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b1e64 No.60132

I am petitioning to make moderator post history, bans, warnings, etc. public information for the good people of wizchan.org(while maintaining the anonymity of the common man).

There is no reason why we, the users of wizchan, should stay in the dark about matters pertaining to the governance of the site we all share. There is no way to truly judge whether or not the moderators are doing the job that they have so selflessly volunteered for. I truly trust and commend the moderators for their honorable service to this site, but there must be changes made if this site is to last going forward. How can the staff be for the common wizard if their actions cannot even be judged by those who they claim to protect? I'm sure many of you are fellow americans as well as fellow wizards and, naturally, I'm sure that you all understand the value of a democracy. But a democracy which does not expect its officials to be subject to the judgement of the people while simultaneously allowing for the judgement of the people by their tyrannous leaders is doomed to fail. So I ask of you, my fellow wizards, to join me in this protest against potential tyranny. Let's Make Wizchan Great Again.

b408d No.60134


b1e64 No.60136

thanks for the bump

9ed86 No.60137

Uh, YEAH! Fuck the gay mods!

b1e64 No.60138

Technically the mods are heterosexual (trans)females.

e16c5 No.60141


9ed86 No.60152

Cute fantasy, but I assure you the reality is always much more horrific than you could possibly ever imagine.

096b9 No.60158

like the time we sent the mod hunter to one of their houses

9ed86 No.60159

literally made me lol

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