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3bdfa No.59931

something needs to be done about the megaman blogger and his friends over on /b/
it's a neverending barrage of avatarfaggotry, attention whoring and rule 4 breaking (among other rules).


look at all the blatantly anti-neet posts in this thread, and the fact that the user they are replying to is obnoxious is no excuse. would it also be ok to shame him for being a virgin?

why is this allowed to continue?

295b6 No.59932

He's never getting banned lad, this is the current status of Andrew:
>its ok to break rule 8 as long as its andrew breaking the rules

e823a No.59933

it's /b/ lad. anyone that blogs about their life deserves to be shit on and criticized for their life choices lol.

3bdfa No.59934

>the fact that the user they are replying to is obnoxious is no excuse

0f5bc No.59935

>why is this allowed to continue?
because he's a mod

db5ea No.59936

Rule 4 don't mean people can't make fun of someone for being a loser or idiot personally on /b/ while they attention whore.
No one is saying he is a loser because he is a neet/virgin.
They are making fun of him being a loser idiot and he happens to be a neet (not so sure about the virgin part).

3bdfa No.59937

>Rule 1 don't mean people can't make fun of someone for being a virgin personally on /b/ while they attention whore.

I knew this would come up eventually. Anything to skirt the rules.

3bdfa No.59939


295b6 No.59940

Most of the people who screech about rule 4 are the ones who break it because according to themselves you have to be some depressed suicidal loser if you are a NEET.

3bdfa No.59941

Post this on /dep/ or /wiz/ and you would have users calling out its normalfaggotry and it might even get deleted. Again, I don't understand why this can fly on /b/. Could a mod please chime in?

54e0a No.59942

If anything, that thread has shown the hypocrisy of so-called wizards in a way no number of improvebrahs on /dep/ ever could. Projection by wizchad here: >>59940

e823a No.59943

because /b/ is the easy going and fun board. if you need your delicate sensibilities protected, don't open it and continue browsing the main boards lol.

3bdfa No.59944

So anything goes on /b/ and the rules don't apply there? Put your mod tag on please so we all know this is official policy thanks.

5abd3 No.59945

pretty sure he's a mod
there's a shit load of stuff on wizchan i just ignore at this point

83e5a No.59947

if he is a mod why does he not ban all the people who are shitting on him, he has the rules backing him and all, I think the mods secretly hate him and want to see him given shit on /b/ for amusement so they let the improvebrahs break the rules but only to annoy megaman poster

295b6 No.59948

Shit theory, why wouldn't they just ban Andrew for breaking rule 8 every single day if that was true? Andrew being a mod makes more sense since that avatarfagging loser only cares about one thing, and its attention. If he bans everyone then who will give him attention?

295b6 No.59949

You don't understand, /b/ has no rules - but only for moddess approved posters. If moddess doesn't like you then the rules suddenly apply arbitrary depending on if she likes you or not.

Yea whatever wiznigger, don't you have some LDAR post to make or maybe posting on suicide general yet never actually kill yourself anyways? Face the truth, the only time I ever see "rule 4" being brought up is by /dep/ posters screeching that you have to be some suicidal faggot to be a NEET or wizard, which is breaking rule 4 ironically enough.

71e1b No.59950

Rule 8 is not enforced on the /b/ board and never has been. I sign all of the posts that I make on /b/. Even on Wizardchan 1.0 when /b/ was more like /lounge/, there were people putting on personas and staging drama, but it was all in good fun. I think this Andrew posted in the last fap thread a while back and got his posts deleted but there are more than one shota admirers so it could possibly have been anyone. If I was a mod I'd enable tripcodes on /b/ for fun. Maybe then the normalfriends who left for that awful Discord would see reason to come back and start posting here again.

e823a No.59951

almost anything. obviously illegal shit and someone being an unironic sexhaver is enforced, but mostly it's just easy going and unless you're really pushing it and ruining the fun, the mods don't give a shit, nor do the users.

/b/ is like the basement of some conservative church, where everyone behaves while there's a service and pretends to be a good christian, and then at night they move to the basement and have satanic sex rituals.

>You don't understand, /b/ has no rules - but only for moddess approved posters.

lol just so people have some context, this is the guy that went through hundreds of proxies because he can't stop spamming trannies to "save wizchan". he's also a giant narcissistic faggot that finds fault with every single possible group on this website. he's either spamming the same images and phrases hoping to get attention or he's complaining about anime niggers, cartoon niggers, porn addicts, "trannies", cc poster & his orbiters, andrew, getting banned by mods for ban evading (again), crabs, redditors, etc. and if there isn't anyone to complain about, he will just invent someone or even go so far as to samefag blatantly (most notably the cc poster).

he's literally the cancer killing wizchan. i hope to god this faggot gets laid sometime soon and finally stops coming here. if you've ever had a "debate" with someone on the main boards that oddly seems like a narcissistic faggot that employs really sleazy gaslighting techniques and pretends to win when you stop replying, it's probably this guy. he has an opinion about everything from anime to philosophy, yet he's the quintessential midwit that looks down on anyone below his level and above his level.

295b6 No.59952

Lol just so just so people have some context, this is the guy that spams porn to himself for 16 hours a day and gets very upset when you ask him to keep it to a single thread. He has admitted to being banned for creating 10+ porn threads that he would keep permanently on the front page by dumping in each one himself. Imagine spamming porn so much you actually get banned for it on /b/, that is the level of peak crab he has reached.

He's literally a crab desperate to have sex to the point he creates imaginary gf's in his head to have imaginary sex with. Someone give this crab a job so he afford a hooker every so often instead of having to screech about his crab thoughts on /b/ every day.

3bdfa No.59953

File: 1624200276487.jpg (35.12 KB, 600x600, 1:1, st,small,507x507-pad,600x6….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You guys have serious issues. What do you get out of behaving as obnoxiously as you can on some obscure imageboard? All this perpetual talk of cc, trannies, andrew is bewildering, and ironically you seem to take that shit way more seriously than any metaburger such as myself would. I mean, how do you even keep tabs on all these freaks and weirdos? It sounds like a complete waste of time that no one would find remotely funny or entertaining, even by imageboard users' standards.
I don't get it.

295b6 No.59954

No one wants to keep tabs on these cancer kiddies, they avatarfag so hard that it's impossible not to keep track of them. /b/ feels like a namefag forum half the time, although it is much better ever since moddess banned CC pisser.

e823a No.59955

also, he seems to be unable to fathom that there are multiple anime posters on an anime imageboard. anytime someone posts any kind of anime image, he will reply with the same suicide rope and "Typical anime nigger post" for literally hours, as if this is somehow going to stop people from posting. that's just one example, you really have to spend a day on /b/ to get the full madcuck experience.

he supposedly claims that he "just wants anime porn in one thread" but the couple times i've made a /cute/&/sexy/ general, he just spent a couple hours bumping old threads until it died. before that he spammed trannies, poop, gore or whatever else he could. i've personally never spammed anime in 10 threads, but you can easily click [-] and hide those threads if you want. it's also much easier on the eyes than gore, shit or literal transvestites.

the funny thing about this guy is just his level of insecurity. in his mind, anyone that enjoys sexual content or masturbates for pleasure is a crab, presumably because it "proves" you want to have sex in real life. it seems like the guy can't deal with the fact that he is a virgin, without reducing wizardry to complete asexuality, so as to not sustain narcissistic injury from losing at the sex game. when you call him a nofap shill for being obviously against porn and masturbation, he will deny it but admit he jerks off in the shower but about nothing in particular, in a mechanical fashion, just to get it over with. the more i learn about this guy, the funnier his persona gets tbh.

it's all good fun. some of the shit that gets posted on /b/ is pure gold, something as simple as a one liner can get stuck in my head and make me giggle for days. it's just so much better than the main boards since it's faster, less rigid, meaning less people with sticks up their asses (but you can see above there are exceptions), so it results in interesting content sometimes.

as for the recognizable posters, if you spend a lot of time browsing, you tend to catch on patterns. some of them are quite blatant because of their avatars and you can't avoid not seeing their posts like andrew or madcuck, but most posters are quite subtle, although still recognizable due to their unique brand of humor.

295b6 No.59957

File: 1624206587694.jpg (53.78 KB, 607x428, 607:428, 1494215378388.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Note that the porn spammer get very upset when you mock or insult his ERP posting where he types "c-cute" or "b-but thats l-lewd wiz-kun" . Even just replying back "Typical anime nigger post" causes him great ass pains since he knows that it is basically the truth. Pic related sums up his posting style along with 500 porn posts each day as well. You really have to spend a day on /b/ to get the full crab porn spammer experience.

At this point he just makes shit up for fun, I'm assuming projecting his own scat porn fetish that keeps getting spammed on /b/. This again is just because apparently asking for porn to be kept to a single thread is too much to ask for the porn spammer. Also pretending he didn't admit that he literally got banned for spamming porn making endless threads of it, better to deny than fess up to your past I suppose.

The funny thing about this guy is how much time he spends thinking about succubi and sex, in his mind anyone who doesn't want /b/ to be pornchan.org is a homosexual. This is because as a crab, all he thinks about and perceives the world in - is a sexual perception. Its so bad he also makes nonstop posts about his "tulpa" gf, which is just his imaginary gf where he has imaginary sex with, crab cope wouldn't even cover this desperation. I mean imagine spending 16 hours a day spamming porn and replying to yourself, there are endless boorus to post and browse, but apparently he feels the need to spam /b/ and every thread in it with porn. Even just spamming other peoples's threads isn't enough, he seems to need at minimum 5 threads on page 1 that he just spams images by himself forever. I shit you not he replies hundreds of time to himself, for no reason other than just his love and admiration of succubi. Its very pathetic behaviour.

e823a No.59958

File: 1624209727719.png (87.63 KB, 1472x747, 1472:747, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

lol he just makes shit up when he doesn't have anything to really subvert. i mean, lewd posting? nobody posts like that unironically, this is just how an "anime nigger" acts in his imagination, a caricature.

i haven't made any anime threads since the two /cute/ general threads that died after a single day lol. i know it's hard to imagine, but not all of us have the autistic energy to spam for 16h a day and find it rewarding.

also, tulpamancy is quite wizardly. wizardhood has always been a rejection of the external world for the sake of an internal one. a rich inner fantasy life is in no way contradictory to wizardly values, even if it involves people and sex. i only post about tulpas because it riles bitter crabs like you that can't stand any mention of sex otherwise your insecurities get triggered. imagine being butthurt, not only because people are having sex in real life, but also because they are imagining having sex.

the most extreme crabs tend to be quite sexually repressed and spend their time being overly concerned with policing other people's sexual behavior. pathetic tbh.

295b6 No.59959

The hypocrisy of stating others make up shit when here you are stating me to be posting gore and scat fetishes, which I assume is yourself looking to false flag and (shit)post due to the death of your porn threads. I've seen you sit and spam porn to yourself for 16 hours after you announce to the world "hey guys bazinga TITS AND ASS poster is here!". Who are you trying to fool at this point? I have to admit watching you struggle to comprehend anyone who doesn't want to see pornchan.org is a good laugh, at first you stated I was a homosexual, then some nofapper who still faps (Which makes no logical sense, and also is weird because you are the only person on /b/ to ever bring up and talk about nofap, probably pure projection), and now some asexual monk according to yourself. I've always been consistent, you are a crab and will remain one for the foreseeable future until you stop worshipping succubi.

Again withe the imaginary gf crab cope, its just pathetic lad. You create an imaginary gf to have imaginary sex with, showing your desire to have sex which you would fulfill if you were capable of having it IRL. Instead you fantasize about having a gf and a relationship with succubi in your head, all to fill the void of "TFW NO GF". To which your only defence has been to either accuse others of being homosexual, or strangely enough of being crab because they don't have imaginary gf's that don't even exist and only show off your desires to have sex. By default taking into account your own statements, you are a crab.

Also that poster you linked seems pretty cool, where can I go to get in contact with such a man?

e823a No.59960

that was one /cute/ general that had 300+ posts, but again, i wasn't the only person in that thread, i just made sure to bump it once when i woke up. after that one, two threads got killed and i gave up and did something else with my time, imagine that? notice how there was 2 days between those two threads, nothing even remotely close to spam lol.

but no point in discussing the historical events of an anonymous forum since "anime picture attached = me" in every single case, huh?

it's interesting how a narcissist can subtly change the narrative. when you're posting trannies and "typical anime nigger" for 16h a day, it's not spam, it's for the good of wizchan, but one thread filled with anime enthusiasts is too much for you lol. kids, don't ever argue with a narcissist, they're so adept to manipulating the narrative and believing it, then gaslighting your attempts at expressing the truth, that it's best not to even reply. just don't take the bait, learn from my mistakes.

>imaginary sex with imaginary gf

and? explain how this is different than watching a porno someone else made and jerking off to it? in one case, you're using external stimulation, in the other, you're using internal stimulation. there's a giant gap between "i find this image/sensation in my head arousing" and "i want to have sex with a real life succubus". that's the wizardly gap and it's the little bit of nuance you are missing in your crab strawman.

>nofap / asexual monk

again, another subtle manipulation of the narrative. you clearly look down on porn and masturbation FOR PLEASURE, and you believe abstinence is good for you. how is that not nofap? the thread where you talked about masturbating to NOTHING IN PARTICULAR was really funny, you somehow had to juggle not revealing you are a reddit nofap shill AND at the same time look like you aren't interested in sex, that you don't get aroused by anything in particular. then you hilariously proclaimed that this is how a functioning penis works, you just get erections for no reason, even if you're watching C-SPAN or something. yikes.

>Also that poster you linked seems pretty cool, where can I go to get in contact with such a man?

i don't know, maybe there's an anti-anime convention or something in canada and you too can meet up and talk about all the things you hate and how you productively you spend your time ever since you stopped jerking off lol. imagine your whole life revolving around producing as much vitriol as you can. sad!

295b6 No.59961

Why is this porn spamming retard trying to change reality where he pretends he isn't posting porn 16 hours a day like he did back when he used to announce himself as the bazinga man? Its funny because the second you came online and posted "haha TITS AND ASS BAZINGA", suddenly porn was spammed for endless hours until you slept and then 8 hours later its "haha TITS AND ASS BAZINGA" cycle repeats. You can pretend the porn spammer isn't you all you want, in reality you gave away your own habits when you decided to become an avatarfag dropping bazinga lines each and every day.

You hide behind being an "anime fan", yet the only people who ever talk about anime is me and the anime review guy. You will deflect by stating you don't post about it with me, yet I see no other posts discussing anime - and on the anime review guy's posts that only thing replied is "TLDR" or other shitposts. Where are these """"""anime fans"""""" you keep talking about? The only thing I see are porn addicted retards like yourself who just spam porn or ERP post as mentioned before.

I wouldn't be upset if you just admitted to being a crab, honestly I don't hate crabs for existing since they make up the vast majority of wizchan even if no one wants to admit it. The difference being that at least they know to keep their succubus worship to themselves and off site most of the time, you seem to delight in posting about sex and succubi as much as possible. Its just pathetic lad, really pathetic. I mean imagine being some loser who pretends they are anything except crab, when you are so desperate for sex you even make up imaginary gf's and post 16 hours a day about how much you love succubi. You literally used to start your morning by booting up wizchan and immediately stating "I LOVE TITS AND ASS" each and everyday. There is no excuse for this behaviour, you are a sex obsessed crab end of story.

>you clearly look down on porn

Yes I do, especially people who are addicted to it like yourself, who has admitted to me that you used porn and masturbation to regulate your emotions. In fact you used to state that anyone who isn't addicted to porn and masturbation must be angry because of the fact they aren't masturbating as often as you are. Anyone using porn or rubbing their cock of all things to regulate their emotional state, is very clearly an addict the same as some junkie on the side of the street. I don't respect druggies nor any addicts for that matter. Judging by your hatred of things I never even speak about such as nofap, it seems to me even more clear that you are an addict and the existence of people who aren't addicts frustrates you to no end.

>maybe there's an anti-anime convention

I wouldn't go since as much as you hate to hear it, I'm not anti-anime. Post about what anime you've watched or something you enjoy about it, not that you will - since I doubt you even watch it at all. The reality is that just want to spam porn as much as possible, and hide behind "anime" to excuse yourself of your crabdom. Haha just had ANIME sex guys! Don't you wish you had an ANIME gf? Woah I love ANIME tits and ass. If I only have to take our the word "anime" and your post turn into something worthy of a ban, its clearly just crabdom. Its no different than the "haha just had WIZ sex" posters, except at least they can pretend its an """ironic""" post, while very clearly you are unironic in your love for succubi.

e823a No.59962

why do you get so worked up about "tits and ass"? what's wrong with posting pictures of hot anime babes and expressing love for the female body? there is nothing wrong with being a heterosexual wizard that appreciates female anatomy and celebrates it by rubbing one out or just proclaiming to the world how beautiful that ass looks. clearly there is a difference between enjoying the female form through images and worshipping females as people - i don't think anyone unironically does the latter on this website.

we get it, you're such a cool guy that the only reason you haven't had sex is because you simply don't want to, right? you don't want to have sex so much that you don't even jerk off or look at porn or can even admit that a pair of honkers is really swell huh? the only way you can feel ok with yourself as a wizard is if you convince yourself that you don't get aroused by naked people. the sexually suppressed crabs are the worst, as they deal with their frustration by externalizing it at other people.

i find your whole persona quite pathetic tbh. on the one hand, you're against porn and masturbation, clearly looking down on anyone that enjoys it, promoting abstinence, demonizing people as "porn addicts", but on the other, you deny being a nofap shill because it annoys you to be associated with reddit. you're extremely dodgy about your sexual preferences for whatever reason, maybe because even admitting to being aroused sexually by PEOPLE really fucks with your whole asexual persona. "wait, you got an erection from that naked female? but you told us you didn't want to have sex huh? turns out you CAN'T HAVE SEX, how embarrassing lmao." it must be really exhausting being you huh?

i know, i know, you're not an asexual monk, but you only masturbate in the shower to get it over with, with your thoughts completely empty, definitely not naked females because that would imply you're a crab, and definitely not naked men, or animals, or really anything, just a void. and why yes, my penis is FUNCTIONAL, that's why i don't get aroused by people, just random erections out of nowhere.

yikes, imagine having this many internal contradictions and then someone points it out and won't stop pointing it out and your gaslighting doesn't work, what do you even do? deflect probably lol.

295b6 No.59963

Expressing love and worshipping succubi, somehow you admit to both, but deny the crab part despite the obvious conclusion that anyone would have following your own statements about yourself. The reality is that this is just an elaborate excuse since admitting to being a crab is shamed on wizchan, and possibly even a ban depending on if the moddess likes the poster or not. You devote not only vast amounts of your time posting of nothing else except images of succubi, "expressing love" for succubi, and even have imaginary relationships with succubi. I shouldn't need to repeat myself this often, but its obvious you desire sex and a GF but you just can't it have IRL. You might also be in the closet seeing as how you always mention to me how "hetreo" you are, yet I've never once suggested you aren't before you kept mentioning to me about it so frequently. I call you a crab and you respond that you are heterosexual? Either in the closet, or just brain damaged from spending 16 hours a day masturbating.

As I said before porn spammer, I have little problems with crabdom or clear desires for sex, most posters here have them even if they don't admit it. The problem is that you can't keep your worship of succubi to yourself and off site, nor even to one thread. No, you HAVE to spam porn and mention your love of succubi on every single thread right? I like music, but I don't spam my musical taste on irrelevant threads. I don't post about anime on irrelevant threads. The reality is that this shows you have no personality beyond an addiction to porn, so porn spamming or mentioning how hetero you are is your own choice of communication. Your life is actually this pathetic, to the point where you as person is only defined by your worship of succubi and touching your penis. A miserable existence, clearly.

Despite your claiming to hate me and how I post, I see you taking many mannerisms that I have in my typing. Sometimes I notice it even when you aren't typing to me. Which I do take as flattery, since clearly your previous efforts failed to have any impact or victory, naturally you start copying the person who always hands your ass to you verbally. Immitation is of course the greatest flattery. Still, you just end up a third rate version of myself since you don't actually have a proper point of view besides projecting your own fascination with nofap onto me. Again I don't promote abstinence, which wouldn't even make any sense in your view anyways, since you yourself believe I fap in the shower correct? Oh right you're back to the "you fap and are nofap", which has no logical connection besides your own obsession with that internet group. Which again, is probably just your self hatred of being an addict leaking out and distorting your perceptions of others.

I don't know why you keep mentioning that you cock doesn't function unless you are looking at porn, but might I suggest a urologist of some sort?


This redditor just can't help himself but give away his off site posting habits, maybe he should spam his post there with the rest of the succubi worshipping crabs.

e823a No.59964

>Expressing love and worshipping succubi

again, image of female body/form != female person. learn the difference, it might save your life one day lol.

>you always mention to me how "hetreo" you are

being aroused by female features = heterosexuality. i am simply pointing out that what you call "worshipping" is really just normal arousal that 90% of men have. posting images of succubi is celebrating heterosexuality, rather than suppressing it. you understand now?

>porn spam

not every post with anime image is me, doofus.

>I see you taking many mannerisms

if you're talking about the trumpesque style, you didn't invent "sad!" and "many such cases!" lol.

>Oh right you're back to the "you fap and are nofap"

again, gaslighting. you pretend you don't understand the argument, conveniently leave out the nuance and attack the low quality resolution idea. nobody is falling for it lol.

as i said, you clearly look down on porn and masturbation FOR PLEASURE. you might masturbate, but you don't do it for pleasure certainly, just to stop your sexual urges. even nofappers don't believe in complete abstinence, they either encourage real sex having or minimizing porn and masturbation as much as you can. stop playing dumb, asshole.

>you cock doesn't function unless you are looking at porn

again, gaslighting. porn = naked female. if you can't get it up to that, you clearly don't have a functioning penis or have different sexual preferences. whatever floats your boat, i guess.


quite ironic coming from an r/nofap shill and the guy taking screenshots of reddit trannies all day lmao.

295b6 No.59965

Oh I see, you love everything about succubi, even fantasizing about being in a relationship with an imaginary one, but not a female person!!!! Yea that's some really desperate and incoherent stuff lad, convincing literally no one, probably not even yourself. Also I know what heterosexuality is, and I've never seen a heterosexual person mention how "hetero" they are as often as yourself. In fact, unless I directly ask them or imply they aren't heterosexual, they never mention this fact to me ever. Kind of seems like you're the odd one out here bucko, might even say you're coming off a pretty in-the-closet to be honest.

>if you're talking about the trumpesque style

Oh dear, you don't notice the other parts you have started imitating do you? I guess I'll keep it to myself then, makes it far more funny to read your posts anyways.

>they either encourage real sex having or minimizing porn and masturbation as much as you can.

Jesus are you going to give me the full lecture about these people? For someone so against them, you certainly know a lot and preach it a whole lot yourself. Did they get you really upset when one of them suggested to you to stop being a porn addict? Anyways by default masturbation is "pleasurable", so I don't understand what argument you really have here for spamming pornography and worshipping succubi. Let me guess, it feels good so its good? Sounds similar to the heroin junkies downtown, and after all you are an addict like themselves - so that does fit. Although I guess masturbation itself is not pleasurable for you, since your cock only functions in you look at porn, just addict things I guess. Seriously though I highly suggest seeing a urologist, you may have some nerve damage of some sort.

>quite ironic coming from an r/nofap shill

Says the only person who talks about nofap on wizchan? How can I shill something I never talk about, while you not only ensure its mentioned every day, but judging by your notes above - you actually seem to have memorized their entire philosophy. The only "nofap shill" here seems to be yourself, and I guess you post "yikes" there all the time and learned all about their thoughts on masturbation. Did you try nofap and just failed? Is that why you are so mad about this?

e823a No.59966

ah, more gaslighting. notice how he avoids explicitly talking about any of his real beliefs or habits. there's no point in actually arguing with a person like this, as he simply subverts the narrative so that you're on the defensive, fighting off imaginary positions the entire time, yet at the end of the conversation, his own beliefs, attitudes and behavior are a complete mystery. i mean, he still slips up hilariously enough, but you have to piece together the complex character of madcuck across many posts, like a puzzle. i don't think i'm far off the mark, considering he heavily deflects any time you really hit the nail on the head.

so let's re-iterate and watch him squirm again lol:

1. denies being a homo, but to this point has never acknowledged that he is attracted to w0men or really anything tangible, when pressed, he answers that he jerks off to "nothing in particular" (haha yikes)

2. looks down on porn and masturbation for pleasure, anyone that jerks off is a porn addict, posts plato's cave image clearly suggesting he is enlightened for not looking at porn, but denies any labeling of his beliefs as nofap due to its reddit association (thinks if he doesn't admit it, that none can connect his beliefs to it)

3. his entire identity as a wiz depends on him being completely disinterested in sex and therefore, escaping any crab or sour grapes accusations. in order to sustain this delusion, he is sexually repressed to the point of avoiding sexual thoughts and masturbation, as well as denigrating others for it. this is also why he avoids any specific talk about his sexual preferences, as even admitting that he is attracted to w0men is problematic and can lead to, oh-oh, someone saying that he CAN'T get sex and therefore inferior in some manner (narcissistic injury).

4. regularly shits on people he considers "losers", yet he has nothing to support his massive superiority complex (unemployed midwit that spams shitposts 16h a day, feeling proud of himself for going outside once and not spending 16h spamming)

5. toxic personality that thrives on abusing other people. most people have witnessed several months of this asshole attacking people and telling them to kill themselves because they're part of some group he dislikes (or imaginary group). just think about the kind of person that spends 6 months on a crusade witch hunt, burning through easily 100-200 proxies, spamming trannies, gore, all kinds of shit, in order to get rid of CC poster, who by all means, isn't even a terrible poster, at least compared to this specimen lol.

295b6 No.59967

File: 1624234652467.png (546.35 KB, 539x541, 539:541, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>in order to get rid of CC poster, who by all means, isn't even a terrible poster
And the truth of the matter comes out, an orbiter of a proven succubi who was permabanned for being what I said she was 6 months ago. What a shocker that the crab orbited CC pisser, a literal succubus and even now defends her honour on wizchan LOL? Classic whiteknight crab to the rescue.

Anyways your post is just delusional, I've stated my beliefs and opinions multiple times, maybe you just have memory loss or brain damage? Hilarious that you just the entirely of my previous post for this elongated post on your own strawman of myself.

So let's do the same thing, except actually post the truth and watch him ignore everything again to cope with being btfo like he already was lol:

1. Posts porn images for 16 hours a day and has directly stated his love for everything related to succubi, but to this point has never acknowledged his worship of succubi.

2. Has imaginary Gf's and imaginary sex within his imaginary relationships with these imaginary succubi; but denies any crab label or obvious conclusions that he desire sex due to the shaming on wizchan. (thinks if he doesn't admit it, that none can connect his beliefs to it)

3. His entire identity as a wiz depends on him being completely interested in succubi and therefore, being heterosexual and wizardly. In order to sustain this delusion, he creates imaginary gf's to have sex with so he won't be an "crab", as well as denigrating others for not doing so. This is also why he avoids any specific talk about his sexual desires for real succubi, as even admitting that he wants to have sex with succubi would be problematic and can lead to, oh-oh, being BANNED on wizchan (narcissistic injury).

4. Regularly shits on people he considers "nofappers", yet he has nothing to support his massive superiority complex (unemployed midwit that spams porn 16h a day, feeling proud of himself for masturbating 8 times in a single day and not controlling his addiction)

5. Toxic personality that thrives on indulging his addiction and forcing others to be a part of it. Most people have witnessed several months of this asshole spamming porn 16 hours a day and telling others they are homosexual because they don't wish for porn to be spammed. Just think about the kind of person that spends 6 months spamming pornography to himself, literally having to admit to being banned for spamming porn on /b/ of all places, all in order to satisfy his worship of succubi and his heavy porn addiction.

e823a No.59968

>proven succubi

yikes, still going on with this conspiracy theory. how far will this man go to defeat an imaginary enemy that doesn't even spend two seconds thinking of him? another 6 months, another roll of 500 proxies, another set of reddit tranny images.

>lame copy/paste that doesn't even make sense

well, you tried. guess you have no real reply, so your humble admission of defeat is accepted. thanks for playing, maddycakes, see you in the porn spam threads.

295b6 No.59969

File: 1624236429153.png (68.51 KB, 645x511, 645:511, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

If she wasn't a proven succubus then why was she permabanned then my whiteknight friend? This poor redditor so deep in crabdom he defends a permabanned succubi who isn't even here to ignore him like she usually does anyways LOL! You do know you will never receive sex for doing this right? I know you think one day a fair lady will realize what a nice guy you are, but its just never going to happen, I'm sorry but you will always be a crab.

Also imagine the hypocrisy of someone stating I have no real reply, when you were the person who skipped over my post here >>59965 since you obvious got backed into a corner. It going to be ok crab, you might not ever have sex or win an argument, but at least you can masturbate to porn after this so you can forget about the embarrassment and anger lol.

54e0a No.59971

You know Fat Link was perma'd just for being annoying.

3bdfa No.59972

I thought he had left on his own, I doubt the mods have enough balls and common sense to do something like this.

30cd0 No.59975

when was ccposter permbanned. what did i miss

3777a No.59976

come on buddy, it's no secret that crabs of all kind spam low quality bait on here. maybe not meta but lounge and /b/ are crab central for sure, I believe jp is the last line of defense left on this site.

69087 No.59978

File: 1624412785597.jpg (105.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1621260660027.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I break rules 8 and 5 all the time.

d2b50 No.60434

>he's literally the cancer killing wizchan. i hope to god this faggot gets laid sometime soon and finally stops coming here. if you've ever had a "debate" with someone on the main boards that oddly seems like a narcissistic faggot that employs really sleazy gaslighting techniques and pretends to win when you stop replying, it's probably this guy. he has an opinion about everything from anime to philosophy, yet he's the quintessential midwit that looks down on anyone below his level and above his level.
you hit the nail on the head with this

e6bf8 No.60435

Apparently, things are getting a whole hell of a lot worse, folks.

c84f8 No.60479

so you're the one huh xD I knew it

6f711 No.60502

That's the mod and his clique

8430f No.60503

yeah, i agree. I saw him on discord with other poster, I am pretty sure with other mods as well. I am not gonna say their names, because the mod cunt will come whining

83e5a No.60504

their tags are andreas.nunez#1630 and wandcaptor#9943 I saw them erping in discord last night as per usual every sunday erp session, one of them kept mentioning doing heinous things to his baby sister and the other kept talking about something called “rc”

28a61 No.60511

People in discord cliques always end up hating each other, I would feel sorry for them if they weren't utter pieces of shit. It's almost like its own punishment to be in groups like that.

d86fd No.60512

File: 1630462261578.png (465.18 KB, 640x353, 640:353, joker.png) ImgOps iqdb

1713c No.60513

I'm fine with them as long as they don't gang up on me. Discord is for non-defective, non-feral humans who can still be socialized.

a1384 No.60516

>don't gang up on me
That's the only thing those apes are capable of

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