crabs you mean in cels or speaking of people dragging each other down?

You're unsure because you can barely understand what you read or write anything coherent.
Your post is a complete mess.

181b8 No.59191

File: 1619520086973.jpg (30.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, dfg1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, fuck bitter and spiteful crabs kicking down comfy NEET crabs who actually enjoy the bucket and take it easy.

>I am better than you b-because you're not working out or learning a 'useful' skill and play video games all day

>lol, fuck off normie

improvecrabs never change, may be they should grow a thicker shell, haha

Sorry you got btfo'd by the high testosterone NEET wizards in a bait thread earlier, OP

c2d02 No.59192

You people are WINOs – wizards in name only. You are normalfags in every sense of the word BUT you also happen to be a virgin. Tell me why you had to make a thread about these "crabs" again?

ff68c No.59193

>you also happen to be a virgin
These posters never are.

7bdbb No.59195

Never cared about improvebrahs, unless when they get preachy.

"Improving" oneself should generally be considered a thing of personal choice, not something to flaunt.

The second pic is absolutely disgusting though, as that OP clearly came to brag and bait. And this thread's OP defending him (or maybe samefagging) obviously needs to be banned as well.

93a05 No.59197

They are not even virgins they just know not to mention when they had sex or at the very least are able to refrain from posting about how much they want to fuck a 3DPD here they save all their blatant crab posting for their crab forums.

3bd6d No.59198

>if you're not a miserable and hateful piece of shit like me you're not a wizard

181b8 No.59199

You sound pretty hateful to me though

3bd6d No.59200

Not a bad thing to hate on retards that think that being able to improve yourself means you're not a wizard.

181b8 No.59201

That's crab in a bucket mentality right there

3bd6d No.59202

for a retard like you who agrees with statements such as "if you're able to improve yourself you don't belong on Wizchan" it must be.

181b8 No.59203

>it's the fault of random strangers online I'm failing to IMPROOOVE, fuck, I hate them so fucking much for destroying my motivation to self-actualize with their MEANNESS, AHHHHHHHHH!

3bd6d No.59204

File: 1619532002383.jpg (35.66 KB, 500x375, 4:3, EXhg2GLXgAY-qZk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Who are you quoting?
It's funny because I've never made a single improve thread or post, I only care about the betterment, or to use a better word, IMPROVEMENT of Wizchan.
This is the level of you retards who make posts like that, literally shitposters with no arguments defending being stupid and spiteful against wizards.

You must not be as happy as you say you are if you have to shit on other wizards every time you have an opportunity.

1bfba No.59205


I mean you don't choose the be a virgin, the virginity chooses you

93a05 No.59206

This is false a wizard is born a wizard only a failed normie wishes they could have a succ to suck thm and drain their mana.
Wizards are above the desires of the flesh

1bfba No.59208

I am terribly sorry for my misunderstanding fellow Wizard, I will try harder to be more understanding.

93a05 No.59209

Your definition of "wizardry" was just being a crab the entire point of being a wizard is that you do not actively want to have sex with a 3D succubus or date one.
Sure I will admit some wizards may have had social problems which resulted in being unable to participate socially as a normalfag would which led them to having TFW no GF when younger but they ascended above and came to realize that there is no reason to want a GF and lost the desire.

This is Wizardchan not crabchan ok.

c2d02 No.59210

>Wizards are above the desires of the flesh
So… true wizards are asexual? Got it.

93a05 No.59211

Truwiz are Volcel or Asexual.
If you are not having sex because you are just unable to woo a succubus you are not a wizard it is the not caring to have sex or a relationship which defines you as a wizard otherwise crabs would be wizards and they clearly are not for this reason.

Chad wizards exist

3bd6d No.59212

volcel=normalfags, redditors, born again virgin succubi=nonvirgin and definitely not wizards

asexual: term that succubi use to feel like snowflakes

inncels= ugly, nerd, outcast, autistic and instrospective virgins=natural enemy of succubi and normalkind= wizards

you=faggot nigger outsider.

181b8 No.59213

>ugly, nerd, outcasts, autistic and introspective
why aren't they improving?

93a05 No.59214

Some of us are Cad volcel wizards you know it is insulting to the community (that you are not a apart of btw) to claim that a wizard is a crab.
You need to leave

3bd6d No.59215

Still butthurt for calling out your crab in a bucket mentality and hatred for wizards?
>why aren't they improving?
Who says they aren't?

>some of us are chad volcel wizards
>it is insulting to the community to claim that a wizard is an inncel
It's not insulting to anyone but a retarded larper like you to claim that wizards are nerds, outcasts, and introspective virgins.

c2d02 No.59216

The self improvement meme ONLY works if you are planning on becoming a better wageslave (ie making a higher salary) or trying to attract a mate (which I hope is not the case here). It does not – and I repeat, DOES NOT – apply to someone who has already dropped out of society for reasons pertaining to low social status or a general lack of interest in normalfag life. So expect to receive negative feedback from some wizards. I won't comment on this matter much further though because I think OP is a troll.

3bd6d No.59217

>The self improvement meme ONLY works if you are planning on becoming a better wageslave or trying to attract a mate.

You can drop out of society and still want to "self improve" by getting better at things you like and stopping bad habits that hinder your goals. You're astoundingly unintelligent.

3e24c No.59218

File: 1619552428232.jpeg (49.46 KB, 400x266, 200:133, 6519A642-DF9C-483F-BFC9-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

ah it's mr.be all you can be
what if all I can be is a NEET?

3bd6d No.59219

I'm a neet too, so what's your point? Being a neetwiz doesn't make me say stupid shit like "you're not a wizard if you can improve your life", when spending more time in things you like or value counts as improving your life.
Crab mentality is failed normalfag behaviour.

181b8 No.59220

>Who says they aren't?
>inncels= ugly, nerd, outcast, autistic and instrospective virgins=natural enemy of succubi and normalkind= wizards
If they're "ugly, nerd, outcast, autistic and introspective" enemies of the normalkind crabs, they aren't getting much improvement done. You know, because they're crabs and those traits are precluding them from achieving their crab goal of having sex.

Good thing we have chad volcel wizards here to improvebrah at them. They should accept the generous life advice with due gratitude and humility.

e8ee6 No.59233

self-improvement is one thing.

But what part of the volcel code encourages virgins to not be volcel? You are showing your negative view of virginity by making it a bucket that we should celebrate climbing out of.

We don't have to hate on fallen wizards, but they are fallen, they aren't rising to something better which you seem to imply

93a05 No.59238

OP is probably some idiot that thinks he could be happy if he could just get that
>new iphone
These idiots are so ignorant somehow that they can never be happy and it makes no sense how when they LIVE their life observing that their desires do not make them happy.

a92f6 No.59239

why do improvecrabs need to let everyone know that they are improving maybe they think it makes their improving more real if they tell others but they really shouldn't

35af5 No.59240

Truwiz are just wiz. This v*lcel asexual larping has gone on for long enough.

93a05 No.59242

lmao calm down mad cuck not all of us are unable to get a GF AKA crabs a ot of us just do not want a GF or to have sex.

39b78 No.59244

the entire argument and purpose for this thread hinges on the crustacean wordfilter being chosen for the crustacean bucket analogy, but as far as i know it was chosen just because it's a funny word

3bd6d No.59247

>You are showing your negative view of virginity by making it a bucket that we should celebrate climbing out of.
The thread isn't even about virginity or volcels, but about how on Wizchan we are forced to believe that inncels are all crabs while we have failed normalfags who are the real crabs because of their crab in a bucket mentality and demonstrate this by showing hostility towards actual wizards(not fallen wizards) who want to improve.

This in an imageboard that replaces the word inncel with crab while at the same time allowing real crabs in a bucket posters.
As far as I know, the admin is not being sincere. I was in that thread, and the admin said that word just came to him. Wizards objected that it was used by redditors as a slur to inncels.
Why do we even have a word filter that's used as slur for inncels on reddit at all?

e8ee6 No.59253

>The thread isn't even about virginity or volcels

Well yeah it is, if you think this should be a place that celebrates when a """wizard""" loses his virginity

The mods removed that thread and banned OP, so I guess they just did that because they were so jealous he got out of the bucket and found a gf

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