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File: 1621061708199.jpg (30.42 KB, 192x250, 96:125, Fez_III,_Angry_Wizard.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

7b8c3 No.59533

"succubi, eunuchs, transsexuals, homosexuals, and cross dressers cannot become monks, nor can they free themselves from the cycle of birth and rebirth in this birth."

We've all seen what happens when homosexuality is tolerated on chans. It starts with increasingly gay porn, then "ironic" jokes about "boypussies", then before you know it you have openly gay e-sex happening between users all over the website. It's a truly poetic microcosm of what happens when civilizations have historically tolerated faggotry. Faggots are a problem. There is a reason that the wise men of every culture across the globe throughout history have warned us about them in their holy texts and ancient records.

But, like so much else in the ZOGscape we find ourselves in, this wisdom has been forgotten. And Wizchan, the chan where NEETs try to rise above their carnal desires, has succumbed to a homosexual takeover.

The poor wizards are on the verge of open revolt, but they are too demoralized and suicidal to reach the threshold. Turns out the mods are actual homosexuals who have a "discord" messageboard that they hang out on. A huge /meta/ thread about banning homosexuality got deleted without explanation and the OP got banned. They and the other homoposters sexually harass the wizards constantly e.g. post boipussy :3 oh wizzie! i'm boi-ovulating! please stick your wand in my tight little boi-hole etc. ad infinitum They also share faggot porn all day long on the hidden /b/ board. They've banned multiple people for asking why homosexuals aren't getting banned from the Chan where you're not supposed to talk about sex. Only the discussion of homosex is permitted. It's especially concerning to the wizards bickers of the logical and continual crossover between Wizchan and 4cuck/r9k/ which has acquired a humongous infestation of homosexuals known collectively as "/r9gay/". These are the literal "discord trannies" that we have been hearing about for a couple years now. The concern is that the mods of Wizchan have been "converted" into transexuals, and are allowing the pious NEET wizards to be trannified as well.

>Why should I care?

Wizchan should be a sacred monastery. A bastion against the endless prattle of normalniggers about sex and fucking. A place where people can rise above the constant worship of females that the ZOG bombards us with. In theory, wizards are admirable and worthy of fierce and righteous protection.

95afe No.59534

How can I help? the gays they take over everything

ef938 No.59535

>Wizchan should be a sacred monastery.

No, dude, it's a dumb website about a meme. The only place you see this kind of raunchy humor is on /b/ and you can fight the homos by posting really good straight erotic images (maybe you'll even convert them).

95afe No.59536

Can they be converted? why they like dick is beyond me and is a mental illness a pornography and deviancy induced fetish. They need their heads checked

ef938 No.59537

They are just confused. You just need to remind them how good pussy and boobs really are.

95afe No.59538

if the premo ecchi and hentai posted does not arouse them they really have mental problems

f37d6 No.59555

Who are you quoting in the beginning?

ba718 No.59572

File: 1621205914630.jpg (18.52 KB, 299x464, 299:464, critic.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The main thing that gay hates, is to be discrimined as something abnormal. This be my gift to your arsenal:

From experience I say, it contains many quotes for them to be hard to assimilate or react without self-shame. The best you know your enemy, giveth thy ze upper hand

7d89d No.59670

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