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65af7 No.60632

sick of interacting with literal chads and femoids on here. i keep seeing shit like >>>/dep/>>247035 saying they have 5 gfs and then mods just give them a warning and they come back and post their shit normalnigger opinions.

just permban me so i stop impulsively coming back to this shithole

24227 No.60633

But you can still lurk when banned

ec9cb No.60634

OP why are you confusing wizard with crab? many wizards are appealing to succubus but they do not lose their mana. This is not your angry virgin safespace and it is so pathetic it really is that you get upset some wiz are not unappealing to succubus.

Pro tip a lot of succubi use crab forums also just to be around people who appear as depressed as them you can never tell who is a succubus online crab man.
>Wuz-mom and Wiz-dad there is someone not disgusting and desperate to have sex on my forum wahhh wahh

040af No.60638

I'd argue with this statement.
Wizards are either autistic, ugly, homosexual or asexual.
Do you think a normie would post here?

ec9cb No.60641

>I'd argue with this statement.
Happy to see an argument against the statement but sadly all you have done is state things without any reasoning. You should have said you object and not argue against it sincey ou did not argue.
>Wizards are either autistic, ugly, homosexual or asexual.
Did not know you were the arbiter of wizards. Where do the rules say you have to be autistic and ugly to be a wizard or even asexual for that matter. Were monks that were virgin from birth but desired sex and fought against the temptation life long not wizardly because they were not ugly or autistic?

You defined normie as meaning anyone not ugly homosexual or a faggot.
Funny that homosexual wizards dont actually exist because they DO desire sex and WILL erp with other faggots unlie true wizards.

678b6 No.60645

Literal in cels are more inline with what the purpose of this site is supposed to be than normalfags who happen to be virgins and literal foids.

>This is not your angry virgin safespace

It is actually. Go the fuck back to leddit if you want to be around shitccubi and their retarded posts. Christ, can't believe this is what wizchan is like now.

ba510 No.60649

>Go the fuck back to leddit
ironic since it was crabs who came from reddit. how do you figure I must want to see female posts here from simply stating that we don't want men who are angry they aren ot having sex here? This website is not for crabs just go ahead and tell the truth how you want to have sex and it makes you so sad no one will touch your pecker and see what happens.

614c6 No.60650

OP is an angry crab. Wizchan is and always was a site for volcels. If that makes you angry there are dozens of crab communities out there you can go to. This is the only virgin volcel community. So quit trying to subvert it.

ba510 No.60651

are wizards the crabs biggest enemy as we serve no use at all for them? think about it. A crab hates succubus but they want to fuck one so they have value but a wizard is proves that crabs are just crying babies since we invalidate their entire ethos.

crabs want to destroy wizchan by infesting it because we threaten them by existing.

678b6 No.60652

"crabs" as you're probably thinking of came from places like r9k, /a/, and various other imageboards christ how new are you?

And volcel shit was always cringe reddit larping that emerged after wizardchan received an influx of newfags following 2014/15.

To the few actual apprentices who may be left here; be wary of posters who rage about muh kwabs all the time or defend succubi. They're likely succubi themselves or wannabe succubi (trannycel subhumans). None wizards thru and thru.

ba510 No.60656

Crabs want to have sexthey are invol celebit or at least they claim and that contradicts with what wizchan is about. you cant want sex and post here.

24227 No.60658

It's mostly cc poster

9339b No.60801

I like all the faggots here arguing in bad faith, calling others "crab". OP is 100% correct, the poster in his screenshot is a fucking troll looking to get a rise out of people.

Nobody should be comparing or stating income or the number succubi that have asked them out. Or baldness or height or any of that shit. This is purely normalfag shit that needs to stay in normalfag realm. The rules of this site are just garbage that's why stupid shit like that is allowed.

933ed No.60812

Why is this trolling? It's the epitome of what a wizard should be. I can't understand how that post would make anyone angry unless they're an involuntary celibate, which is against the rules.

9339b No.60816

I'm not taking the bait shitter, people that say they are turbo-Chads in every sense of the word EXCEPT having sex, not only are probably lying, but don't fit the spirit of this site, because it is not a forum for monks. Anyways it's not my job to explain what the moderation should instead be explaining and taking action on, so do whatever you want.

933ed No.60817

Go ahead and say that you want to have sex right now, and enjoy your ban.

6427f No.60822


OP is just triggered by the fact that volcels exist. literally any time you mention the word volcel some one gets triggered and goes on a rant about smv succubi and crabs.

2eead No.60899

>Wizard is when you're an absolute Chad in every sense except for the fact that you haven't put your dick in some hole yet.

This is the reason why this place becomes shittier and shittier every second, hell even the mods may be non virgin Chad's getting a good laugh at our expense.

ba510 No.60900

I dont get what the issue is as long as someone is wiardly they can look like chad and have succubus wishing to be with them.

8d7e7 No.60902

kill yourself CC poster.

0bcb3 No.61036

Wizards aren't homo, they have ruined this board even worse than the shitposting normalfags.

86fb6 No.61738

Many types of people can post here. A schizo for instance could be attractive and successful and remain a virgin. The schizo would never talk to females. Never date. Probably wouldn't even have online friends.

Are they not a wizard because they don't fail at everything?

94133 No.61739

But why should they mention succubi in that sense then? They could just keep it to themselves. It's pretty easy unless you want to brag.

26f8e No.61754

rejecting relationships and society has little to do with your appearance

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