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87523 No.59561

Hey moderinos, I tried to report it, but isn't >>/lounge/268100 CP? When I try to use the report tool, it just 404s instead.

0b19f No.59562

You cannot report from /all/ and have t open the thread up sadly.

5c5f5 No.59564

>You cannot report from /all/
It's been years.
If they aren't going to fix it they really should at least make a note of it in the FAQ or something.

0b19f No.59565

I just checked and that is not "cp" it is CGI shit I was just about to make a thread asking if people could please spoiler that content. Drawn stylized art is fine but this stuff actually looks like club penguin.

0b19f No.59566

Just to make it clear I am not saying they should not be allowed to post it but I think many really would prefer to have that stuff spoilered.

87523 No.59571

Isn't that close enough to a gray area that the site could get shut down in a "Shoot first, ask questions later" kind of policy?

0b19f No.59576

Technically no but if it is a human who has to check that the image is CGI they may mistake it for being real as some of that CGI obviously does look real so in that sense I imagine the site could get shut down via mistake.

8d87b No.59590

I'm pretty sure it's because of the board software and not how it's configured. There isn't a dev to patch it on GitHub.

5c5f5 No.59591

Then just update the FAQ to include a note saying that the report function doesn't work from /all/ so that people know and we don't have a thread about it every couple of months.

ca1ae No.59985

I suspected it doesn't work from all (405 forbidden), but I swear I've gone to individual boards suspecting that as a reason and it still didn't work. I will try now with your post.

ca1ae No.59986

Never mind, it worked. Now I feel more schizo.

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