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File: 1626839886184.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, The Cockpit13.png) ImgOps iqdb

4fdf3 No.60233

>mods on furfag defence
One is homosexual, one is female, and the other is a furfag, what the fuck happened to wizchan moderation?

2ff0c No.60234


4fdf3 No.60235

Andrew, Moddess, and some furfag intent of defending his yiff partner's honor. I am assuming its admin who is the furfag.

e85c7 No.60236

do you own feels?

f45ef No.60239

fuck off LMAO you are probably her.
come on, out of the like 10 users here, all of the non mods would never defend a mod.

092ef No.60241

the people running this place hate furries, you're delusional

f45ef No.60242

hello andrew

2911b No.60248

I'm trying to become a furry. So far my niche is muscled bara furries. I also am developing a keen for cubs.

e85c7 No.60251

>I'm trying to become a furry.

2ff0c No.60252

File: 1626980765332.png (709.91 KB, 1413x1060, 1413:1060, 1cb2ff2dc36fbd5b43e59e67c2….png) ImgOps iqdb

Good God wiz, if you're desperate for a community to integrate in to, don't immediately aim for the lowest cesspit of subculture by 'trying to become a furry". Liking furry art, especially exclusively that which is meant to be erotic AND covers a particular subject matter niche of yours, does not make you a furry. Similarly, people who look at hentai babes aren't typically dakimakura-humping, Tenga-pumping otaku. To be a furry is to be encapsulated by furry culture, to have a furry alter-ego, and to make furryism the entirety of your life. It's to have a second existence in the suit, to have an addiction to:
- Anthro 2D or 3D (fursuits)
- Feral 2D (not 3D, that's bestiality which is illegal in CONUS)
- both.
If you don't have a soul animal to identify with or flare up with joy at the sight of a fursuiter in his derpy-eyed rainbow dog costume with suspiciously placed holes, then you're just not cut out to be a furry. You're just a horny dude, like myself one who is unprejudiced towards fur. Hot babe? yes! Has fur? Yes too, fap! Cute chibi succ? yes please. has fur? even cuter, dote over.

>muscled bara furries

>keen for cubs.
the repressed stranger danger encounter breakfast special

092ef No.60312

>Liking furry art does not make you a furry
that's the #1 definition of furry though

2ff0c No.60313

No, it's not.

092ef No.60319

according to most people it is

f4d76 No.60320

What's your definition of being a furry then?

39cab No.60322

How do you know there is a succubus mod?

092ef No.60324

same as yours, lol

f4d76 No.60364

I'm gonna stop posting furry porn. The original motivation was to discuss something that I'm highly interested in (anthropomorphic animals). An anonymous setting is the -only- place where I can discuss this, and a whole bunch of good this does. Id rather spend this time and effort on different things.

4f290 No.60514

If you're late to the party like I am, Crystal Cafe basically owns this place now so as far as I know this place is fucked. Furfag, actual faggots, trannies, and underage have taken over at this point. Any interesting or quality discussion on here is dead. I'll drop in every now and then on /dep/ but that's about it.

8e7e9 No.60536

Well crybaby, maybe /dep/ is just right for you.

f677a No.60537

Because she went on a tantrum banning a guy who was making fun of crystal cafe on /b/ and now she bans you for over a month if you post the ban screenshots.

1c2d3 No.60542

>guy literally spamming the website with trannies 24/7
>posts edited ban screenshots for epic lolz
>"dude he was just making fun of crystal cafe! whats the big deal?"

266b3 No.60544

Those are two different people. This one was banned for posting vocaroos making fun of cc crossposter.

15a89 No.60545

File: 1630899249163.jpg (33.31 KB, 377x355, 377:355, 1fa35e35efb7457b33adbaac0e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Those are two different people

f677a No.60546

Were you even here for that time? No one was posting tranny pics. Everyone was angry because the mods unbanned a known female and refused to justify their actions.

88803 No.60565

the real question is which mod is wizchad enough to keep all the rest in beta orbit around him

1c2d3 No.60572

>No one was posting tranny pics
uhhhhh, but sorry, no

09c07 No.60573

There were thousands of tranny pics posted here constantly for months. way to out yourself as a nufig

63f8c No.60589

It seems you're deliberately misinterpreting the post. At the time when the mod was having the tantrum tranny pictures were not being posted. That occurred afterwards.

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