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e9d8e No.60557

Why is Andrew allowed to freely use avatars with his posts on /b/ with no repercussions? This violates rule 8.

5fd4b No.60558

File: 1631024404870.gif (5.32 MB, 480x640, 3:4, king slob.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I also use an avatar. Here's mine. People like having an identity too much to abide by such strict rules.

1264d No.60559

I thought avatars got you banned?

10157 No.60560

>avatars with his posts on /b/
>on /b/
it b

62f28 No.60561

what about blog poster avatar, cartoon avatar, porn spammer avatar, shingle avatar, furry avatar, cc avatar, simpsons avatar

e9d8e No.60562

All the other rules are enforced on /b/.

10157 No.60563

not 5 or not 11

e9d8e No.60564

Gore is banned under rule 5 and hardly anyone announces reports on /b/.

6afce No.60566

This boils down to the fact that mods are never clear on what rules are enforced on /b/. They keep it ambiguous on purpose so they can ban the rulebreakers they don't like while protecting the ones they do like Andrew who I'm pretty sure is a mod.

I have never once gotten a straight answer when asking the mods here "What rules are enforced on /b/?" in the 6 or so years I've posed this question every once in awhile to /meta/. There is no answer.

1264d No.60567

What's the deal with the person who always posts street fighter gifs in his replies? it confuses me outside the game thread and makes no sense why you need to post any let alone 3 of them in every single post you make.
This is basically avatarfagging right?

39f6a No.60568

>People like having an identity too much to abide by such strict rules.
Oh fuck off. This is an anonymous imageboard where signing one's post is explicitly frowned upon, if you can't take it you should leave.
Avatarfags are always insufferable idiots.

39f6a No.60569

His posts outside of /games/ are pretty strange and often generic one-liners. I don't get it either.

1264d No.60570

mods don't seem to mnd and he does not seem obnoxious at all so I am not calling for action. some fither game autist?

62f28 No.60571

I haven’t noticed anyone doing that tbh

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