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bc1de No.59255

Thank you for unbanning me when it was entirely in error <3 Check the images next time bakka!

The rules do not allow wojak or pepe for good reason but is it not in the same spirit of the rule to ban annoying orange or any other "ironic" humor meme images and gifs? We currently have a shit thread with a shit gif that looks like it would belong on some zoomer social media.
The person who posted it is only doing it to be obnoxious as they do the same thing on /b/ I do not think it is good at all and is a bad look for the board.

9a462 No.59257

I'd rather have pepes and wojak than users like you.

af9fa No.59261

Just make the whole site a textboard already, fuck

a20c1 No.59262

How about just make wizchan but have actual moderators instead of the moddess team?

bc1de No.59267

images add personality and culture is fun.

2c5f0 No.59271

what about apus? allowed?

b8559 No.59272

apu is a variation of pepe so I would think not

af9fa No.59273

We are small enough community to identify each other off text you can get those same things if we was text only

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