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File: 1619834145183.jpg (328.85 KB, 1484x1891, 1484:1891, 1619825959884.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

c1b12 No.59276

What separates the crab from the Wizard? And the Wizard from the crab?

d14d6 No.59277

Whether the value of chastity/asceticism is recognized

3f9dc No.59278

A crab desires a GF/BF a wizard does not have to be unattractive or look like a crab he only needs to not desire a GF/BF or sex.

96e56 No.59279

A crab desires sex and is bitter that they can't get it, a wizard doesn't desire sex and doesn't care if they could get it or not

740ba No.59280

Nothing, a "wizard" is a 30 year old male virgin. The "crab" is incapable of having sex, thus by default is a wizard. The "volcel" is according to the larpers some sort of asexual normalfag who is literally just a normalcattle but doesn't want sex, still technically according to the definition that is still a wizard.

The real reality is that you are allowing meme terminology like crab/volcel/wizard to create your own personal philosophy, and by philosophy I mean a delusional social hierarchy system where you separate yourself from the "loser" virgins in the same way society creates social hierarchy via separating themselves from virgins as a whole.

a9245 No.59281

Your image is an edit of that Nordic sideways bust template normalcattle take to so much, along with other ugly strawman trash like wojak and pepe, which your image is the equivalent of. So, in that respect you should return to Twitter or another site more befitting your low mental ceiling.

9b88c No.59282

if the same shit for normalfags
Wizards are failed normies crabs believe their live will change with a succubus

3ea43 No.59283

look up definitions of
first part.

e958e No.59284

File: 1619865972298.jpg (33.2 KB, 514x337, 514:337, slide1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

inncel: male virgins that are introverted, asocial, nerd, autistic, ugly, outcasts, rejects, misanthropes, victims of bullies, hated by females and normalfags.
Volcel: unvirgins, past sex havers, normalfags who want to be celibates.

c0455 No.59300

For the purposes of posting, it's really about someone's mindset at that moment. A wizard should instinctively know that sex is a negative even if he can't always suppress his urges.

09bd2 No.59310

a crab worships pussy. that's all

9b88c No.59311

I love how wizards believe they are superior when its the same thing

0952e No.59312

Crabs want sex and are mad they can't get it.

Wizards don't want sex and mad when crabs insist that sex means anything to them.

3bcee No.59320

A wizard is what a crab will become if he remains a virgin

5c089 No.59573


Wouldn't they crabs wish such a thing to be accepted.

3f9dc No.59577

A wizard cannot be a crab because a wizard does not make their entire identity revolve around not being able to have sex and succubus hate a crab wants to have sex but feel they are unfairly denied whilst a wizard does not care at all about sex and may very well be able to have sex if he so wished and this drives crabs mad when you mention that you can be a chad wizard.

ff5c4 No.60450

It's just a strawman tactic to imply that someone is too normal to be here and if you call out the bullshit your post is pruned and you are banned for it. You get called crab for no reason at all so it really means nothing like most buzzwords mean nothing.

Realistically it's retarded to say only asexual austistics should post here. Crab is not even in the faq for a reason.

Yes, don't talk about sex, but this word crab should be pruned along with real offenses of that and it is never even about wanting sex when someone is called a crab. It's retarded really.

ffc68 No.60457

File: 1629873903791.jpg (55.99 KB, 704x540, 176:135, 1568817029514.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I am a wizard because I never had sex
>>wizards do not make their entire identity revolve around not being able to have sex

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