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e6b24 No.60657

You can't discuss anything related to succubus in any form of media that is not negative or else people will disregard your post or its contents on the basis that it is not about succubus being bad.
even if you happen to dislike succubus and you watch a movie about succubus and try discuss it people will attack you.

Why are crabs not banned? they obviously want sex and are too scared to say it so they don't disclose what is obvious.

05f42 No.60659

unfortunately there is not many people who really don’t want to have sex or a relationship so we get a few actual wizards and then a lot more crabs angry saying that not wanting a succubus is impossible or something stupid like that, at least they can’t outright say what they really want or it would become a slippery slope down to yet another crab website, female hate is retarded but you can’t really change what the majority thinks, ideally you could post things with females in them and not have people rage over it but that’s not gonna happen

39aa5 No.61039

Look a female normie/homosexual coming to wizchan acting like it needs to be their own personal safe space, and all the icky straight male wizards aka crabs need to be banned, not surprised at all to see this.Female and homo supremacy is loved and tolerated on wizchan.

19f39 No.61041

FYI OP is CC poster. Sage, report, and move on.

d6c21 No.61651

anyone that admits to being a crab gets banned, or a precedent for such exists somewhat, so that isn't the issue. the issue is they hide in the shadows and wear a mask and make posts that aren't technically against any rules and so on

3ea1c No.61653

File: 1641710623942.png (362.98 KB, 583x780, 583:780, 1640041640190.png) ImgOps iqdb

I think we know who is really ruining it all.

39aa5 No.61940

I still don't think succubi post here, it must be a homo, people typically underestimate how much homofaggots hate straight men.

5262a No.61941

What does being straight have to do with being angry with succubi? Straights by definition have a desire to make love to succubi

5262a No.61980

The crabs have been getting really aggressive not just on dep but wiz itself. Not just admitting they themselves are crabs, but insisting that crab is the natural state of male virgins and that is unnatural nay impossible to be a volcel.

You give them an inch and allow them to exist, and they take over this place, acting like its made for them, and anyone who doesn't want sex is the outsider. crab is a good name for them as they do wanna drag everyone back into their bucket. its not enough to describe how they feel, they want to define virginity for everyone

05f42 No.61989

And if you tell them you’re not a crab then they accuse you of being in the homoclique, there’s no winning

590b9 No.61991

only crabs complain about crabs

b63e5 No.61992

064ef No.62006

Mods don't seem to be doing anything, either there is a plan or they don't know what to do.

43e9d No.62014

/b/ is populated almost exclusively by underage 4chan diaspora, crabs, normalcattle and bona fide retards. I don't know why the moderators are allowing that board to exist if they aren't planning to permaban everyone on it.

b63e5 No.62016

/b/ is populated almost exclusively by oldfags, mods, truwizards and bona fide funposters. I don't know why the userbase are allowing that board to crawl if they aren't planning to post on the mainboards anyway.

fcd97 No.62018

File: 1649965321918.gif (1.13 MB, 599x250, 599:250, 72384292.gif) ImgOps iqdb

There's so much shitposting lately, what happend? Or, was it always like this and I just haven't noticed?

43e9d No.62028

File: 1649979199801.jpg (239.74 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 186501746.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Normalcattle, as the ironic shitpost immediately above you exemplifies. They get linked here from whatever cesspit they originated from, and then flood in here making a shameless effort to turn Wizchan into an identical clone of their place of origin demographically. One of the defining characters of norms is that they are fundamentally atrocious people, and if there exists a place that doesn't expressly cater to them (or even contradicts them), they feel a need to get rid of it. How they behave online is more or less an extension of how they have in reality; they are not rational.
Crabs post here openly, and actual children don't feel like there's any barrier-to-entry or need to lurk to post. They can easily default to the same tired brand of ironic shitposting they do anywhere else with relative impunity, because no one feels like dealing with it.

89649 No.62061

🦀+ 🦀
🦀 +🦀 🦀+ 🦀
🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀+ 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀

ce735 No.62062

File: 1650342262725.png (797.33 KB, 1056x716, 264:179, Chilli Overload _ Boy Girl….png) ImgOps iqdb

OMG, let's go shopping!

6e1bb No.62063

File: 1650343493838.png (199.01 KB, 536x476, 134:119, AHHHHHHHH.png) ImgOps iqdb


dde0b No.62064

Sick and tired of the userbase being sick and tired of the userbase
There needs to be a point where we can say stop imaging like there's a need to say anything
Wizchan is just perfect the way it is so can you stop because you're the reason wizchan is terrible

e63d5 No.62144

I don't get this website. Are you guys sexhavers or virgins who just hate inkwells?

39aa5 No.62148

Crabs are needed in this site, let them all in, I say. Look at 4chan as a good example of what happens, when crabs are driven away, trannies are here to stay. And wizchan has been taken over by faggots and Kiwifarm trannies lately, so let crabs in to fight the trannies and get rid of all of them, they are the natural enemy of the tranny. While normalfags are the natural enemy of the crab and repulse crabs from websites, and trannies beat normalfags because SJW normies would never dare criticize a tranny, it's rock-paper-scissors basically, and the shit mods of this site are losing the site to trannies and faggots because they don't understand this.

4426a No.62232

Crabs ruining crab in denial site?

2d684 No.62236

that depends…
/dep/ is /r9k/ chasing gg succubi that use this site
/lounge/ are stealth posters from the donald, mgtow and /pol/
/fit/ posts on hob and /wiz/
/b/ is where the last battle for wizchan takes place lol

7102b No.62237

speak for yourself, buddy
I'm not interested in finding "special someone" or gf, so fuck off

5262a No.62241

The problem with crabs is they are so imperialistic and want to drag everyone else down with them. The crab bucket is apt.

If crabs came here and said they used to be crabs, and they still have feelings of desire and loneliness sometimes. We wouldn't be against them for that, and we would help them improve. But they actually think they are here to improve us. To make us stop "coping" and realize we want pussy too. And then we can just unify with r9k and crab.co.

They aggressively claim that wizards can't exist, and that pussy is so wonderful, and anyone who denies that is a cope or a fag. They hate succubi so much, but sure worship their bodies and affection.

Its OK to start out a crab, you don't have to be born volcel, but they should be working on improving themselves, not dragging others down.

86bc9 No.62242

crabs and volcels both don't exist, you're either a celibate virgin or you're not
you got psyop'd into believing you're on the right side against an invisible enemy

5262a No.62243

idk what the point of trying to define away things that do exist with semantics is

give them whatever labels you want

there are guys who still want to have sex with succubi, and guys who don't

511ba No.62244

being a beta male soycuck faggot whos too scared of sticking his dick in some puss doesn't make you a volcel , you're just a little bitch bro

5262a No.62245

The crab relationship with Wizchan is the same as the crab relationship with succubi.

We don't want you, you don't like us, but you desperately want to be with us, and insist its your right to be with us.

fcb17 No.62246

Perhaps, but only a normalfag (or failed normalfag, as crabs are) would interpret and put it that way.

3eff3 No.62247

dumb reddit us vs them larp
if wizards are above crabs then that makes wizards failed normalfags though, you gotta pick one kid

d3b56 No.62248

any faggot normie infiltrator can come and fit in here by talking down on crabs but you never see them give any reason why they are volcel besides not being a crab, well if you aren't a crab you aren't a volcel either, you're just a normalfag larper here or a kiwifarmer coming to make fun of virgins

bfe9e No.62249

stop calling yourself a volcel if you're a 20 yr old college tween, you were raised on globohomo propaganda and are scared of females to the point of being gay
You are worse than a normalfag and lower than a crab

40250 No.62250

volcels whining about crabs is even worse than crabs whining about succubi, it's tranny tier

5262a No.62251

> that makes wizards failed normalfags

No, wizards are successful wizards.

Although if wizards brag too much about successful careers and turning down succubi, you crabs get all jealous and call them normies

5262a No.62252

crabs are the ones who deny volcel's right to exist, not the other way around.

40468 No.62254

volcel bragfagging has always been a normie larp to fit in here, and crabs seem to live rent free in your head
give me 5 reasons why you're a volcel without mentioning crabs or succubi, otherwise you're just a crab in denial

5262a No.62255

Why would reasons to not want sex with succubi, have nothing to do with succubi?

Some MGTOWs hate them so much, they want nothing to do with them. Some male feminists and christians love them so much, they don't want to take advantage of them.

If you hate succubi so much, it is only moral that you stay away from them. If you love succubi so much, it is only moral that you stay away from them.

732f6 No.62256

wizards ignore succubi and don't think about succubi, if your reasons for ignoring are related to succubi than you are a crab in denial larping as a volcel

fcb17 No.62257

>if wizards are above crabs then that makes wizards failed normalfags though, you gotta pick one kid
Crabs are failed normalfags, and wizards are above crabs in the sense of having overcome normalfaggotry itself. Wizards aren't even normalfags to begin with.

>give me 5 reasons why you're a volcel without mentioning crabs or succubi, otherwise you're just a crab in denial
Oh, so you're a crab? Name 500 St*cies that have rejected you, otherwise you're just a ch*d volcel in denial.

5262a No.62258

Sure there are non-succubus reasons to ignore succubi, like a hero on a mission who can't be distracted. Like how Spider-Man is always telling MJ that's why he can't be with her.

5262a No.62259

But now that I think about it, even the most purewiz reason to be a volcel, non-succubus reasons, are still about succubi. Even if succubi are a distraction from some higher goal to be a Newton or Tesla of the mind, or Christian saint of the soul or Spider-Man Batman superhero.

Its still making a judgement about succubi. Its not a moral judgement about succubi being good or bad. But if you say you need to avoid the distraction of succubi, then you are saying succubi are distracting. Either in the temptations or the relationship itself. Or most distracting of all, having kids and settling down to a family.

So even avoiding succubi for a higher purpose, is still about succubi, you are saying they are distracting.

e1fca No.62260

Based, thats gay as fuck.

d4710 No.62263

The ancient philosophers went over this.

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