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File: 1620859142406.png (2.82 MB, 976x1464, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

f8211 No.59473

Can we ban the reddit tranny spammer? He keeps posting the same few disgusting images and is clearly doing it to avatarfag and ruin people's enjoyment of /b/. Like, we get it, you hate this one specific guy, but you're shitting up the board completely for the rest of us. I can't even [-] fast enough before I see this guy posting his fap material in every thread.

And before he responds: no, I'm not the CC poster. And no, "ClipboardImage.png" just means I copied this pic into the clipboard so I wouldn't need to save it and burn my hard drive afterwards.

Kill yourself freak.

8b735 No.59474

File: 1620859985602.png (667.2 KB, 720x603, 80:67, 6148A53C-A2C2-4C7F-90B6-2F….png) ImgOps iqdb

doesn't it get cached by the browser and winjeet makes a shadowcopy anyway?

933c5 No.59475

File: 1620860485260.png (877.33 KB, 715x805, 143:161, 1607392361244.png) ImgOps iqdb

Tranny orbiter butthurt.

Avatarfagging is approved by the moderation team, its why andrew and CC tranny have never been banned despite breaking rule 8. I'm just fitting in with the nu-wizchan culture the moddess team has implemented :^)

6f49a No.59476

The thing is that you bring it outside of /b/ frequently attacking users on the listed board who you seem to think are this "cc poster" that you have a hate/love boner for.

a2a80 No.59480

>attacking users
Why are you pretending like the posts I insult are not CC tranny? Whats the next cope, you pretend like I've mistaken you as CC tranny on the main boards? Stop orbiting this tranny, I don't know if its just the tranny images that have you butthurt, or you are just infatuated with the tranny itself, personally I don't care either way.

Either the moddess team enforces rule 8 like it should have done 5 months ago, or I'll just keep up with the nu-wizchan culture centred around making yourself as well known as possible like CC tranny and Andrew. Hopefully we get name fields soon my fellow wizards!!!

f8211 No.59481

You're the worst kind of shitposter. At least people like the nigger poster don't delude themselves that they're somehow "saving wizchan" with their garbage. No, you feel justified posting crap because MUH MODDESS and MUH CC TRANNY. It's always someone else's fault, huh buddy? Hey, maybe, just maybe, you're the fucking problem with this website? A retard that spends 99% of his awake time posting transvestites. What the fuck is wrong with you kid? Jesus.

a2a80 No.59482

Who said I was saving anything? As if one poster could change the entire website and people in power lol. I'm just fitting in with the nu-culture here on wizchan :^) Hopefully you can start signing off your posts with avatars too so we can know who we are posting too.

-yours truly,
Supreme savour of wizchan

6f49a No.59483

If you are continuing without intent of fulfilling any goal than you are noting but a mindless shitposter yourself that degrades the quality of the board you pretend to care about.

82f1a No.59486

Tell me, has even once the moddess team come down from mod discord and admitted a wrong? Even a singular time, have they done so? Do they even acknowledge anything besides randomly stepping out, calling someone a shitposter, and then going back to mod discord? The answer is no. I don't fool myself thinking Moddess will suddenly step down from power or ban the avatarfags. Nor do I expect the afk admin to do his job of moderating the moderators.

So does that mean I must tolerate the avatarfagging? I have sit here like an impotent and defeated man like so many do, letting this get worse and worse while being too scared to do or say anything at all? Let me guess, I should just run away to another site with my tail between my legs. You can be impotent and do nothing except mildly complain once a month if you want, I'll be here rocking the boat until that tranny leaves or kills itself.

6f49a No.59487

can you play internet crusader without posting ugly images? Thanks

25c52 No.59488

Sorry, no can do.

f4089 No.59501

How do you paste an image from the clipboard?

f8211 No.59504

Just paste it in the text input with ctrl+v.

8b735 No.59506

> -yours truly,
> cc tranny's stalker aka homoerotic-crab aka I take polcrab as a compliment crab*

there I fixed it for you

6f49a No.59513

We cannot even post a single image from an anime on the listed boards without this autist accusing them of being someone they know.

04085 No.59518

File: 1620978732396.png (261.2 KB, 512x512, 1:1, posts anime girl.png) ImgOps iqdb

Anime nigger keeps losing it over people who aren't myself. The only thing I did in that thread was john post twice.

Yours truly,
His Magical Holiness and Lord of All Greatness The Supreme Savior of Wizchan John from Accounting

86147 No.59520

This started on /b/ but is now going outside of /b/ too. If you post a picture of an anime succubus this schizo will call you cc tranny, I suppose if you post an anime boy he'll call you fag andrew.

04085 No.59521

>assumes anyone who says "cc tranny" is myself while calling me schizo
The irony.

e83c7 No.59524

Now he's breaking rule 8 by signing his posts with "cawfee" like he does on b.



6227e No.59525

2d8e5 No.59528

He keeps doing it on listed boards

48f91 No.59532

File: 1621046910968.jpg (50.36 KB, 1200x623, 1200:623, EY9rtlfU0AAiy9U.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You don't know me, but my name's Cy, I'm just the cartoon poster guy, but it seems like Anime g1rls might be worth a try…
So I say let him post.

76e79 No.59542

You're wasting your breath OP. He's probably from /pol/ (as are the moderation team) so like any good /pol/tard he has a huge collection of tranny selfies and surgeries with neo-vagina close ups. They're fucking sick in the head and if you insinuate that you don't want to hear about them or see them, the only explanation is that you yourself are a tranny/chaser. Just insane amounts of projection coming from these faggots.

f8211 No.59567

I just wanna say thanks to the mod that was banning him all day today. It seems the entire community has turned against him and he well eventually tire out his autism, god be willing.

6f49a No.59568

I highly doubt he will stop since he has been doing that since near the end of last year all day every day.

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