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File: 1622931680306.png (241.18 KB, 1061x626, 1061:626, strangeposts.png) ImgOps iqdb

0255c No.59790

This guy has crossed the line. You can't treat another wizard like he was your lover or waifu. Do this guy think that anonymage is a succubus because he always avatarfags with pictures of 2d succubi? Is he the same guy on b who is infatuated with him, what's going on here? "I love you" is not something I want to read on wizchan, we're anonymous we don't love each other what's this bullshit.
Ban for rule 8 so this faggotry doesn't happen. You can't let faggots prey on the mentally ill wizards.

39382 No.59791

File: 1622935179542-0.png (546.99 KB, 932x1056, 233:264, akiko cactus.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1622935179542-1.png (476.43 KB, 914x1056, 457:528, akiko licks cactus.png) ImgOps iqdb

I treat em' all wizards as my number one enemy.

4c234 No.59792

You sound like a jealous succubus

c5617 No.59794

you can love a wiz without being a faggot. Friendship can be love.

ea61e No.59795

I love you, pumpkin-cheeks(user was warned for this post)


Bans and warnings have been issued. ERP shitposting is a problem on its own but on /dep/ there will be no tolerance for it.

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