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e6b24 No.60657

You can't discuss anything related to succubus in any form of media that is not negative or else people will disregard your post or its contents on the basis that it is not about succubus being bad.
even if you happen to dislike succubus and you watch a movie about succubus and try discuss it people will attack you.

Why are crabs not banned? they obviously want sex and are too scared to say it so they don't disclose what is obvious.

05f42 No.60659

unfortunately there is not many people who really don’t want to have sex or a relationship so we get a few actual wizards and then a lot more crabs angry saying that not wanting a succubus is impossible or something stupid like that, at least they can’t outright say what they really want or it would become a slippery slope down to yet another crab website, female hate is retarded but you can’t really change what the majority thinks, ideally you could post things with females in them and not have people rage over it but that’s not gonna happen

39aa5 No.61039

Look a female normie/homosexual coming to wizchan acting like it needs to be their own personal safe space, and all the icky straight male wizards aka crabs need to be banned, not surprised at all to see this.Female and homo supremacy is loved and tolerated on wizchan.

19f39 No.61041

FYI OP is CC poster. Sage, report, and move on.

b37cc No.61649

Mods are meanwhile, silent

b37cc No.61650

File: 1641598225876.png (115.23 KB, 223x311, 223:311, Card - purple crab.png) ImgOps iqdb

The point is that their butthurt gives you the chance of them getting a whack from wizzies everytime they open their holes, instead of whining about them like you do right now.

d6c21 No.61651

anyone that admits to being a crab gets banned, or a precedent for such exists somewhat, so that isn't the issue. the issue is they hide in the shadows and wear a mask and make posts that aren't technically against any rules and so on

10f1a No.61652

Sad manbaby neckbeards are ruining wizchan

3ea1c No.61653

File: 1641710623942.png (362.98 KB, 583x780, 583:780, 1640041640190.png) ImgOps iqdb

I think we know who is really ruining it all.

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