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986a6 No.59762

Why don't you actually go after ban evaders? You make it too easy and rewarding, incentivising it.

75adb No.59765

Look at ban evaders on 4chad.

fdf53 No.59766

wiz mods should shadow ban the ban invaders instead of outright banning them.

shadow ban = subtly degrade site performance and add plausible deniability if its a shadow ban

troll doesnt know they're in sin bin, concludes that site is shit because its slow or broken. ends up going somewhere else.

otherwise if you ban them outright they will just autistically keep their vpns revolving. its a few clicks and costs like $2 a month

d4c2d No.59768

>why do you not ban the people who can not be banned
big question lad big question

39453 No.59772

Good point but I don't think this software supports it.
It's easy to profile posters on slow boards if you have the time, especially with mod tools.

39453 No.59773

This for example is cc's fangi rl from cumsleeve cafe.

50aad No.59774

it is simple to check if your post was shadowbanned.

39453 No.59775

It's another hurdle you have to jump over.

39453 No.59777

Also the one who lusted after eroge wiz, which I reported and was deleted.

e5cc7 No.59782

File: 1622869752689.jpg (66.03 KB, 596x468, 149:117, 1573427194024.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Jokes, my friend. All in jest.

2161a No.59787

Then it should be no problem to prove you're male, honey.

Mods, you did it with cc poster.

1a7c8 No.59788

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