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97701 No.59514


So does rule 8 avatarfag rule not exist anymore?

d0cd8 No.59515

Thread locked and moved to /B/

3b11c No.59516

It only exists if you aren't CC Tranny or Andrew. Rules only apply to those that the feminist moderation team dislike. Have you thought about screeching about wanting to be a succubi more often? They seem to like that, maybe then you can avatarfag too!

Yours truly,
His Magical Holiness and Lord of All Greatness The Supreme Savior of Wizchan

d0cd8 No.59517

>mod conspiracies


The guy who made that thread has no track record of avataring or being identified by anyone based on his post style or content. The following pictures of that character were posted by someone else, probably to tease the metaburgers who threw a fit.

The only rule 8 violations I've seen in that thread, or really anywhere outside of /b/, are the posts accusing OP of being "CCposter / CCtranny / CCwhatever". The same group who seems to be posting nothing but such posts accusing others of being that user are ironically the real avatarfags themselves. You already have your threads about that (supposed) poster so you can go shriek about him and any mod injustices related to his bans there.

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