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c0259 No.60165

So why do you now need your own IP to send images? If this is related to some morons spamming /b/ (which no sane person uses) why not just disable it there?

Why do you want to reduce the security of the average user?

b6a77 No.60166

Might have something to do with the cp spam bot that post when the mods are sometimes sleep.

I will run some test when I am on my computer to see what you are talking about.

f16e4 No.60168

I tested it on my PC and you are indeed correct.
The uploading of files is totally blocked if you are using a proxy.

This probably has to do with the rash of one person raids, that weird cp bot, and bitch fit spam attacks that have hit the site in the past month.

Maybe if the bullshit tones down for a bit they will end the blockage but I wouldn't count on it.

I mean it kinda sucks for those who want to participate with images and care about their security, but unfortunately a few bad actors spoiled it for everyone, at least for the time being.

Of course I should point out that I ain't staff so this is just speculation on my part. I could be dead wrong about any number of things. So take what I wrote with a grain of salt.

0f696 No.60169

So how does using a proxy up your security? Beyond what SSL already does.

23fd5 No.60170

cause the mods are succubi from kiwifarms trying to stalk me and steal my mana

0f696 No.60171

Do you really think software can save you from the mods? You're going to need a physical barrier between you and them, something of steel and concrete.

24412 No.60172

this, unironically. I have confirmation of this for at least one moddess.

24412 No.60173

not the mana part ofc, but there are literally succubi from kiwifarms on the mod team, confirmed

7a108 No.60174

all that because of /b/, but they'd rather nuke the entire site than do something about that cancer

16f5d No.60176

f16e4 No.60177

All of the problems I described have nothing to do with /b/.
They were issues on the surface site.

You know how many threads were killed in music during the last bitch fit somebody had?
Literally every board but /b/ was effected.

23fd5 No.60178

I’d go as far to say if you support proxies you support normalfags posting here

c0259 No.60181

(OP here)
You have no idea how easily the police will contact people in some countries just for using a website, they can even build profiles and print out your messages. It has happened to many people in my country and people are extremely paranoid now.

It doesn't help that places like this usually have admins who will instantly comply with any data request from an authority even if you didn't break any law (they just demand your post history to build a profile).

All it takes is using a site listed as 'high risk'. I am 99.99 % certain this page is listed as such.
So it sort of pains me to even use /meta/ as you are forced to unmask here.

If you live in certain places, it is extremely crucial to hide your actual IP when posting anything that can be used as an excuse to bring you into bad light socially.

c0259 No.60182

Enable them after donating? Those shitposters have too much ego to pay $5 or $10 after each ban.

23fd5 No.60183

or just have it so you have to email admin with the proxy you want to use so he can whitelist it, would stop 99% of spam

e3d13 No.60193

Wizchan is on no countries radar and only the US government can force them to give up shit.

Besides, nothing on this site is really all that extreme, unless you count idiots on /b/ (and political thread) spamming slurs because they have the minds of special needs middle schoolers.
Which I doubt spooks from some international agency give two shits about.

There aren't organized anything here that has any effect on the real world. Hell, most here don't even like each other and can't agree on anything of substance.

Only people that would go out of their way to get dirt on users here is trolls like kiwi farms and disgruntled crab in bucket users.
One such user responsible for the proxy image block in the first place.

f16e4 No.60194

I strongly doubt the admin wants to deal with such things, and vpn use dynamic addresses on a range per server.
>lets be like shitchan with their scam pass

0817d No.60196

except Gamer Gate evolved in to Tamala Harris being the empress of Neos-Afrika.

Wizchan is what maintains this reality stable.

23fd5 No.60199

>vpn use dynamic addresses on a range per server
buy your own vps and set up your own vpn, if you care so much about privacy it shouldn't be too much to ask, stuff like nordvpn are cancer. If you think people should be hopping IP every couple minutes then you are anti-wizard, there's literally no way to keep normalfags out when they can just pay for a cheap VPN service and choose from a million different addresses as they please

ec326 No.60200

That wouldn't be anonymous, which is what op said he was worried about.

ecc80 No.60201

using your own vpn is more private, people who sell vpn services log all your activities

a78ca No.60202

But if you're on a VPS, doesn't the host still log every bit of traffic in some way? Even if you own a server, whoever you're renting bandwidth from is going to monitor it.

ec326 No.60203

It still isn't anonymous if you are using a static IP, which is what you proposed.
Especially since it has even more of a paper trail so if anyone is able to get one piece of the puzzle they can fully break anonymity and get your dox.

So it just becomes a impractical inconvenience option that is less fit for purpose then using a dynamic range proxy.
Honestly there is almost never a good reason to use a static IP on a personal network. Static IP is for corpos.

23fd5 No.60204

alright so let’s go back a step, what the hell are you doing that you are afraid someone is going to track down an entire paper trail on you? You got your vpn, your country can’t immediately see what you’re doing, you got some secrets? kiddohurt? On some cia watchlist? I can’t imagine

f16e4 No.60205

>if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear

It really ain't any of your business why someone is interested in their security.
Nor does it matter to the discussion at hand.

23fd5 No.60206

well in relation to wizchan, if you support ip hopping every few minutes you are pro-normalfag, you literally cannot remove normalfags if they can pay $7 a month for a million different addresses to use on here

23fd5 No.60207

and not to mention, normalfags are the ones with jobs and money, so they are even more likely to be able to drop a small fee to evade any kind of ban

f16e4 No.60208

Your argument is illogical/irrational.
You are just blindly namecalling and trying to use guilt by association for people who use a wide spread and basic personal privacy protection tool.
Frankly your argument is invalid on the face and in detail.

23fd5 No.60209

ok, give me one way mods can ban sex-havers in a world where everyone gets a new ip every 5 minutes

f16e4 No.60211

They already have that tool.
It's called range bans and they have been using them for quite a while.

Dynamic IP has been a common thing for longer then this site has existed, proxy or not, vpn or not, and how moderation deal with them is very similar.

23fd5 No.60212

>range bans
>dynamic ip
that doesnt work on proxies that jump to random ips that arent part of a singular range, just admit you support normalfags posting here

f16e4 No.60213

I think you are just a contrarian troll who doesn't even understand the subject being disused at this point.


Any addition post from you with be hid and ignored by me.

23fd5 No.60214

>I think you are just a contrarian troll who doesn't even understand the subject being disused at this point.
lol, right, you know literally nothing about vpn services, you can't ban someone when they are hopping from some server in south america, then japan, then india, it's not possible

>Any addition post from you with be hid and ignored by me.

so mad and wrong that you need to hide the truth, stick your head in the sand and tell yourself there's no problem and that you are right, prime example of ignorance

a78ca No.60215

>personal privacy protection
"payed paranoia pretender" more like it. No megacorp or three-letter agency wants to know what ebooks you look for on the web archive, or what anime succ you look for pictures of of Danbooru. Small private forums, imageboards, or community-built encyclopedias shouldn't have to be at risk of any random asshole spamming their site to death, or force unnecessary captchas and other tricks on to normal sane users, all because some impressionable web 3.0 schizo saw a VPN ad in some YouTube influencer's video and actually believed they were at risk of "cyberattacks". Get over yourself.

f16e4 No.60216

1.I know it's still you
2. shitchan bans vpn and proxies, as well as uses tracking cookies to id particular devices unless you buy a scam pass and still has all those problems you say vpn cause and still rely on captcha
Now adding this id to the list of ones to ignore.

a78ca No.60217

>1.I know it's still you
>only one person, my stalker, could possible disagree with me and he's actually just a contrarian troll who really LIKES VPNs but is attacking me personally
oh yeah, shizo hours.
which chan even is that? 4chan? 8chan reincarnation?
>bans vpn and proxies
Good! less child porn and marketing spam is posted on the fast board viewed by millions daily!
>tracking cookies to id particular devices
Same as above.
>Now adding this id to the list of ones to ignore.
/meta/ incarnate. Plus if you were really ignoring this post, you wouldn't have read up to this point.

f16e4 No.60218

46ca7 No.60219

>I know it's still you
dojomutt shows off his paranoid schizophrenia again

ec326 No.60253

Op, did you delete the thread on wiz you made or was it the mods?

c0259 No.60269

Curiously enough, that wasn't me.

But after reading some of the replies here, I'm quite sure there are third parties with interests that don't align with the average user here, who are trying to dissuade people from anonymity.

Think back to cases where even three letter agencies couldn't crack encrypted HDD's, etc., what can they really do except try to shitpost and dissuade people with things like "come on man, you don't really need that, don't be paranoid man"?

Think about it for just a few seconds.
What possible motivation can the average human being or citizen have to continuously persuade you to think you don't need privacy?

They attempt to emulate internet speak, they attempt to infiltrate into communities, but they aren't "regular users".
What regular user spends so much energy, vitriol and effort on telling others to not stay anonymous?

23fd5 No.60270

the last host shut the site down because of CP spam nigger, no one gives a shit what you do on your pc except maybe your mom, asking you to turn off your proxy to post an image isn’t a big deal and helps the site not get spammed to death

c530c No.60274

>moralizing arguments
hello cia

23fd5 No.60275

>moralizing arguments
The the last host literally shut down the site because of proxy niggers spamming child porn, that's a straight fact. Why would someone from the cia give a shit about some loser posting dog dicks on a niche website for virgins? Unless you are the nigger with a hdd full of cp to spam I dont think you got anything to worry about.

c0259 No.60276

What about emailing the admin to whitelist just one IP?

This site realistically has maybe ~20 active users, so that wouldn't exactly be a ton of work.

6eca8 No.60277

Been over this in the thread.
Static IP isn't a thing in modern day, especially when using a vpn, and admin ain't going to deal with shit like that.

23fd5 No.60278

>Static IP isn't a thing in modern day
wat, I've had the same ip address for like 3 years

faa84 No.60279

Do you live in a developed nation and use a router that was made in the last 15 years?
Because I highly doubt such a claim.
It is extremely rare for my ip address to be the same for 3 months through no action of my own. Three years it being the same is inconceivable.
Also not something I came across doing IT stuff in the past.

7bfca No.60280

Not op but it probably depends on a lot of factors and local network pressures. Mine is technically dynamic but I keep my ip for months/years at a time unless I change my router MAC address.

23fd5 No.60281

>Do you live in a developed nation and use a router that was made in the last 15 years?
I live in the USA, florida, my router is running the most recent build of openWRT
>It is extremely rare for my ip address to be the same for 3 months through no action of my own. Three years it being the same is inconceivable.
I've never had a dynamic IP in my life, I used to run game servers from my home and I'd leave them up for months and my IP never changed randomly which I would have noticed because people wouldn't have been able to connect to my private server anymore
here is one of the oldest posts in my post history, I'm sure I'd have stuff from 2017 too if any of the threads I posted in were still up

c0259 No.60286

I agree. I also have a dedicated VPN for which the IP has stayed the same for years.

ec326 No.60287

I don't believe you.

23fd5 No.60288

I don't get why you think everyone has a dynamic IP just because you do, it especially doesn't make sense if someone has their own VPS with a VPN running on it, having the IP constantly change there would be a hassle and wouldn't let you set up any kind of websites or servers that require a static IP address. The IP of wizchan.org doesn't change every few days, it has a static IP just like a lot of people have in their homes. The only thing I have a dynamic IP on is my phone and I assume that's because it's a cheap service that hits the same towers as a bunch of different people all the time.

6eca8 No.60289

>I live in the USA, florida
Oh your are that guy.
Yeah, now I know it is a waste of time to talk to you, that you are full of shit, and one of the worst shitposters on this whole site, often using your cell phone to ban evade and shitpost even harder.

Seriously fuck you, I still walk into range bans caused by your retardation.

6eca8 No.60290

You actually are a liar and don't have or do any of that shit and are just arguing for argument sake/attention.

23fd5 No.60291

>Oh your are that guy.
??? what?
>I still walk into range bans caused by your retardation.
>using your cell phone to ban evade and shitpost
I literally don't go outside, ever, nor have I been banned. I'm on the same static IP always, I even showed you my post from 3 years ago that is attached to my IP, I don't know what you want

>You actually are a liar

Obviously I am not going to convince you, so whatever, believe whatever makes you feel better about yourself

6eca8 No.60292

Just don't spam the site with horse cock again or I will hunt you down.

a78ca No.60293


context: last time the Aladin was caught rageflooding pony gape, someone called him out and he damage controlled by claiming to be someone from Miami

654f6 No.60298

>t. scat polcrab
polcrabs malding because they can't spam Scheiße on /b/ lol

654f6 No.60308

File: 1627288664543.png (17.37 KB, 1001x518, 143:74, wizardhobby.png) ImgOps iqdb

gaslighting is a wizardly hobby right boys?

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