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File: 1625542742622.jpg (159.95 KB, 817x1200, 817:1200, buildrobotmodels.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

eeae6 No.60057

I know we joke about folks who come on to wizardchan saying, "Oh man, I haven't gotten laid in two weeks, I'm such a wizzie :'(," but why does it happen? Why do gigachads, homosexuals, and succubi come on here? Especially the latter. What's the psychology that's going on? Can we not have a single space where we can be left alone for just a little while? Picrel.

I know there's that "Death of all hobbies" meme pic, but I'm not buying that explanation in this case. I feel that there's something more sinister, cruel, and calculated about it.

eeae6 No.60059

File: 1625542898574.jpg (826.51 KB, 2404x1260, 601:315, deathofallhobbies.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Here's the "Death of all hobbies" pic. I guess the difference is that in the picrel, there's some "chipping away at the margins" that's done. But here, it feels wholesale. It feels as if it's entirely because we don't want certain people here that that's why they want to bust down the door, and in the process destroy what this is.

6a790 No.60063

And now this thread is dead. Thanks mods ._.

db840 No.60103

I cannot imagine that chads come here honestly. Failed normies at best, and they obviously come to feel better that they aren't like the actual wizards here. Homosexuals obviously frequent the site, they run the place, and they come here because they get sexual pleasure from trying to corrupt you. As for succubi, the few who would come here are almost certainly insane beyond measure, because there is no way that they could ever feel a connection to the sites values or the users here.

db840 No.60104

Also I find your choice of image interesting, given that it talks about robots. I'll let you think about that on your own though.

2d0c3 No.60187

I don't get it.

1400e No.60431

This does not really apply to all hobbies. There will always be very niche hobbies that remain untouched.

dbbf2 No.60433

File: 1629394719499.mp4 (152.45 KB, 352x262, 176:131, Darth Vader NO!-WWaLxFIVX1….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

jp has fallen, the board has been infiltrated by politics. I don't know how to crosspost sorry
It is perhaps in our interest to make anime as repulsive as possible to the west. The only thing in anime that I can think of which western culture is utterly incapable of assimilating is antijewism. Everything else, even loli, can and will be tolerated by the progressive left. The only sure-fire way to keep western plebs away from anime, is to use it to promote anti jew ideas. A very risky gambit for /pol/ types, because the play could then be reversed to tank BOTH anime and white racial identity politics. But that's no great loss to us. /pol/ and its contemporaries can never carry any banner of anything. So, either way, we win.
whyy ;-;

909b2 No.60436

Gigachads and homos post here without a doubt, but succubi? Why would any biological female waste her time on this site?

b5236 No.60444

Unironically this website has a lot of succubi. They probably appreciate having a place to vent/talk about irl issues without horny coomer posting and shit that makes them insecure. The no sex and no relationship posting is good for foids that have problems on that front they want to ignore. Lolcow and crystal cafe is brutal on their self image due to the nitpicking

I speculate that this website is 1/20 succubi. But if they follow the rules who cares.

e945f No.60452

They don't invade. There's a type of mentally ill autistic that has ptsd that tries to cathartically purge his pent up rage over being so disturbed by emulating the behavior that made him angry to begin with. They come off as technically an anger monger, a troll. They have no lives and feel just like you do. I have relatives that are like this and understand human psychology probably better than normal people do. I don't actually do it myself and always found such bait immature and overly obvious but to the disturbed entity they think everyone is dumber than they are and giggle after spreading their misery. They probably go outside a lot and or have jobs and that's why they can't let their bullshit go and instead try to 'feel' with you as you chimp out at the bait and say what they feel deep inside. It's a defense mechanism of the sadistic to never share genuine feelings and instead to 'tease'. They should have been killed at birth, this teasing catharsis disturbed type of autist. Even if they don't go outside nor have jobs they probably get constantly reminded by going to normal sites.

No one ever went to imageboards to get laid so this image nor newer images like it is/are never going to be actually genuine. No one tries to get laid via hobbies either. They go to bars or churches or malls or themeparks or use meeting sites of various sorts. Etc. It's paranoia and taking bait too seriously to think that happens.

In regards to hobbies in general though a depressed type would hate on people for being too normal to have a hobby. After all there's meetup groups for normal people with tons of hobbies to meet up with one another so I can see it triggering a full on schizo. The word hobby is almost pointless after all. It means you did something and were not paid really, however one could say that someone with a job is more normal than most imageboard types so then it can go in the opposite direction entirely.

da138 No.60464

trolling is just fun for most people

81591 No.60507

Because pussies like you cry about it, obviously the more upset you get about nonvirgins posting here the more they will want to.

The best thing to do is not worry about it, don't give them attention, and report and move on. You see paranoid threads here all the time with OP claiming that X percent of the userbase is nonvirgins or succubi. Like who cares? There's nothing you can do about it, all you can do is hope these people don't poison the website culture.

ec82f No.60593

Actually there is, make the site closed for posting on any new IPs and send timestamped videos of manboobs to the admin for whitelisting

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