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File: 1622206391771.png (20.87 KB, 931x178, 931:178, witchie.png) ImgOps iqdb

f80aa No.59729

It's by far the worst board and nothing but a normalfag magnet that invites females/nonvirgins who then go on to shit up the other boards as well. Most keep it vague enough to not get banned but it's pretty obvious that they are outsiders. This is the only imageboard that has a /dep/ and presumably they come here because they can bitch and whine about their poor little selves while still feeling smugly superior about at least not being virgins.

2ffdb No.59730

that was someone spamming the board retard.
fuck off /dep/ is fine

d4223 No.59731

yeah i fucking hate dep

2ffdb No.59732

hide the board them you normie

d4223 No.59734

wow like i havent thought of that all these years. it doesn't stop you dep kids from posting and making your threads elsewhere



bdccb No.59735

File: 1622244836078.jpg (2.11 MB, 2758x4250, 1379:2125, 043.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I fucking hate succubi so much, oh my God. They can't even leave outcasts the fuck alone.

daf41 No.59749

The females and normalfags go to /meta/, /wiz/ and /lounge/. Retard.

99985 No.59750

you WILL live, and you WILL like it.

40309 No.59751

the worst thing on dep is the wageslave thread and not the tfw depressed posting

760ad No.59752

lol broke ass nigga

9a373 No.59753

I actually see where OP is coming from. Too many of these "depressed" wizards are only miserable because they can't seem to accept that they will never be a normalfag. It pains them to know that they will always be an outsider. By that fact alone we need to nuke /dep/. If you're a failed normalfag then gtfo back to 4kids.

c94b5 No.59754

being depressed becausey ou cnanot be a normalfag is more normalfag than being a normalfag imo

d4223 No.59756

been saying this for years

depkids will insist the majority are depressed for other reasons though

760ad No.59757

(((brain chemicals)))

5ddd8 No.59767

It's always because they want to be like normalfags. I used to be the same way until I snapped out of the self-pity nonsense. From the posts that I've read all across different imageboards, the number one reason for depression is refusing to accept your place in the grand scheme of things. Sure, you may be the black sheep of the family, or an outcast in every sense of the word but what are you going to do about it? Embrace your inner wizard and tell society to fuck off. Otherwise stop whining that nothing will ever get better for you. Maybe it won't. Maybe it will. Who knows? An even better question would be, who cares?

99985 No.59769

If the 3 non-hobby boards excluding meta and and /b/ are not to your liking in fact, you despise one than it is you who does not belong here.
This site is based on an identity the boards than follow.
/dep/ is not exclusively about depression more so it is about negative emotion (the board description says as much) the content of /dep/ being about the difficulty of living in a world with normalsfags who not only accept but love the systems which they have designed to fulfil themselves.
wizards being pariahs in a world largely filled with normalsfags it follows that wizards should be troubled
/dep/ is the board for expressing these troubles.
Becoming conscious of the many hostilities of the world to our body might also incite a deep turmoil in the mind of the body which than feels like a cage which you may move only so much. (hunger, discomfort, exhaustion, threat) this is a prolific reason for "depression"

Depression is a concept thus arbitrary. try not to take words so seriously they are arbitrary and used to make sense of the world.

You may not feel the need to use /dep/ but showing contempt is in breach of rule 4
being that the /dep/ board intrinsically follows from being a wizard (celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles.)
You may only dislike the name of the board which is understandable.

>It's always because they want to be like normalfags. I used to be the same way.
Stopped reading right there you say you wanted to be a normalfag which means at one point you were. Once a normalfag always a normalfag.
All these threads having been moved to /dep/ keep whining

5ddd8 No.59778

>wizards being pariahs in a world largely filled with normalsfags
Ah yes, "pariahs" even though they have jobs and even work for the government. How could I have been so naive to think they were normalfags? Look if you're not in favor of nuking /dep/ then at least get rid of the wageslave thread.

99985 No.59779

Due to poor circumstance not every wizard can be a NEET although this ought to be an ideal.
It makes sense then that there would be a wageslave thread since it is necessary to suffer through this for so many.
Wizards. I'd like to imagine all wizards desire to be reclusive although their circumstance may dictate otherwise.
The wageslave thread is a containment thread like the politics thread or the fapthread (the latter I'm against) It's such a large part of many a wizard's life.

Why exactly are you upset about it being a government job? maybe pariah is the wrong word bringing to mind someone living outside the city walls.

5fd5f No.59780


99985 No.59781

His job might be his hobby. wizards can have hobbies.

c94b5 No.59783

The wagie cope.

b79d6 No.59807

File: 1623016872915.jpg (552.2 KB, 1488x1852, 372:463, depcow1.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

The main problem with /dep/ is that it attracts normgroids who like to laugh at whiny/crabby blogposters.

c94b5 No.59811

>remove dep because normies bully us over dep
What logic is this? You want us to hide our "power level" out of fear of being judged.

The mods won't remove /dep/ it is obviously a big part of site culture.

99985 No.59812

Sounds like we should remove JP and anime images

2ffdb No.59813

is there a way to talk to the mods> I have tried sending emails but they come back with an error.

1db0a No.59819

why do you want to email the mods

19e49 No.59820

All the chads browse /jp/
Anime is normie as hell

2ffdb No.59821

I want to try talk to the mods see if I can be friends with them.

1e098 No.60505

That's the point: Let the imageboard sewer do its job.

99037 No.60592

File: 1631650089825.png (8.41 KB, 811x111, 811:111, average dep poster.png) ImgOps iqdb

Exhibit B

915c2 No.60594

false flag shitpost but nice try

8a377 No.60595

File: 1631731824844.jpeg (17.99 KB, 350x298, 175:149, 60C299BC-A85C-41D1-99BC-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

rumors of pressing purge on dep but keep the lounge crabs
wizchan 2021

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