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4a2b4 No.60031

Has probably been asked before as well, but why do I always need to manually press F5 or refresh to see new posts.

Not even "update" works. Sometimes I open an thread that has had dozens of new posts a few hours later, and I can't see them until I manually refresh.

1a6ae No.60032

It has been asked several times but no answer has been given at all.
Mods probably don't know, admin is silent on stuff like this, and this site doesn't actually have a dev on staff anymore as far as I can tell.

It's one of those things that broke when the site was taken down and has never been fixed or addressed since. Instead people just work around it and act like it isn't a problem.

38e88 No.60035

didnt even realize it was an issue

38e88 No.60036

actually, just tested it and it works fine for me, OP what browser are you using?

4a2b4 No.60038

Firefox. Not sure about the version number but the latest one.

4a2b4 No.60039

Happened again when I posted that reply above 10 seconds ago. I even have auto-update selected and no help.

I will only see my own reply to your post (60036) after I press F5. Frustrating.

38e88 No.60040

dunno, works fine for me on chrome

5f064 No.60044


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