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File: 1620742209278.png (153.4 KB, 709x517, 709:517, nn44.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

9bc87 No.59401

Exposing females as entitled sociopaths now considered "ince| content"

Can we just get rid of the homosexual/pedophile moderator Andrew yet? He avatarfags on /b/ everyday and he doesn't even care about rules unless it's content he personally disagrees with. Not only that, but he sexually seduced a 15 year old wizkid from the wizcord discord when he's 26 years old.

Seems he gets triggered when you expose females for who they truly are, which is weird coming from a site dedicated to male virginity.

fcede No.59402

>he sexually seduced a 15 year old wizkid

his name is Steve, and he was underage KEK.

d8b90 No.59404

>Exposing females as entitled sociopaths now considered "ince| content"

Yes. Learn to disregard females like a real volcel.

9bc87 No.59405

Not if it's a youtube video

9bc87 No.59406

File: 1620743966817.jpg (1.13 MB, 3000x1993, 3000:1993, NEWS_161029931_AR_0_QFPAZL….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Andrew the homosexual moderator allows gay ERPing on /b/, but youtube videos exposing female sociopathy isn't allowed

b00fd No.59407

only shocking thing about this is that it's alredy may 11

14c43 No.59408

smart mod

fcede No.59410

File: 1620746682645.png (1.36 MB, 1159x2178, 1159:2178, Screenshot_2021-05-11 r tr….png) ImgOps iqdb

>I'm exposing female sociopathy!
>I feel so bad for her!!!
Lying nigger, lying as usual. You believe females are wizards and avatarfag with anime succubi 24/7, and larp on female only sites as a female, and come here to call everyone a crab while asking for females and nonvirgins to be allowed here.
You want to have a vagina, you're in the same bag as the pedophile Andrew.

5b835 No.59411

I would rather not seee 3D succubus or trannies also so what is the issue?
You spam "black pill" crab videos on here when no one cares you crab faggot

5b835 No.59414

I fail to see why spamming images of trannies is not crab like either

cb4fa No.59415

File: 1620792264253.jpg (74.38 KB, 720x541, 720:541, 1412308397825.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What the fuck is "crab content" exactly? I don't expect MODDESS to answer me since these simps never talk to me ever, they seem to purposely never talk to anyone who has valid points. Really though what the fuck defines "crab content"? Anything that makes succubi look bad? At what point do these clown moderators just admit they are full blown feminists like I've said time after time. Which according to them is "Mod Conspiracy" and worth of a permanent ban btw. Listen I don't watch the videos the OP spams (and I know he posts alot of them), but I don't want to see him being banned just because the MODDESS TEAM who are a bunch of literal succubi who have infiltrated this site want to turn this place into some feminist shithole for them and their normalfag friends.

Every day the MODDESS TEAM only continues to prove me exactly right. Mention the mods are are feminists? Perma ban. Post videos putting succubi is a bad light? Warning into probable perma ban. Screech about how succubi are the real wizards, howl about wanting to be a literal succubi, and avatarafag the entire time breaking the LITERAL RULE #8? Will be whiteknighted by the MODDESS TEAM banning anyone who speaks again that cancer. Now if you turn half the threads on the LISTED BOARDS into shitflinging fights where people just screech about who is a "truwizard" or ebin "crab"? Promoted to moderator.

14c43 No.59416

Please return to your home imageboard.

cb4fa No.59417

The quality of response I expect from the type of poster the modddess team is cultivating. Whats the matter, the crab vs truwizard screeching contests on the main boards is getting too boring so now you come to post here instead?

5b835 No.59418

It is crab content because it is not just showing succubus in a bad light it is videos men made crying about succubus having standards that they do not agree with..
The funny thing is that the succubus who have these supposed "high standards" are not femcels so the only reason they make these videos and post about them is because they want to date a succubus.

You do not need to hate succubus to be a wizard you can be a truewiz and get along with succubus as you see them just like humans and not holes to fuck because newsflash you are actually a wizard.

crab content is r9k content why should it belong here?

9b84c No.59419

File: 1620800631375.jpg (42.65 KB, 680x363, 680:363, 38b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>men made crying about succubus having standards that they do not agree with.
And? Is that reason alone to ban someone? Does someone having a problem with the standards succubi install as holders of sexual mating habits mean they are a crab? I know your response, because you are another truwizard vs crab screecher that the moderator loves so much. You will say it is not "tru wizard" to care about these things, I have to ask if you don't care so much, then why is even a video showcasing something such a bother that it should be banned altogether? Or have you not moved on from such ideas.

BTW you know whats really not wizardly? Someone asking for not only the male rule, but the virgin rule to be removed entirely, and then having that person yell the entire day about wishing to be a succubi. Yet the moderators not only allow such actions from a singular poster, but actively promote it by banning people who are upset that such a thing goes on. Yet somehow this "crab content" which isn't even a real rule, is somehow ban worthy? Its a joke, a total circus show the moddess team puts on.

>the only reason they make these videos and post about them is because they want to date a succubus

I know, I know, its all "da crabs" behind everything I'm sure. One can't POSSIBLY dislike or even acknowledge that succubi set standards far above what they themselves deserve without being a crab and wanting to have sex. Oh wait, they can. The reality is that you are biased into believing anything possibly anti succubi in general MUST be from a crab who wants to have sex with succubi. Which is exactly the way the moddess team wants it to be, nothing anti succubi will be allowed to exist when these feminist moderators are in control.

>crab content is r9k content

Newflash pal, pic related and orginal wizardchan as a whole was r9k "crab content". I have to imagine if the picture that started wizchan to begin with was made in wizchan 2021, the poster would be banned for "disparaging virginity" and not being a "tru wizard". I don't why you people think pic related would be a good idea for revolving your life around, here is the reality: being a virgin doesn't make you special, not wanting to have sex doesn't make you special, you have made an ideology based on a meme that disparages the very same thing you claim to be proud of. That's right, a meme. I want you to stare deeply at pic related, think about it for a while. Today won't be the day you realize or agree with me, but I'm hoping eventually maybe you can realize what you have filled your head with, and hopefully move on with your life.

Before you reply, I'll do it for you. "have sex crab you aren't a truwizard like myself, please leave wizchan you crab, btw I have magic powers from not touching my pee pee and shit lightning because I didn't have sex until I was 30, btw you are a crab volcel xd lmao zoomer doomer truwiz reddit epic meme".

5b835 No.59420

>Does someone having a problem with the standards succubi install as holders of sexual mating habits mean they are a crab?
WHy would anyone but a crab be angry that succubus have higher standards good for them for having some standards they do not have to date people they do not see as good enough and why would I care if crabs are lonely they are pathetic.
>why is even a video showcasing something such a bother that it should be banned altogether?
because it is r9gay content and a wizard does not desire to date any succ so why should they care to see a succubus god forbid has some standards and only wants to mate with quality men.
>One can't POSSIBLY dislike or even acknowledge that succubi set standards far above what they themselves deserve
Why do succubus "deserve" to date unattractive men? Why are you crabs so entitled you think you deserve to have a GF or sex and crabs do not deserve any of these things they deserve what they get and that is the chance for some small crumb of attention from succubus they pay online and I think it is if anything based that succubus are milking these fools.

There are forums that exist just so you can cry about being ugly so umm maybe idk go there sweety instead of shitting up wizchan with that same content.

15772 No.59422

File: 1620806476361.png (443.21 KB, 1079x1089, 1079:1089, face the wizwall.png) ImgOps iqdb

I just realized who I'm talking to, kill yourself you dumbfuck newfag CC migrant abomination. I love how you just skip over your own actions since you cannot possibly excuse them, you will never be a wizard, you will never belong here, you will never be a succubi. Kill yourself already.

Maybe you can ask the moddess to delete your posts to damage control for you again LOL!

0a8bd No.59423

Daily reminder that you don't belong here.

5b835 No.59424

Why are you so mad at succubus if you do not want to have sex with them? There are plenty or reasons to hate on succubus and men for that matter that do not relate to crab content but you choose to always whine about how they have standards.

What actions am I meant to excuse?

0a8bd No.59425

Yes, everyone who dislikes a demographic clearly only dislikes them because they want to have sex with them.

All you can do is screech the word "crab" at everyone who posts something you don't like because it gives you a false sense of power.

0aaa3 No.59426

Go back to crystal cafe or reddit or whatever other sites you use.

5b835 No.59427

If you get mad succubus have standards when it coems to dating and post videos of succubus "not dating subpar 8 men" and post that stuff on here you obviously are angry that no one wants to have sex with you.

Reminder to crabs they will never be wizards and will against their own will die alone :D

0a8bd No.59428

Daily reminder you are a crab. I've seen your threads talking about how you wish you could be a lesbian and date a succubus.

3fa8a No.59429

I see our resident BPD troon is feeling extra smug today.

12c63 No.59430

File: 1620812096258.jpg (61.15 KB, 612x440, 153:110, Moddess hard at work.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


5b835 No.59431

I have never said that why are you making up lies gosh

0a8bd No.59432

Nah, I remember clearly. You said you wished you could be a young teenage lesbian and experience "forbidden love" with a succubus.

5b835 No.59433

As an anime succubus I said I wanted to be an anime succubus in a yuri anime as they are so happy and cute I never said I wanted to be a lesbian.

0a8bd No.59434

So now you're backpedaling from "you're making up lies!" to "well yeah I said that but I meant as an anime so that makes it ok".

You use anime as a loophole to express your trannydom/crabdom/pedophilia and other disgusting desires.


>"But I said "anime" so I'm not a tranny! Sure, trannies post about how they want to be anime succubi but I'm different, trust me man."

>"I with I could experience forbidden love with a succubus"

>But I mean in an anime, so I'm not a crab. Sure crabs often have similar desires and waifus, but I'm different, trust me man!

>*Is a grown man obsessed with little succubi and gravitates towards shows with little succubi*

>*wishes he could be a little succubus*
>But those are ANIME LOLIS so that makes it all ok! I'm totally not a pedo, trust me man!

5b835 No.59435

Please delete this you are going too far I do not know why I bother trying to help you people understand.

5b835 No.59436

I don;t like getting bullied by people who are meant to be my friends you know.

80d88 No.59437

Every post I've made for the past year mentioning that this site is run by the CIA has been deleted. Fagdrew is a mod and a tranny from the cafe is allowed. THIS SITE IS RAN BY THE FUCKING GLOWIES

0a8bd No.59440

You jump at the opportunity to throw stones at others (despite living in the proverbial house made of glass) yet when some stones come your way, you cry foul and play the victim. And besides, you wouldn't be getting picked apart like this if you weren't going against the spirit of anonymity and being so easily identifiable in every thread you post in.

5b835 No.59441

You people straw man me by making these fake things up and then attacking e about them to legitimize your bullying.

80d88 No.59442

When I was younger, some guys on a forum ganged up on me like this. You want to post here you need to stop avatarfagging and keep your feminist shit to yourself. It will never end until you either go away for good or drop the CCposter act.

5b835 No.59443

This is truue but regardless I would have been attacked for having opinions that differ from the norm here like not hating succubus and being interested in feminist ideas.

0a8bd No.59445

Everything I said was pinpoint accurate. These are all things you objectively have said/done. You said you want to be an anime succubus and deny this makes you a tranny despite trannies doing the same thing, you claim to be different somehow. You said you want to be a succubus who experiences "forbidden love" with another succubus, just in an anime so that makes it ok. You constantly post lolis, obsess over them, and talk about how you wish you could be a loli. These are all things you have objectively done, repeatedly. These are all things you do to express your desires using the "it's ok because anime" loophole. You can't even deny it.

d93f9 No.59446

dear moderators

can you PLEASE, finally ban OP
he's been shitting up the abyss boards fro freaking MONTHS now and post transexuals pics from reddit
make it stoppp

5b835 No.59447

I do not have gender dysphoria although I admit I have other dyrphoria unrelated and do get bouts of psychotic thought loops related to actually being an anime succubus but after an acid trip near the start of the year these have been pretty much absent from my life.

Maybe you sexualize my posts too much and I cannot blame you as that would be the standard way to view them but I am a huge fan of Yuri in manga and find it so sweet and cute to watch two succubi learn they love each other and explore their feelings together.

0a8bd No.59448

First off you've posted straight up hentai many times so there's clearly a sexual element there.

Anyway, imagine if someone constantly posted bishounen, talked about how beautiful they were, posted yaoi, and said he wished he could be in a yaoi and experience "forbidden love" with another (anime) guy. Then when someone calls him a fag he goes "No! I'm not even remotely gay, because it's ANIME!".

That's the equivalent of what you're doing. These are desires you clearly genuinely have (you've been extremely vocally expressing them for far too long for it to just be ironic shitposting, clearly theres sincerity here) and you're just using the "but it's ANIME" loophole to excuse them and deny any logical implications that can be inferred from them.

5b835 No.59449

Maybe a little bit but I do not know what I think or why I think it I always change my mind some days I do not even think I have anything wrong with me and cook up conspiracies. I like to post the art I find but do like it in erotic way also maybe you are right I cannot tell. sorry

5a08e No.59450

File: 1620842446398.gif (Spoiler Image, 142.47 KB, 1221x1007, 1221:1007, kill yourself.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Not the same person retard.

CC tranny LOVES talking shit, you insult and attack andrew all day because you know hes the only person who even close to being as hated as yourself. You even talk shit about "wagies" while parading your own dysfunctional life around as if you even had a choice to be anything but a drug addicted psychotic NEET that pisses and shits itself on the floor of its room unironically.

Yet when the house of cards comes falling and most of the site hates you, suddenly you cry out about being "bullied" to gain sympathy. Kill yourself you absolute scum of the earth.

>fake things
YOU are the one who screeches about wanting to be a succubi everyday. Autistic tranny needs to shut the fuck up and go back to CC.

>Different opinions
You are attacked for being a cancerous faggot that the old moderator would have permabanned the instant you came here. You are an avatarfagging tranny who does nothing else but ask for the virgin and male rules to be deleted, howl about moeshit because you want to be a lesbian succubi according to yourself, and promote feminist ideology on a board for men. Kill yourself

>I watch yuri anime and want to be a succubi
Just kill yourself you drug addicted fucking tranny.

There is no conspiracy, you just admitted last post that you yourself want to be a lesbian succubi. You are a disgusting junkie transvestite that needs to leave wizchan.

5b835 No.59451

I want to put all this hate behind me but I also want to be here because I feel I belong here I am not a transvestite or a trans anything and believe me I could totally have become trans if I want as I am surrounded by people who are full blown troon sympathizers I just do not think that is for me it is gross and whateva I know you won't listen you always call me a trans person despite me saying every time I am not one so nothing will change.

I think we disagree on the feminism front because you do not understand what aspects I agree with and think are good so I will not try to defend that I am just a little tired of having to get called names and all that sort of thing when it is unfair because you are calling me things I am not.

I do not even post on CC I like to lurk I like to read and just like it but that does not make me a tranny at all I have told you before why I like that site it is a nice place and the people are nice and support each other but whatever.

I do not want the virgin rule to be removed again you make up lies to misrepresent me.
I want a friend is all

17d69 No.59452

You don't belong here, you will NEVER belong here. You are a attention whore tranny in denial, who is so delusional that in your mind you are a TERF feminist succubi, that it the state of you.
You pretend to not post on CC yet when you first came to wizchan, people caught your posts and had you banned from there. Stop lying.
You made a thread about removing the virgin rule and it went so poorly the moddess had to delete it to damage control for you pathetically enough. Stop lying.
You will never have a friend, you don't even know what one is since you think having someone tell you to cut yourself for their entertainment is a "friend".
You are an abomination, kill yourself CC tranny.

5b835 No.59453

What if I am just delusional and you are right about everything? I obviously disagree but cannot claim that I am not just being delusional.
Mods have said you can be a tranny and post here as long as you are a virgin born a male anyway so I still belong but I am not a tranny.
>you don't even know what one is since you think having someone tell you to cut yourself for their entertainment is a "friend".
A friend asked me to do that and other stuff so they were my friend even if they did not value me much like I did them bu they were my friend and I care about my friends regardless of what they do.

82c62 No.59454

>Mods have said you can be a tranny and post here
When? Do you even have a timeframe for when that was said? I read every post I see made with a mod tag and none of them ever said anything remotely close to "transvestites are allowed to post here"
>A friend asked me to
Then go talk to your friends instead of bothering us.

5b835 No.59455

Yes it was posted in a thread about that celebrity who became trans man and people were meming about me being her or something it was when she came out.
>Then go talk to your friends instead of bothering us.
I have not had a friend in years

d9191 No.59456

What do you mean "what if"? You ARE a delusional tranny, and its according to what you yourself screech about each and everyday - including even on this thread.

You don't belong here, you will NEVER belong here. You are a attention whore tranny in denial, who is so delusional that in your mind you are a TERF feminist succubi, that it the state of you. Kill yourself already.

Its sadist """friend""" removed this tranny from its life after getting bored of having the pathetic rodent cut itself. So now the tranny is here screeching about wanting another friend everyday like some failed normalfaggot.

Also honestly the moddess is such a disgrace that I wouldn't doubt them coming out and renaming this place to troonchan. The moderators belong on wizchan as much as this disgusting abomination does, in other words where the fuck is the admin? Do we even have an admin? How do I report our moderator team killing wizchan?

c9938 No.59457

>I have never had a friend
FIFY, and there is a good reason for it, you are a psychotic tranny that does nothing except ruin every site you post on. Even reddit can't stand you posting on their site, which is why you got permabanned and hunted down by the users there too. YOU are the problem, kill yourself already.

82c62 No.59459

>Yes it was posted in a thread about that celebrity who became trans man and people were meming about me being her or something it was when she came out.
Feel free to link it, my searches return nothing.

5b835 No.59460

Sorry I cannot remember the name of it maybe ask the mods if it is ok for men to be on hormones and identify as a succubus and post here.


>ask the mods if it is ok for men to … identify as a succubus and post here.
It is not. If you consider yourself to be a female, then consider yourself banned.
>to be on hormones
Keep it in an active drug thread or on /b/. Do so knowing that you'll not receive many kind words from this site. Debating whether such discussion should be allowed or not should still stay in /meta/, preferably in one of the many threads already made about the subject of suspected transsexuals posting.

>where the fuck is the admin? Do we even have an admin?
You're creating hysteria from thin air. The admin migrated the site a month ago, posted in /meta/ 2 weeks ago, and has been responding to ban appeals as they appear since. The admin not wasting time debunking every forced /b/ meme to make its way to /meta/ isn't indicative of a lack of care for the site.

80d88 No.59463

This site has never been and will never be for transsexuals GTFO

Thank you for spoilering that this time, I appreciate it. Keep up the good fight

5b835 No.59465

Glad that troons are considered banned here.
Thanks for clearing that up Mr Mod.
So it is ok to be on hormones but not identify as a succubus/be a tranny that makes sense I guess.

b8a0b No.59467

Then let the admin know you faggots should be replaced for me. You can't even do the basic job of keeping the site CP free, yet will remove any post disparaging you within seconds. Nevermind the quality of posters you started to cultivate, the main boards are FULL of retards yelling about idiotic crab/truwiz contests that you actively promote by never steping in. It also should go without mentioning that you let this disgusting tranny avatarfag it up for months on end screeching about wanting to be a succubi and posting about how the male AND virgin rule should be removed without a single ban. Yet apparently "mod conspiracy" is worthy of a permanent ban?

You are dogshit moderators whose only concern is protecting succubi from being insulted and your own petty ego. You don't belong on wizchan and if our admin supports you then I rather have glaive or hotwheels running the show at this point. At the very least I could expect some tranny howling into the night about wanting to be a succubi and to remove the virgin/male rules to be banned.

Yea no problem, felt bad last time but forgot the password so I couldn't even delete the file.

Yea except she won't do anything to the literal troon posting here for months everyday. Don't believe the moddess rhetoric, this is their damage control speech while never actually doing anything to change any problem.

5b835 No.59468

The mods are fine with shit talking succubi what are you on about.

0b280 No.59469

Ban weed user he is a bad influence on wizards.

82c62 No.59470

>I rather have glaive or hotwheels running the show at this point
then go post on Glaive's forum or Lynxchan

59263 No.59471

lol. Is that why OP would get banned for posting videos disparaging succubi? The moderators hide behind "crab" as a way to subvert wizchan into a feminist shithole for their normalfag and succubi friends. In fact even the idea of succubi being lesser than men invokes a hoard of the moddess approved posters to start screeching about "crabs". The people are promoted by the moderators whom allow crab vs truwizzie wailing contests as a way to gather and create a pro-succubus culture, which is exacerbated by the word filter giving people an excuse that the crabs are not virgins - but instead are the evil crab trying to keep people in the bucket. What bucket exactly? No one knows. The moderators aren't against "crabs" who are at the end of the day just virgins, they are against misogyny as a whole and use crabs as an excuse to target such thoughts.

Don't believe me? Why do you think they allow CC tranny to post here? All that poster does is screech about feminist ideology, call others crabs, ask for the male rule to be removed, the virgin rule to be removed, and speak about wanting to be a succubus. Not only do they alllow it, but actually punish people with bans for speaking out again this tranny shitting up wizchan. This is the ideal poster the moddess team has in mind for the future of wizchan. It is really that bad.

Glaive moved on from the ideas of wizchan, his nu-sites have nothing in common with here anymore. He was still better than what we have now though, he at-the-very-least respected the site enough to ban people like this avartarfagging tranny. Was he a wizard? Probably not. Was he more capable of moderating compared to the moddess team? Yea, 100%.

d0d3c No.59489

hell yeah brother

5b835 No.59490

We should ban anyone on female hormones because a lot of these people identify as non binary or whatever now and I think that they should also be banned even people who use that sheep talk about their gender.

5b835 No.59493

They are normalfags for buying into the gender spectrum meme so need to be banished

80d88 No.59494

Anyone who feels the need to discuss their "gender" (biological sex) on Wizchan.org does not belong here, end of. Trannies and homosexuals subvert every single fucking place on the internet until there's nowhere left free of them (there's not anymore, sad)

5b835 No.59495

Why do the normalfags add their pronouns to their bios online? I do not understand what any of that stuff means it confuses me and why they do it is a mystery maybe to get attention or something weird

80d88 No.59496

I do not know either but in this clown world if you do not know the answer to something it is always

>maybe to get attention

9bc87 No.59499

File: 1620913334791.png (146.09 KB, 706x765, 706:765, jjj4443.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Just found this on /b/

Looks like moddess is now banning people without breaking any rules because they post videos showing females in a bad light

5b835 No.59503

STOP posting images of trannies please

cee0e No.59507

I'm telling you, the moddess team are a bunch of literal feminists, it has nothing to do with "crab" and everything to do with wanting to preventing anything anti-succubi or as they would probably say "misogyny". I'm not joking when I say our moddess team is unironically infiltrated by succubi and normalfags, its why they keep CC tranny here.

Schizo mistaking others for myself LOL.

cee0e No.59509

Also why is this CC tranny so delusional that it keeps pretending like it isn't a part of this tranny culture? How many drugs does it take to become a tranny, but fall into trannydom so hard that you actually truly believe you are a succubi, and then you become a terf tranny that hates other trannys despite being one itself? Btw you will never be a succubi, kill yourself.

5b835 No.59510

>anyone who opposes trans people is a terf
Just face the truth that not all of us agree with trans succubus being succubus you weird chaser

b4c17 No.59511

CC tranny pretending it doesn't think of itself as a terf despite spending saying exactly that multiple times, and telling everyone about how much it loves "gender critical" subreddits and websites. You will never be a succubi, you are a delusional abomination that thinks it is an unironic feminist and lesbian succubi .

199db No.59512

extra word shouldn't be there, formatted wrong, ignore.

58e85 No.59545

You're a complete faggot. Go back.

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