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0ca64 No.59225

Can someone please explain what the hell is going on with the delays in post appearing between diffrent parts of the site?

Post show up instantly on the home page but can take 5 or more minutes to actually apear on certain boards like /wiz/ and /hob/.
Meanwhile everything is intantanious when posted on /b/ and only takes 30 seconds to a minute on /lounge/.

There has been no explanation of why this is the case.
Someone please explain. This is part of what is meant by wanting more transparency.
Is this intentional for some reasons. Is this a bug that needs to be worked on.
Why is this happening and what is going on?

0ca64 No.59228

Checking /music/ and post straight up seem to not show up there anymore.
Like it's been a good half hour.

What the fuck is wrong with this site?

351ca No.59229

Try hitting refresh, works for me

23839 No.59230

It's a bug.

ff724 No.59232

no problem on my end either

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