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File: 1621539959934.png (62.51 KB, 295x273, 295:273, thalonious.png) ImgOps iqdb

cda88 No.59684

How much longer before this place becomes a receptacle for failed normies like Inc*ls, trannys, furries, bronies, MGTOW and discord zoomers? How much longer before this becomes a ground for them to LARP out their social lives and dramas which they have failed to do in real life? How much longer before this ends up like /r9k/? Given what i see, i predict in 1-3 years wizardchan will be unrecognizable. Just talking about them gives them too much credence and power but this post should serve as a warning.

They are already here. I see it not just in the nature of their posts but in their lingo and what they post. I see pictures and videos that come from social media sites like twitter and tiktok. Tell me, what on earth would a wizard be doing on those sights? Whenever i hear people complaining about reddit or tumblr It's clear that they are from those sites, otherwise how would they know? Every other post i see is about inc*ls, these posts are likely made by inc*ls. In the coming years the obsession with involuntary celibates will attract more involuntary celibates. It will start with questions about them or questions towards them. please note that these questions are utterly pointless and only serve to spark inc*l discussion about succubi and inc*l science like lookism. Thats how they subvert an online culture, with seemingly innocent posts that beckon discussion about carnal desires and vein, insecure ramblings. They usually have a bright, colorful and sexually provocative image like an anime succubus or just straight up cumbrain bait like a huge ass. The question is just a pretense for them to start discussing it. The real answer to all these questions is that Inc*ls are just dumb, horny losers. NEVER reply to these posts outside of telling them to fuck off and never let someone who is an outsider talk. If it is about sex, friends, having kids or drugs it already should warrant a ban unless they are denouncing those things.
Stay vigilant. Most boards burn easily like a forest fire. But wizardchan is different. It was built for wizards and has wizard interests and rules in mind. Rules and leadership is all that keeps them at the gates. It is your duty as a user to stomp out and ignore any sign of normality you see. Again, never reply to inc*l bait posts, never argue with a normie, they are your intellectual and moral inferiors and like a troll only want to make you as miserable and depraved as them. This should be the last time you ever have to hear about these failed normies.

67292 No.59686

Twitter is good for following small artists and bands you like but the average users make reddit look like 8chan pol they are so normalfags leftist.
This would be better posted in /meta/ maybe a mod will move it

fe34e No.59687

This website is dead because of arrogant "wizards" who are really just failed normies who like bullying people they think are below them, like every other normie.

95a53 No.59693

gatekeeping is necessary to keep our vermin

9ceec No.59704

This website is already a receptacle for normalcattle, as your presence has indicated.

19952 No.59705

as far as I can tell it's only two newfags with nothing else to do since the college semester just ended, all they do is flood the absolute shit out of /b/ to such a degree that you'd think it's many people when it's only those two, and the place isn't fun anymore

I've never in 6 years on this site asked for anyone to be banned but I'm asking for something to be done about those pieces of shit

95203 No.59786

>muh normies
>snowflaky post

Why can't you just ignore them or report? Why in the world do you even give them a glimpse of attention?


52a6e No.60029

No one wants to invade a place that is this dead. If it was ever going to happen, it would probably have happened already.
There were a lot of crabs in the beginning, in the first versions of wizardchan, then when the ones who didn't want anything to do with succubi won, the crabs left. Now they have probably already taken over.
Maybe trannies or feminists or whatever would come here for their political crusade because they think that all crabs are sexists or nazis and they probably group wizards together with crabs and have no idea about the difference. However if that happened, they would have absolutely no chance of blending in and would probably not be able to do much damage unless they tried hard.

7e788 No.60061

> If it was ever going to happen, it would probably have happened already

I remember a time when this site was infested with gays

5c3e6 No.60064

>There were a lot of crabs in the beginning, in the first versions of wizardchan
Which is why original wizardchan was actually good.

>Now they have probably already taken over.

No. Your kind was given control and this is what you've used it for. You made this, tryhard truwiz monk poseurs.

8c691 No.60068

File: 1625600822731.jpeg (60.23 KB, 717x477, 239:159, 90DE19B6-EE5D-4933-9123-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>Inc*ls, trannys, furries, bronies, MGTOW and discord zoomers
polcrabs followed them here lol

8c691 No.60069

>it is your fault!
uh huh…
blame falls on gg and that one succubi, because of them wizchan is now caught in the feud between the queers and the polcrab redpillers that hate anime

5889a No.60071


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