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File: 1626153075948.jpg (171.55 KB, 3300x3300, 1:1, modess-all-night-ultra-thi….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

7c895 No.60109

So can I get an explanation as to why the modesses care so much more about "spreading site conspiracies"(not even a rule btw) than they care about any other rules?
People can break every formally written rule on the daily, but nothing will happen. How are you calling me crazy for saying this site is a psyop when you refuse to even allow questioning of your draconian leadership? Not even 4chan does this fucking bullshit,or any site where only the smallest measures of freedom are allowed. That is literally what a psyop site would do. You shut down any discussion that would foster suspicion and allow any and allow malicious activity that benefits you and your sick fucking game. The(few) real people of wizchan deserve to know the kind of sick shit you 're up to.
I'm playing your stupid game though, here it is on /meta/! That's what you want right? THis kind of discussion is only allowed on /meta/ (but random chinese bot shilling, wizeugenics, erotic roleplay of "wizards" who sniff each others farts(WTF?), wizdads and their wizkids, etc are fine on all the other boards, OF COURSE).

So come on succubi. Lay it all on me. What's your problem with me exposing the truth?

inb4 they talk about how much of a "bad little poster"(the usual discord character assassination of anyone against their regime!) i am from their creepy fucking tabs they keep on me
or better yet, they will simply have their bot auto delete my post like they do with many posts I make.

ae257 No.60112

take your pills schizo

20453 No.60113

cause youre calling everyone a bot for no reason

3b90c No.60114

Yeah I got a 2 day ban for bringing up the tracking cookie fiasco. Not even a conspiracy, a confirmed event in site history. I'm guessing that admin just gave up and now Andrew's free to abuse his power as he sees fit. Nothing else you can think when the people in charge of this place are so intent on keeping their users in the dark.

7c895 No.60115

very cool, informative response. I also love that you post without your mod tag on here like you do on the other boards so that this looks "organic".

7c895 No.60116

I don't understand why power-hungry wannabe internet bullies have such a great desire to moderate this site anyways. Is it because they couldn't get hired at bigger forums? Needed to boost their resume?


>People can break every formally written rule on the daily
No they can't. If you can link any rule-breaking posts, that would be great.
>but nothing will happen
They'll get banned.
>How are you calling me crazy
No staff member called you crazy.
>when you refuse to even allow questioning of your draconian leadership?
We have a whole board made for users to question our draconian leadership.
>Not even 4chan does this fucking bullshit
Out of the 76 boards listed on 4chan's homepage, only about 3 of them allow users to complain about or critique the rules, janitors, or mods
>You shut down any discussion that would foster suspicion
When made outside of /meta/, especially when it disrupts someone else's thread
>here it is on /meta/! That's what you want right?
Yes, that's what your ban reason stated.
>What's your problem with me exposing the truth?
The posts weren't made on /meta/

b60e4 No.60130

Really should modify or add a rule saying that site criticism or moderation criticism is only allowed on meta since that actually isn't written anywhere.

For now that is just a rule you enforce that is only written in your head, which comes off as abusive to some users rather then fair.
Then again the FAQ in general hasn't been properly updated in years and it really could use regular updates.
I know the mods probably can't change stuff like that but it is something to mention to the person that can.

7c895 No.60131

>They'll get banned
cool, then ban yourself and your entire discord mafia. Make all of your posts with your little gay ass mod tag on and I'll gladly link them to you.

7c895 No.60133

You know they won't do that because of the batshit implications it obviously has. They refuse to list it as an official rule because they want the usual wizchan posters to remain complacent. They just use this unwritten rule as an excuse to target wizdissidents that they don't like.

b60e4 No.60139

The fact that the FAQ and rule pages are so rarely modified or updated, and there links in the site navigation that are still broken several months later leads me to believe it isn't out of malice but being unable or unwilling to make changes to the site's source code or html in most areas. Even if it's just text edits.

Again, it's not like there is a dev on staff and who even knows what the admin is up to besides paying the yearly hosting bill (appreciated but a occasional update when things aren't going catastrophically wrong would be nice).

Of course due to the near total lack of transparency all we can really do is guess what is going on.

7c895 No.60140

The lack of transparency itself does not seem somewhat suspicious/malicious to you, friend?

20453 No.60144

Usually site criticism falls under rule 5 (off-topic), if it were a thread it would just be moved to meta

7c895 No.60145

No, it does not fall under that. Thanks for playing.

b60e4 No.60151

Suspicious and frustrating yes, malicious no.

ae257 No.60153

you sure know a lot about 4chan

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