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865b1 No.59723

(you need to wait a few minuetes between posts)
Is this automatic or is it something the mods can place on you to stop you posting? It seems to rely on so many posts being made by other IP's and not timer based but sometimes it seems to stick around forever. Am I being bullied on wizchan? by the mods?

9a28c No.59726

It's automated, I don't know how long it takes to tic down though.
Maybe 15 minutes or something. Long enough to be obnoxious but not actually forever.
It's actually does help with anti spam and stopping a board from being fully flooded. Especially on /b/ where retards will spazz out and post some word or imagine a few hundred times in a few minutes if the system wasn't in place.

I just wish the timer would tell you how long you have to wait before you can post again.
Or make the timer shorter to like 5 minutes.

865b1 No.59727

it seems connected to how many other peopel are posting though because when it is VERY slow yo ucan only make a small amount of posts sometimes when conversating with people you are stopped by it

3348b No.59739

It seems to be slowing down the current raid that we are under while the mods jerk each other off or whatever the fuck they are all doing right now instead of their job.

1b7a5 No.59740

>slow down the raid
Nope not at all that person was spamming threads non stop.

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