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File: 1625530913251.png (117.84 KB, 1509x323, 1509:323, 4365656.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

91633 No.60054

Approximately how many people on this site are real wizards? I feel like even the most serious of posters on this site probably just had a bad break up, and they leave the site in between shitty relationships. There is no home for us.

9f0e0 No.60055

I'm months away from being a definitional wizard and yet I don't really fit the mold set in place by this community. My actual home is likely amongst the real asspies on wrongplanet.net but I don't want to register. Imageboard culture is very neurotypical in nature. The whole notion of "normies" seems like something cooked up by teenagers to exclude less socially savvy kids. In fact, the real nerds and autists are the people who are into capeshit and rick and morty and don't realize or care that the internet coolkids think they are losers.

b40a8 No.60056

>I feel like even the most serious of posters on this site probably just had a bad break up, and they leave the site in between shitty relationships.
why, how do you get this impression, I sit on this website 15 hours a day and hardly leave my house, I assume many are similar

b8958 No.60093

File: 1625972229741.jpg (1.44 MB, 3566x3291, 3566:3291, Buan Boud.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm a lunatic.

d8b04 No.60096

>real wizards
Like chanalling the arcane to throw fireballs n shit?
I mean I can create a pretty cool fireball but there is nothing magical about it.

If you mean are there actual males 30 or older who have never had sexual contact that post here, yeah. I can't speak for anyone else but I can speak for myself at least.

> I feel like [bla bla bla]

What exactly do you think celibate virgins are suppose to act? Like a clone of you? that share the same opinion on everything as you and agree with you about everything?
Fact of the matter is the users here only have one superficial similarity with each other but otherwise "we" are a very deserve. There are few things "we" actually agree on and very few ways "we" are similar beyond not having sex (or at least saying they don't when they aren't gay role playing, seriously those thirsty fags need to be permabanned).

>There is no home for us.

What do you really mean by "us".
What do you really mean by "home".

fb585 No.60097

found the wizdaddy

521b6 No.60098

the average user here does not have sex, but that is only because they are bots.

521b6 No.60099

Definitely not >>60096
but anyways op
this entire site is one big troll/psyop
you will be hard pressed to find real people here, much less people who are likeminded. I would be willing to estimate that there are at most 30 different human users that this site sees in a year. The majority of posts come from bots, and a good bit of the human users are non-wizards, that is to say, they are either failed norps if not outright norps.

b40a8 No.60101

why are you pushing this random meme all over the site

521b6 No.60102

please stop trolling

13cb3 No.60105

people who post anime in unrelated posts are always normalfag

3321d No.60106

prove it.

b8958 No.60107

just believe.

521b6 No.60111

moses was a wizard as far as im concerned
just look at that staff

13cb3 No.60120

Okay, not all but many. Maybe half. Maybe a bit less than half. Click on the image in the OP for an example.

>le epic white chad
>nietzschian pseudointellectual
>You deserve to get dominated by exceptional and superior persons like me
(2nd paragraph from bottom)
>anyone who doesn't like my fetish is a normalfag
>liking disgusting pizza
see he is a normalfag :))))))

I guess my friction with people who post irrelevant anime images is that they're not discussing anime when they post them, they just add it after writing a post. I don't add (sfw) furry images when I write posts, so I expect them to keep that separate from regular old posting

521b6 No.60121

you're not alone man
anime is normalfaggot central nowadays, but they weirdly will try to insinuate that its a loser hobby. Meanwhile they spam anime pics in their little discord ERP chats(here's looking at you moddesses!), have sex at anime cons, and masturbate on twitch streams all day.

fkin lol at the anime pic superiority essay

521b6 No.60122

also why the fuk are chad/loser threads still allowed?

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