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File: 1621388135009.png (6.8 KB, 1024x604, 256:151, PointOfPride_Blog_HistoryO….png) ImgOps iqdb

7839f No.59614

Are trans people allowed on Wizardchan? If so, what are the policies related to them?

Are they recognized as the gender they say they are (in which case, trans men are allowed and trans succubi aren't)? Or are they not (in which case, trans succubi are allowed and trans men aren't). I suppose non-binary people aren't allowed either way, though I'm curious about trans-mascs.

Frankly, I'm curious about the virgin social outcast trans male perspective on Wizardchan, too, given how they could fit into the userbase in many ways if they were allowed to be open about themselves.

I'm aware they're viewed quite negatively by the userbase at large but that doesn't necessarily translate to official policy.

6c4c9 No.59616

7839f No.59617

Interesting. So what about trans men, assuming they follow all other rules?

6c4c9 No.59618

>trans men
are females. BANNED!

7839f No.59619

I don't understand the logic, here. If we acknowledge trans succubi as succubi, and thus, not suited for Wizardchan, why would we not acknowledge trans men as men?

9d232 No.59621

File: 1621391823461.png (387.04 KB, 546x700, 39:50, Back to tumblr faggot.png) ImgOps iqdb

No, also stop bringing them up or talking about them. Take your normalfaggotry and fuck off back to whatever tumblr infected shithole you came from. The day trannies are accepted on this site is the day it ceases to be wizchan.

What is wrong with the newfags that keep coming here? First we have some idiot from CC screeching about wanting to be a succubus and how succubi are wizardly, now we have this dumbfuck screeching about how trannies should be allowed.

7839f No.59622

I never said they should or shouldn't. I'm simply trying to understand more about the policies since they aren't made very clear.

9d232 No.59623

> I'm simply trying
I'll tell you what you are trying to do, you are trying to subvert and undermine the underlying principles of wizchan. Sick of seeing these pathetic "oh im just asking" type posts here on /meta/, you don't even deserve a real answer you absolute scum of the earth.

No on here wants to hear about your gender, no on here wants to hear about how much you want to be a succubus, no on here wants to hear about you dilating your disgusting genital mutilated hole because you fell for normalcattle propaganda. Wizchan is a site for males. If you think you are a succubus - then you aren't welcome because you don't think of yourself as a man. If you are succubus who thinks you are a man - then you aren't welcome because you are still a succubus. Wizchan isn't for sex obsessed retards to post about their drug fuelled hormonal problems, this place is to escape that. Try /r9gay/ if you are looking for HRT advice, the transexual groomers have a discord that blackmail young boys into taking estrogen, maybe they can be of more help?

My suggestion? Kill yourself and go back to whatever abhorrent tranny infested cancer spot you came from.

ad844 No.59626

If a person is, was, or wants to be female they don't belong on this site and saying they are transitioning ether too or from being female should be banned.
Same with them weirdos who claim to be both male and female. They can get banned too.

Anything with the taint of the succubus must be purged no exceptions.

e6ea8 No.59628

Just another time wasting troll thread from someone who just wants to play rules lawyer for the sake of getting replies and getting to argue with people.

8dc13 No.59695

This. I wish faggots like OP would fuck off back to their own safe spaces that they made sure were scrubbed clean in the mid 2010s for them instead of coming here.

ff85f No.59696

if you're trans you should find another place to seek attention

3e9c6 No.59703

There's this place for trans scum. I'm sure you've heard of it. It's called reddit.

0a588 No.59709

>I'm aware they're viewed quite negatively by the userbase at large but that doesn't necessarily translate to official policy.

But it does.

If you are a tranny just shut the fuck up about it and stop making these threads.

ea7ef No.59716

only MIGHTY NEGROES post on wizchan.

896d6 No.59724

There's this place for straight cis scum. I'm sure you've heard of it. It's called reddit.
All trans people are welcome in wizchan

3854f No.59725

I am fine with them, but they will get some flack on here if they out themselves.

24904 No.59728

I think people who are fighting their gender sysphoria should be allowed but people who want to be a succubus or think they are should be banned we do not want these retards they ruin everything.

24904 No.59733

File: 1622216761583.png (18.28 KB, 539x347, 539:347, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

People are posting 2D trap tranny porn to make wizards into trannies.

328e6 No.59736

Pretty sure they are just doing it to be irritating faggots as usual.
It is /b/ after all.

Everybody know you can't condition a grown man to be gay or trans or whatever by spamming gross porn.
They aren't doing it for that reason.

14c8b No.59737

>Everybody know you can't condition a grown man to be gay or trans or whatever by spamming gross porn.
You know so little

af33b No.59738

You can say that but it doesn't mean anything.
It still doesn't work.
Just like gay conversation therapy doesn't work, and conversation of pedos doesn't work.

14c8b No.59744

just checking but are wizards allowed to cross dress?

603db No.59745

the men who happen to develop these paraphilia do it over time, if gross pictures on imageboards are enough they were already fucked up to begin with

65f92 No.59755

why do you crop out the date on the posts yet leave the unix time on the file

274d8 No.59789

There is no policy.
Trannies don't exist, the same way everyone here is an anonymous 25 year old white male from America.

ea7ef No.59831

From which coast?

95ca0 No.59832

File: 1623216723095.png (83.74 KB, 1188x2302, 594:1151, Screenshot_2021-06-09 Oper….png) ImgOps iqdb

no, trannies can go to discord/plebbit/twitter/tumblr/wherever, they're known to spam chans to recruit and generally being disruptive.
example: https://archive.is/E2s3l

95ca0 No.59833

File: 1623217035666.png (1.84 MB, 2484x2072, 621:518, 1545042467284.png) ImgOps iqdb

we acknowledge trannies as TRANNIES
"trans men" are succubi, "trans succubi" are degenerates who were fucked in the ass or want to be.
1. You must be a male virgin and at least 18 years old to use this website.
2. Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.
trannies are going to be in violation of rule 1 or 2.

24904 No.59835

>every thread on r9k
>dicks and hrt for a week or more
remember it like yesterday

cc045 No.59836

why is it always ut*pians who always push retarded shit like this?

367a9 No.59868

the man has a point here. pay attention, trannies.

4afa7 No.59900

are you a tranny?

367a9 No.59901

No, but my best friend of 8 years was a tranny. She ended our friendship after she started studying "succubi studies" (I suspect out of guilty of not fitting with real succubi) and it fucked with her brain. Started saying I was the patriarchy and other nonsense.

b003f No.59902

Losing a best bro from a nearly decade long friendship to the cult of trans must suck. Sounds like a combination of losing someone to drug addiction and some sort of paranoid disorder where suddenly they flag you as "enemy."

603db No.59903

fuck off

8dc5f No.59906

Its trolling and the mods dont give a shit because they are literary trannies.

7fa81 No.59909

you should've join him/her

5289a No.59911

Its not even trolling, these people actually believe what they post, but because it makes people "mad" somehow its "trolling". Trolling used to mean taking a position you DON'T believe, and just espousing it for laughs in some clever way that would make others laugh too, once they realized the truth. These days people think just throwing out their own unironic garbage opinion and receiving flak for it means they just "epic trolled" someone else. I refuse to accept that kind of posting as being "trolling", just like when people pretend saying "I just had wizsex" is anything other than just rule breaking.

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