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024f8 No.59546

What motivates you to continue upkeep on the site which takes away your personal time when so many actively abuse you and there does not seem much community cohesion among the users?
I am not attacking you for your efforts and think it is good that you help maintain such a special place for such a niche demographic but it must be frustrating to essentially babysit a bunch of man children.

Thank you wizmods for keeping this corner of the internet alive and active and not abusing your powers <3

024f8 No.59549

what is the truth they are trying to hide and I highly doubt they deleted this from meta.
Use the correct boards to express yourself.

3fd90 No.59550

>I highly doubt they deleted this from meta.
lol moderator orbiter in denial

024f8 No.59551

If you are as oppressed as you claim how are you posting now? I can look and see many attacks on the mods just on page 1 of meta. Why are they not all deleted?

024f8 No.59554

So what is this truth the mods do not want you to spread in your mind?

f5fbb No.59557

>Moderator comes to delete the evidence and hate out another ban in thread where people are talking about if the moderators are oppressing posters
Irony, even the poor moderator orbiter looks like an idiot now lol.

024f8 No.59558

To be fair we have no evidence that the poster did not just delete their own posts.

ecf16 No.59563

True, but to be fair it isn't out of character to prioritize deleting criticism regardless of context and preserving their ego at all cost.

If only they had the same zeal in enforcing the rules as written.

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