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b7a00 No.60574

I took a rather extended break from imageboards in general around 4 years ago so I'm a bit out of the loop with how things are going around here but I was wondering if contact sharing (Discord or Steam, I know rule 12 is a thing) is against the current moderation policy as it was back then. I can understand the objections to it but people like us are not all satisfied with anonymous interactions and places like /soc/ and /trash/ are cesspits of humanity. Plus I'm sure there are guys here that want to play with other wizards.

d1fca No.60575

uhh sorry wiz but this is a no fun allowed zone. this is where you come to fucking lay down and rot, not have fun socializing with other virgins.

39f0d No.60576

I dunno about discord, it doesn't seem very wizardlike

d8aeb No.60577

I think you can swap throwawy emails and go from there on >>>/b/

84403 No.60578

There is a Steam group with some users from here in it who play games together. Threads advertising Discord groups or even names I think get banned. I imagine it's about context, like you can't just make a thread about sharing social info but if the opportunity comes up to invite a wiz to chat off site then you can do so as long as you're not disrupting a thread somehow.

08913 No.60579

We'll give you the discord invite there. Here it would likely get deleted by mods (assuming even this post doesn't).

829d1 No.60580

We had steam share threads like 6 years ago OP is clearly an invader

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