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cf428 No.59697

no posting images or video of real humans

what do you think? it's just ugly trannies, weird people youtubes embeds, and gore that is posted over and over. this would stop it all

1bef6 No.59698

I agree with this

1bef6 No.59706

Everyone would prefer not see you post ugly images and neither of the posters you target are transexuals.
We all hate seeing your spam it ruins what can be a fun place and since you have done it for 7 months daily you can hardly say it is effective.

Cosplay is a hobby who cares what a wiz does for wiz fun as long as they identify as male and are virgins.

cf428 No.59708

actually want a response from staff on this one, even if no, i just see no other solutions after all these years

1bef6 No.59713

They won't respond they rarely do the only problem I can see with no 3D would be fags being allowed to post 3D imagery of fag shit.

I want them to come out and say this is not a site for crabs they do with their actions at least

cf428 No.59715

fucking christ i dont want to have to look at this garbage

1bef6 No.59717

I don't like the ugly /pol/ memeso f the jew face and black mans face it is not offensive but it is just ugly to see and technically an outsider at most it should be allowed in the political thread why is it allowed when it is spammed?

Clean up the ugly bring in the cute

1bef6 No.59718

am I being a good wizzy?

8829e No.59720

Just get rid of /b/ altogether.
Maybe make an 'i'm a gigantic faggot who can't shut the fuck up and sit still for five minutes general' on /lounge/, or /meta/, to make up for any important posts that /b/ would otherwise contain.

1bef6 No.59721

>get rid of /b/
>move /b/ to a listed board

8829e No.59722

/meta/ hardly counts as "not /b/" right now and you know it.

cf428 No.59761

yes or no staff

cf428 No.59874



It would be too disruptive to regular discussions about real people or events. There are certain users that post videos containing real life females in order to fawn and subtly break the rules, but so far I’ve identified these people and I try to delete their trolling as fast as possible. So this would be a sort of ‘no’ as it would just be impractical and disruptive, especially since it’s not possible for us to remove embeds without removing the entire post.

c0c8a No.59878

I wonder if op realizes that such a policy would kill /music/ for /b/ullshit that is confined to /b/.

cf428 No.59888


have never listened to music on /b/

0e0bf No.59889

File: 1623611021786.jpg (14.27 KB, 512x269, 512:269, grupo_bronco_logo.2e16d0ba….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

your loss.

b102c No.59893

You do know we have a whole board for music right.
There is more to this site then /b/ and /meta/.

d5010 No.59905

now let me explain something youngster, the /b/ means /b/ooty. all you have to do is read between the lines and you will see the crab booty bandits

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