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b8741 No.59634

Moderators too busy banning and removing non-rule breaking posts to actually moderate the board.


572a0 No.59635

If they weren't so fatigued from cleaning up your tranny spam, maybe they'd wake up earlier to do their job.

b72ab No.59636

The mods have to deal with so much shit and they are pretty much always fair in my experience and if they make a mistake they sort it out I would quit if I had to deal with all the abuse and spam on top of raids.

c5199 No.59637

Seems the mods are back on shift.
About god damn time, it only took them 7 hours to deal with this retard having a epic bitchfit for some reason.

1fca0 No.59638

hopefully they find time to remove your outsider meme

b72ab No.59642

Did mods comment on raid at all?


There's not much to say, and no spamming outsider deserves any real attention. We've been raided by other imageboards since the days of old Wizardchan, as all registration-free forums are. This time was particularly bad because of the sheer volume of spam coupled with the 3DPD content, and luckily a brave mod managed to clear things up and fend the spammer off long enough for them to lose interest, for which we should all be grateful.

In the case of spam large enough to knock threads off page 10, remember that expired threads are still visible via the [Archive] link towards the top of the thread list. You're free to remake threads that may have been prematurely killed, provided a subsequent volume of that thread topic isn't currently open.

b72ab No.59644

Makes sense not to give attention to them I guess I was curious but it is a shame threads are lost.
One another board I use it detects spam if too many people post at once. Flood detected pops up. They frequently get attacked.

Sorry for brain fart and thanks for clearing it up

715b1 No.59651

God your ego is so disproportionate to your actual effectiveness at your job.

Doing nothing for hours as the site is spammed to death by a single asshole because no one was doing there job that they signed up for isn't worthy of praise.

d0635 No.59652

It's not a job, it's a hobby.

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