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File: 1628813661957.jpg (71.44 KB, 491x750, 491:750, 1628808588180.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

e84bc No.60403

Did the mods ever ban the trannyhomos on /b/? Last time I came here there was a war going on about them. I tended to agree with the "there's no such thing as a gay wizard" camp.

b6622 No.60404


d62ee No.60405

why would the mods ban themselves? they are the ones doing 90% of rule-breaking shitposting on /b/. if mods were required to have their tags on at all time the amount of rampant shitposting on this site would probably go down.

ebe7d No.60406

gays have been posting on wizardchan since it’s inception basically, don’t know why you crabs started to have some problem with them, usually making the argument that they can easily get sex which is irrelevant on a website for voluntary virgins

b943c No.60407

90% of posts are made by 5 people here

6d735 No.60416

chesters spamming /b/ now, posting links to explicit breeding sites and borderline club penguin.

ad015 No.60417

well, that didn't take long

0772f No.60422

Incorrect. If there was a gay wizard, he should go to a website where there are only wombholes. Coming here and sexually harassing actual wizards who he is attracted to = the actions of a textbook internet tranny who is trying to spread his mental delusions.

0772f No.60423

Why was my post deleted

5c169 No.60424

It wasn't. Host-end issues require users to manually refresh to see their own replies some times. A few IBs have had this issue lately.

26e5f No.60425

I think shutting down /b/ is a healthy step forward. You can't trust children with open communication or else they'll just talk about peepees and vaginas.

ebe7d No.60426

just don't go to /b/ if you can't handle shitposting, there's no way you can even see it unless you purposely type it into your address bar

26e5f No.60427

I can handle shitposting, but pertaining to the thread topic, the rampant homo shit has to be stopped.

5373a No.60428

yeah it should be replaced with rampant hetero shit

aabe7 No.60429

There's a difference between shitposting and ERP. Also, /b/ is one of the most high traffic boards; just pretending it's not there is impossible.

ebe7d No.60432

when the hell is there erp on /b/? link me a single instance of this erp you’re seeing cause all I see is a stupid picture of mario’s butthole random incoherent nonsense and stupid blogs
> /b/ is one of the most high traffic boards; just pretending it's not there is impossible.
any board that has no bar of quality to enter will be higher traffic, if you choose to go there it’s because you want to see faster lower quality brain ooze, you don’t have to pretend, just don’t go there if you don’t like it, and if you keep going there then stop pretending you don’t like it

aabe7 No.60437

>If you don't like the homo porn and ERP, then that means you like the homo porn and ERP
This is a common homosexual argument. Why don't you go to a place that is specifically for gay people? Why do you insist on doing what you do in places where you are expressly unwanted?

ebe7d No.60438

>nooooooo! you cant just post a gay anime butthole in my b thread!! moooooodddsss
Your average basement dwelling hikki does not feel a thing when he goes to gelbooru and searches "bara butthole", but when he sees you cry about it a deranged grin crosses his face, he lets out a chuckle "lmao trolled"

3cca5 No.60439

File: 1629602411809.jpeg (60.42 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 5806C5DE-3F67-402C-85BA-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

reporting from /b/ outpost here and you wizzies do know we are the first line of defense right? lounge is the trojan horse for politic junkies and if we lose /b/ we lose it all.
willing to get banned on the line, please god look down us all god bless all these wizzies, this one is for you all. so we'll hold the line and keep them busy unless you want the other boards flooded with crabs and homos :/
I should of known you were gay -_-

aabe7 No.60440

>Posts homosexual ERP on /b/ for literal years
>Hehe I'm trolling these wizards so hard
It's like a flamboyant tranny going to a monastery and doing a dragrace in front of the monks to troll them. And then the monks just quietly leave and find another monastery. And then the tranny, all alone in the monastery, says "haha trolled" and keeps doing his dragrace with nobody there.

ebe7d No.60441

why would you go to a shitposting board and then get mad when someone posts something that you keep reacting to

aabe7 No.60442

>Why are you mad that there is blatant anti-wizard shit on the website for wizards?
Now that it's been established that there is a homosexual infestation, the homosexual asks why that is a bad thing.

There's no such thing as a gay wizard.

ebe7d No.60443

tbh link the gay erp you are seeing on /b/, I dont see it, it seems like you are just mad that you got trolled by some low iq idiot on /b/

b8af5 No.60445

File: 1629812572218.png (134.9 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I remember when someone here criticized reddit, because you can see usernames and post history. Well, this site is not better. Why? Because mod can see your post history and gaslight you. Abuse moderator powers at her whim. So eh

This while thread is a joke. /b/ is spammed with shitty blogposts, and it's not a problem UNLESS you post something that will upset the mod when she's on her period


You post the most disgusting gay porn you can find into the fap thread to annoy people.

b8af5 No.60447

shut the fuck up, it was OK quality. It was only annoying to YOU!

aa5bd No.60448

The gay shit is a common occurence on /b/ and anyonewho says otherwise is participating in the homotalk or is blind.

d62ee No.60453

Why not just create a porn board and put all the fap nonsense there. Then the people that want it gone from /lounge/ are happy and the people that want to fap but don't want to look at nasty as fuck shit don't have to because they can click on threads that interest their fetish.

Then again reddit and 4chan are much better for porn, honestly the fap thread just feels like wizchan modfaggots trolling their userbase.

b6622 No.60454

I posted Augie Doggie.

ca46c No.60455

Nah, I find it annoying too.

aabe7 No.60458

As much as the homo annoys me, he's right. You shouldn't be analyzing post history, and you shouldn't out users publicly for their behavior. Each post should be addressed individually.

Just make any sexual post a bannable offence. Don't you understand that wizards are coming here looking for a place free of the constant sexual bullshit that infests the rest of the entire internet?

aabe7 No.60459

Why not just have a porn free and ERP free wizchan?


>You shouldn't be analyzing post history, and you shouldn't out users publicly for their behavior. Each post should be addressed individually.
So I shouldn't look at your post history because I'll see that you support sex-havers as long as they have christian /pol/ values? I'll keep it in mind.

aabe7 No.60461

Lol. I didn't support any sexhavers. I said the OP that made that thread shouldnt have been banned. Being anti- degenerate doesn't mean I'm a one man /pol/ raid.

Again, what if you just banned any discussion about sex at all? There are millions of websites where people can go to talk about that. Why does wizchan have to be home to transgenders and homos? I don't even have a problem with them as long as they stay out of my wizard safe space where I want to come and discuss other topics than cumming and fucking and cucking and raping and transitioning. Let me guess I'm going to get banned.


You're just making multiple presupposed questions and statements in effort to attempt to trap me into a fabricated premise, which is why I won't acknowledge them. 'Degenerate' is bastardized political jargon from 4chan and inarguably used to disparage people that actually belong on this website. You are part of a group of people set on undermining what it means to be a wizard and belong on this website by continually touting your extraneous rules which have nothing to do with wizardry or being a voluntary celibate.

aabe7 No.60463

Please moddess, don't be so defensive. You've become jaded and cynical because of your occupation. Listen, moddess. I am genuinely not trying to trap you or make you look stupid or anything. I am genuinely asking for all sexual posts to be banned from this website. That's all I want, and I'm pretty sure it's what most wizards around the planet want.

>Degenerate is from 4chan

No it's not. Degenerate is a concept that has existed for thousands of years. I know it's overused by stormfags, but that doesn't mean that the concept shouldn't be spoken of here. There are many synonyms to it that will still make certain people feel attacked.

In my opinion, the wizardly life is a truly non-profane, non-degenerate lifestyle. I think that being a wizard or a "voluntary celibate", as you call it, is a noble path. And those who embrace it should have a noble website, free from sexual content (which can be easily accessed on other websites). If anyone disagrees, let's make a thread about it. But until a consensus is reached, all sexual posts should be temporarily bannable.

Why not moddess? Just try it.

c42c3 No.60465

how about you hide the porn thread and then stay on listed boards
why does a hidden niche section of the website that is all about degeneracy and profanity have to accommodate you
are you a bit of a snowflake

aabe7 No.60467

>Are you a snowflake?
Yes. Also, I like /b/. I like the color and layout and the post volume. There have been great posts there. It would just be way better without the gay ERP.

c42c3 No.60468

you can select the theme for all other boards in the settings
the post volume is good because shitposts are allowed
if you can't handle banter maybe shitposting isn't for you
you really are that whiny kid that wants to ruin the fun for the cool wizards while at the same time wanting to fit in

hide the porn thread and make a christian thread on listed boards where you can blogpost about your virtuous fart huffing

c42c3 No.60469

and i really do think this is about not being able to handle banter
you moved the goalpost from homosexuals to sexual stuff in general and back to imaginary gay ERP
admit it you just want to stick it to people that shittalk you

i hate polcrabs and christians but never once will you see me call for them to be banned
that is weak

aabe7 No.60470

>you can select the theme for all other boards in the settings
No I'm not doing that. I know I know… I'm just not going to do it.
>the post volume is good because shitposts are allowed
Gay ERP isn't shitposting.
>if you can't handle banter maybe shitposting isn't for you
Gay ERP isn't banter. Some of it is hilarious, but a lot of it is completely unironic and posted by obvious non-wizards. Also the fap thread on lounge is not "banter". Also getting all the gays banned would be hilarious.
>you really are that whiny kid that wants to ruin the fun for the cool wizards while at the same time wanting to fit in
So you admit to having fun with your gay ERP. Why don't you go to another website where you can talk about sexual things? Why should wizards have to put up with being harassed by homos and trannies and moddesses?

c42c3 No.60471

show one ERP post

aabe7 No.60472

Okay I agree with you. I don't think they should be permabanned. I just think that all sexual posts should be deleted and if they repeatedly do it they should be given a temporary ban in response in order to stop the posts from being posted. This is the "voluntary celibate" website (moddess's own words); there shouldn't be a hidden gay sex board on it.

18c6d No.60473

I don't agree with your visions for this site. Just like crabs, you are hung up on sex, except that you are hung up on it's negation. Some users do take posts about sexual desires far out of line, but sexual desires come from the same root as does any kind of creative or productive behavior. Trying to annihilate it is counterproductive

c42c3 No.60475

people mentioning gay ERP is the biggest gaslighting operation ive ever witnessed in my life

f5ef4 No.60476

I don't even know what he's referring to. The histrionic weebs blogposting? The guy who spams his youtube feed? The nonsenical 1-line brainfarts? The whole board is mild as fuck compared to years ago when you had actual flaming faggots writing up multi-paragraph BBC gangbang fantasies and shotacon porn dumps.

633da No.60477

>scroll through /b/
>hairy backshot of man's anus and balls greets me
It was so gay it was funny, but there are unironic gay non-wizards posting this every day.. they commonly ask wizards to show their "wands" and "wizholes", and talking about eating/drinking "mana".

ebe7d No.60478

it's called being sardonic

5f32c No.60509


26e5f No.60523

File: 1630532411333.png (250.33 KB, 1285x1044, 1285:1044, homosexuals on wizchan.png) ImgOps iqdb

Someone posted this on /b/. I'm unsure if it's too far to suggest that the "Kirby" user is indeed Andrew, and the rumors of gay erp on discord are all true.

f041c No.60524

that image points more to joseph being the biggest prison gay lusting after anyone than anything

f5ef4 No.60525

File: 1630541100589.jpg (56.21 KB, 453x604, 3:4, 1451897825144.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

jesus christ

0dc15 No.60534

The fags just don't let up. It's a pretty constant deluge of homo talk and other shit on /b/. Makes it hard to have genuine and fun conversations when there's the constant threat of their slang and memes.

6d05c No.60535

File: 1630877323724.jpg (101.05 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, EPvCy69WoAAOVBU.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I hate waifufags more.

ebe7d No.60543

You know that the website has more than one board, right?

0dc15 No.60547

That isn't the point.

b59ee No.60554

The website has been dead for years now, but this is still a gutpunch. What the fuck

5373a No.60555

>lolishit spam
>textless jewtube posts from your phone
>drug addled gibberish you think is funny because it sounded funny to yourself
>whining about school
>random no reply brain farts

>genuine and fun conversations on /b/

e9aed No.60556


This is the kind of crossposting wannabe normal that has 'fun' on /b/. Really should tell you everything about that cancerous board's population.

7f16d No.61009

Nope, it seems like while straight men who want sex with succubi are hated on and unfairly banned and maligned, gay men are given free reign over this website it is not fairly moderated at all. Gays are given privilege to openly discuss their sexuality, while straight men have to hide it and pretend to be asexual.

7f16d No.61010

And you homosexuals have dominated this website while unfairly bullying, and maligning straight wizards who who call crabs simply if they admit to finding succubi sexually attractive, they get unfairly banned while homosexuals are allowed to freely admit their sexual attraction, there was even a masturbation on cam session allowed on /b/ that wasn't banned for some reason, probably that mod's are homosexual themselves.

1d5b1 No.61011

Pretty sure they do get bans when they cross the line.
They just ban evade.

It's A big reason proxy users can't post images anymore, and why range bans are sometimes used.

9d806 No.61012

The line's a lot further for gays. They're allowed to freely erp and post about having sex with "wizkids" on /b/ under the pretext of it being a "joke".

5df86 No.61017

hello wiz mods, do u want me to start posting some nice cute comfy threads again or do u all hate me ^_^

ed778 No.61022

File: 1634873573583.gif (921.73 KB, 400x225, 16:9, F3EF3DE9-22D2-43FE-9DE1-E3….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>sloppy seconds
>straight men

7f16d No.61042

Apparently the mods themselves are homosexuals, and it's the last peice of the puzzle I need to leave this website, because it makes so much sense with the absurd and comical hatred that the mods have towards straight wizards calling them "crabs" for even mentioning being attracted to succubi but homosexuals can post the most extreme and grotesque sexual fantasies as much as they want and are never banned or moderated in any way. I guess this entire website is for LARPing homosexuals all along.

f913e No.61054

I love your threads wizfriend please post them ^~^

cf1b3 No.61074

please link some examples of your claims

a7ab5 No.62407


e9aed No.62408

File: 1657744669310.png (2.7 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

03f79 No.62409

File: 1657752355338.jpg (177.05 KB, 942x1629, 314:543, 20220713_171318.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

a938e No.62410

what about bisexual wizards?

ada0a No.62411

I would advise to not ban any of them and even ALLOW all of it just to piss you off. Your whining is very annoying, time and time again you brijng this up because you were hurt by your gay uncle

00a28 No.62412

is this a reference to grainbrain

e9aed No.62413

yeah. a7ab5 is warp wane schizo. he bumped this thread because of the homo thread on lounge.

35a8e No.62419

Live agent.

25371 No.62425

Live agent.

abd75 No.62455

When it is me, I usually give brief explanations about the "Grain brain" book.

You turbonormalroastie

abd75 No.62456

Man, you should have already realized what is actually happening with mods by that mere discovery.

e9aed No.62457

lmao right

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