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61d3b No.60581

Are gondolas considered an outsider meme? they are the only good meme character from shitchan and very wizardly also with the themes of being an observer.
Gondolas also have quality memes made of them it should be allowed I think but idk what mods think

28299 No.60582

File: 1631473057336.png (466.42 KB, 2268x2991, 756:997, 1583376812747.png) ImgOps iqdb

no we've had gondola threads in the past
>character from shitchan
there from yiluatua or w/e suomi site

61d3b No.60583

It is an outsider meme but if we are to remove all outsider memes then why isn't the annoying orange and other memes which only function is to troll people removed? what is wrong with gondola when not even chanfags tend to use him and the only ones that do are likely to fit in here anyway?

28299 No.60584

File: 1631475873761.gif (337.77 KB, 498x298, 249:149, pengi03.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>It is an outsider meme
noot noot no it's not

e1749 No.60585

"outsider memes" should just be changed to pepe/wojack, those two things are the most cancerous memes ever created, somehow it has penetrated all facets of life, it's overtaken rage faces at this point, everything is some stupid wojack/pepe edit now, it is ridiculous and completely soulless

61d3b No.60586

I agree. why should gondola be banned when wojak and every pepe in all its forms is what we do not want to see here? normals actually use the wojaks that mock them to mock the people who made them now

6346d No.60588

The mods don't seem to care about gondolas, but I wouldn't take that as a excuse to over do it and obnoxiously spam them all over the place.

They have been posted here without problems. But if it becomes a problem then it wouldn't be unreasonable for a crack down since it's a outsider meme.
Basically use rule 5 as a guideline unless the mods change their mind and specifically forbid it.

9df36 No.60590

Outsider meme: pepe, wojak and derivatives (chudjak, soyjak, boomerjak, retardjak, etc.)
Not outsider meme: literally anything else.

This is all you need to know.

ea605 No.60591


Do whatever against them, virgos here and virgos there and you may be not much different to those places no matter how much you censor the memes.


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