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File: 1626206863913.png (193.38 KB, 512x380, 128:95, moddess.png) ImgOps iqdb

0a0fc No.60123

So moddess, when are you actually going to do something(if ever) about the fact that this place is basically just a joint lookism/pol/discord faggot colony now?
There are threads littering the site which are LITERALLY just:
-humblebragging about looks >>>/wiz/174695
-chad crab alt right flame wars, reads like a /pol/ bait thread >>>/wiz/178941
-random /pol/ tier i hate america posts(outside of the dedicated political trash thread mind you)

7a72f No.60124

The only reason this site still exists is because the mod clique enjoys laughing at us on their private discord.

0a0fc No.60125

Yeah and funnily enough they seem to get more upset about the fact that one would imply that is the case then they get about actual violations of the rules. Interesting.

0a0fc No.60126

threads about wizardry = 1 post, at the bottom of the catalog

threads about sex, crabs, looks, succubi, gay ERP = 200 posts in a single day

301ab No.60127

"/pol/" never was something that was regarded in the rules as being antithetical to wizardry or Wizchan. When you say "Remove it because it's /pol/", there's no reasoning in that statement alone. Why must a discussion similar to those found on /pol/ be removed? What is it about /pol/ that you find poisonous? Feel free to explain. /r9k/ is explicitly mentioned as an outsider hive given its reputation as a crab and female hangout. Now what board dislikes the prospect of crabs and females posting.. hmm.. could it be /POL/?

[-]ide the threads if there's discussion within you don't wish to see. It's what every regular user does, on here and on 4chan. Don't act like things you prefer not to talk about should be banned just because they don't interest you.

>750 open threads on the main boards

>he dislikes 3 of them
>fails to elaborate why
>shits his pants and says the site is now discordfaggotnazidanceclub

0a0fc No.60128

cool preprogrammed bot response
i wish the mods would just confront me themselves rather than send their braindead discord /pol/ bots after me

8105e No.60142

>y-youre just a bot!!
take your meds

0a0fc No.60143

I should write a bot to reply to bots

65474 No.60245

modern wizchan threads are literally just post after post of users telling each other they have "low IQs" which is obviously 4chad/lookism stuff.
why is this here mods

ae158 No.60246

probably because some of those, ARE mods.

03b80 No.60247

im gay

86c9a No.60254

File: 1627007786425.png (264.61 KB, 600x527, 600:527, 1619715096777.png) ImgOps iqdb

ok man come

AT this point, refusal to do anything about this is just admitting that YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE WIZARD USERBASE.

This entire thread, while it orginally starts out as a "harmless 'wizard' " discussing the impact of looks on "wiards", is actually just a lookism thread.
Why would I think that you ask?
Well, the title of it is literally LOOKISM for starters.
I think the followinhg2 post is the essence of this thread, so I will include an excerpt and the attached image here for added effect. I want you to think about the combination of these aspects of the post without the little bullshit he adds at the end about supposedly wanting to "help" wizards.


Sick people tend to look sick.
Dangerous people tend to look dangerous.
Nice people usually look nice, and so on.

The vast majority of the time a person's physiognomy (and chosen fashion style) tell you everything you need to know about that person and you can react accordingly to them before they ever speak a single word
There's lots of danger and evil in the world today and if we had to judge every single person we meet after knowing them for a long period of time, then we'd end up murdered or robbed very swiftly. Instead our brains are excellent at discovering patterns and these patterns help us engage adeptly in the world

so moddess, please, if you wouldn't mind answering,

009bc No.60255

The thread is fine you fucking pansy.

86c9a No.60256

drink bleach, not looking for your response btw, talking to the mods

009bc No.60257

Hey its me, the mod - you called?

77b08 No.60259

they allow this because THEY ARE A PART OF IT, they are a part of a problem.
This whole thing is pretty hypocritical, like having a discord with basically all wizchan modd and posters. Yes, it exists.
The bans they are giving very much selectively.
That faggot with his mod tag on will come here and say that it's all untrue. But will know at this point, pretty much that they are full of shit.

86c9a No.60260

>yes it exists
i remember when it was irc
now they do their norming on discord

what do these people honestly get from running this site
i dont even get it anymore
at this point it just seems like they just wanted wizchan to be their own gay little club

8105e No.60262

>the mods are cliquing on discord because some random person said so
>I believe everything random people on the internet tell me

86c9a No.60263

put your tag on bro or im not discussing this with you

5547b No.60282

File: 1627182240395.png (28.01 KB, 731x518, 731:518, ban1.png) ImgOps iqdb

>reply to OP's question if I trust admin and mods from wizchan
>butthurt mod as usual ban for breaking no rules
>immediately delete OP's thread as damage control

lol imagine caring about your reputation as a mod on a dead imageboard for crabs, trannies, and homos, where you avatarfag every single day because you crave attention like a succubus.
Poor delusional mod.

8105e No.60283

stop projecting, incel

5547b No.60284

I wish, succubi not being interested in you makes it easier to remain a virgin.

a4505 No.60285

>accuse modsama of only being on /b/
>he deletes your post on /wiz/

3b1f3 No.60307

File: 1627288613426.jpg (25.72 KB, 474x355, 474:355, wizardly.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

wizardly hobby

f35ea No.60367

File: 1627890621713.png (55.83 KB, 1344x427, 192:61, wizjp2021.png) ImgOps iqdb

the absolute state

4d455 No.60393

Is posting Wammawink pictures "Avatarfaging"

988b0 No.60394

lookism is based though. I'd take that over depressed losers which is what wizchan has become.

i just want a site with happy hikkis, why is that so hard? instead we have rotfraud LARPers pretending to be shut-ins and straight-up 6-figure salary fuckers bragging about their income in the wageslave thread. this place is a joke, it will never be a "wiz" space.

5ce7d No.60395

yes some posts in the wageslave thread are indeed ridiculous and reek of normalcy.

d988b No.60396

how old are you? what is based


>straight-up 6-figure salary fuckers bragging about their income in the wageslave thread
I'm pretty certain you're the only person that does that, and I haven't seen it recently.

bab2d No.60398

>i just want a site with happy hikkis
A happy hikki is very rare, usually they get neetbux and don't have to worry about being homeless so they live in their own world. I'm a shut-in too but wouldn't call myself "happy" by any stretch.

a316b No.60399


c6a51 No.60400

Make the change you want to see anon.

Ignore all negative posts and make/engage with positive ones fellow wizard.

2795b No.60411

File: 1628876609374.png (2.33 MB, 1400x1050, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>fellow wizard


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