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61290 No.60550

Ban this cucked shit, right fucking now, the normie larp is as obvious af. These people are niggercattle and I hate them so fucking much, all they do is follow orders that negatively affect wizards, most of us can't even get NEETbux from social workers.

8105f No.60551

What is the normie larp? you made some "sense" at least showed some form of logic until you mentioned how not everyone can get NEETbux.

Do you want to ban NEETs with NEETbux as well? it is a single thread and wageslaves post on there about being wagies I think it is good.

793fe No.60552

If being a neet was so great you wouldn't get this angry just from seeing people who have jobs.

a28af No.60553

We just need a NEETbux general to balance things out

c5fff No.60601

Correct me if I'm wrong but wageslave general was here from the early days of wizardchan. I don't mind as long as they keep talk about work to that one thread and don't spill over to the rest of the site.

e85f8 No.60602

most people need a job to live

f8695 No.60603

Do they really need to talk about it here though?

23ba9 No.60604

>Do they really need to talk about it here though?
What kind of dumb succubus-tier question is this? Where is the argument? You could ask "Do they really need to talk about it here though?" to literally any subject being contended on /meta/ and it would be just as meaningless. Do NEETs really "need" to talk about NEETing here? Do the patrons of the Tea Brewing thread really NEED to talk about tea brewing here?

Explain why being a virgin male with a job should be excluded from the virgin male forum.

e85f8 No.60605

It doesn't really bother me, I never even contemplated looking at the thread because I never had a job before, unfortunate wizards that need to slave have to vent somewhere

a6881 No.60606

that just means most posters are crabs from before the crab ban, imo i agree on having it banned (as a long time poster)

8105f No.60610

asa NEET I like reading the wagie thread becausei t makes me feel a bit better. it stays

7d47f No.60613

Reminder the wage"slaves" are all making $80k+ sitting in air conditioned buildings or working from home

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