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File: 1632576921386-0.jpg (116.76 KB, 1658x481, 1658:481, VTubeThreadLocked.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1632576921386-1.jpg (21.54 KB, 566x111, 566:111, IDon'tLikeItAndHaveNoAcoun….JPG) ImgOps iqdb

6e26a No.60666[View All]

How are animated avatars/digital puppets that are literally 2 dimentional in any way 3d?

So can any thing that doesn't in any way violate the rules just be banned because one of the mods personally doesn't like it?
Anime they don't personally like?
Audio they don't personally like?
Drawings they don't personally like?
Literature they don't personally like?
There is no reason here, just arbitrary unpredictable whims that will have a chilling effect on discussion of rule abiding topics.
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af65c No.60837

You've made a substantial portion of the posts on the other side of the argument, why are you so driven?

3aef7 No.60838

>rime or reason
>ab hoc
ad hoc*

dojo mutt compensating for his micropeen

1cc2e No.60839

Great points but I doubt the mod will respond to them. The wizchan moderation seem to have this idea that engaging in discourse with the userbase is beneath them.

6e26a No.60840

>why are you so driven?
Justice, integrity, and fairness are things I value.
When people with authority disregard those values it bothers me.
Especially in a place I use damn near every day.

d0660 No.60841

File: 1633030674672.jpg (11.25 KB, 128x117, 128:117, 1625553053414.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Vtubers are real females. Everything they say is being said by them. Not written by a script, not coordinated by a bunch of suits in some Tokyo office, not some dude pretending to be a female, but an actual wom*n being itself. When you talk to a vtuber, you are talking to a fmale. When you idolize a vtuber, you are idolizing a f**le. When you say in a thread "haha vtuber has done this with her feet, so funny" yu are saying "haha this female did this with her feet, so erotic". You are not disregarding them females, you are oogling them. You suck for doing this, you are no different than those retards from Reddit who joined fan clubs for the actress who played Hermione Granger, or those nonces who meme on dying Crimeans with pictures of that female Russian defense minister. You have been psyopped to obsess over a female, and now you are trying to defend her honor as well as your boner on the one site where obsessing over females is verboten, forbidden and not allowed.
>But, but, she's not like the other succubi
yeah because this one is a literal succubi, and you are her incubi. Even sad crabs laugh at you. LMAO

cd330 No.60842

Good points, I would really like to see the mods respond to this.

The mods seem to worry that allowing Vtuber discussion will allow crabs to express themselves freely and I say if that happens just ban them. The mods obviously do not care about keeping crabs from posting here because the sex wanters will do everything but mention they want sex and get away with it. I do not even watch Vtubers but when I did I never thought of it like watching some 3D succubus it was just watch a fun character, an anime succubus.

>Even sad crabs laugh at you.
Obviously speaking for yourself
>You have been psyopped to obsess over a female,
Is it so radical and controversial to consider that not everyone who sees a succubus is obsessing over them sexually?

1cc2e No.60843

Should we ban all fictional characters which are voiced or written by females then?

83355 No.60859

vtubers use a face scan of the real 3D succubi and motion capture for movement and are not fictional. these are succubi (pretending) to be anime succubi. how about instead you post male vtubers? but you wont talk or discuss about vtuber men since your a simp right?

a1a41 No.60860

>vtubers use a face scan of the real 3D succubi
>and are not fictional
That is just plain incorrect. Like comically incorrect to the point that it shows you have no clue what you are even talking about. You are just making shit up and hurling baseless insults.

83355 No.60861

>you are wrong just becuase I say so.
sure. how about you answer my question about why you are not interested in male vtubers then?

a1a41 No.60862

Making assumptions again.
I watch It'sAGundam nearly every time he puts out a new video.
But his content is seldom on topic to this site so there is no reason to post that stuff here.

83355 No.60863

simps like you are worthless to even talk to. I am done here and voiced my opinion. I think mods should ban vutber simps and hope they do. if not then the quality of this site is just lowered more so but thats not my problem.

9bbaf No.60864

File: 1633141603939.jpg (68.36 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, parrot 2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not him but

d2643 No.60865

Hit me with your best femboy vtubers.

df683 No.60870

>Post shit that the mod doesn't like and will delete and ban for regards or rules or context
Read the room dude. Anything that can even be mistaken for being related to vtubers is getting nuked from orbit.

cd330 No.60871

not knowing the mods allow Vtuber homosexual VR faggot play but ban anime succubus vtubers just singing.

af65c No.60872

no one died in the annexation of crimea

bf342 No.60873

Communist lies.

af65c No.60874

Bet you believe western media too? The side with the weaker propaganda complex must by necessity stray closer to the truth

80e5c No.60951

2d content is 2d content regardless of secondary arguments about the business model, marketing or differences of production when the content is still 2d.

d977d No.60952

Mod is corrupt, he doesn't care. It's why the site is dying. Soon only the modcliquers will be left.

9f727 No.60953

This makes sense but I feel like vtubers cross a line with how cringey it is. They are like 2.5-D

cd330 No.60955

have you watched them? I have not watched many but the ones I watched from hololive put in effort to be a character and are actually good at the games they play.

Explain why a song sung my a vtuber gets removed but not songs sung by actual succubus?

eaed5 No.60959

They are high production value and high effort but they are also crab bait

cd330 No.60960

everything involving a female in some step of the production could be called crab bait and even if they are crab bait like you claim it would only lead to crabs being banned.
Crabs prefer twitch thots not anime succubi jerk

83355 No.60966

>crabs prefer twitch thots not anime succubi.


cd330 No.60971

You disagree? please enlighten me

d2643 No.60972

Just go look at wherever there are accounts and see what they use for their profile pictures.

cd330 No.60973

No. You made the claim you provide the evidence.
the only people who cry about vtubers being here are those really insecure crabs who secretly want sex anyway.

3aef7 No.60974

watching vtuber streamers is no different than watching 3d streamers, the anime avatar just provides the right amount of delusion for the weeb to delude themselves into thinking it is not the same thing

same delusion as kpop fans a while ago "I like it for the music!", yeah right

71ef2 No.60975

Wait, so you are saying that you think that totally not sexual streaming should be/is under rule 7?

Also K-pop isn't banned.
That one guy who was spamming k-pop dance videos while having a history of fawning/lusting over them is banned from posting similar material.
(don't know any k-pop bands or whatever so take a Korean black metal band that I know instead as demonstration of it not being banned, I really don't know dick about other countries pop scenes)

But yeah, streaming or talking about streamers isn't banned and I don't know why you think it is.
So arguing that they are just streamers doesn't mean they are the equivalent of 3d porn.

3aef7 No.60976

it is 3d females behind an avatar and you are fawning at them, rule 7

cd330 No.60977

>it is 3d females behind an avatar and you are fawning at them, rule 7
So having a waifu and saying how much you love her should get you banned?

3aef7 No.60978

non sequitor

c17c1 No.60979

If fawning over a fictional character is ban-worthy then yes, anyone who talks about having a waifu should be banned.

3aef7 No.60980

vtuber is as much of a fictional character as I am when I put a halloween mask on

c17c1 No.60981

71ef2 No.60982

>you are fawning at them,

This is totally false.
No one fawned over anything. Ether in the thread discussed or in this thread.
I 100% did not fawn over them. Just made the argument that they shouldn't be banned based on the rules.
Making such a argument is not in any way shape or form a violation of rule 7.

cd330 No.60983

There is nothing wrong with having a waifu and it has nothing to do with fawning over females. Having a waifu is much more like having a deity I worship in my case because I pray to her. You are homosexual.

As the other posters have said there was no fawning over these Vtubers we onoy talked about the fandom and shared fun songs.

3aef7 No.60985

>No one fawned over anything
Oh right I forgot they just watch succubi playing because they like the level of gameplay and skill that you can’t see anywhere else

83355 No.60988

maybe not you specifically but there are simps who do fawn over vtubers. just look into the community at all and you would know this is true. there are tons of porn based on the characters and the millions of dollars of donations from betas wanting attention etc. armpit compilations or audio tapes of them farting and shitting, people also interested in the female behind the character and fantasizing it goes on and on. by having the vtuber garbage here it attracts the toxic crab audience even if you are not a part of that. (which you are but keep lying and denying)

239d2 No.60989

There are simps who fawn over characters from Amphibia therefore posting or discussing it should be banned on wizchan.

83355 No.60990

vtubers are 3D cartoons and anime are 2D how do you not get the difference?

83355 No.60991

File: 1634750429301.png (12.9 KB, 214x236, 107:118, prooffromthehorsesmouth.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Vtubers are actual people not fictional characters

239d2 No.60992

File: 1634754375022.png (2.26 MB, 2048x1152, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

So the animation style is the deciding factor here? That hardly seems relevant. Does Maya the Bee deserve to be banned just because she's depicted in a 3DCG style?

239d2 No.60993

Wow a nobody from twitter agrees with you. Congratulations.

83355 No.60994

and a nobody from wizchan disagrees with me. your point?

83355 No.60995


also saying they are a nobody is meaningless since they are a fan of vtubers with over 18k followers saying that.

239d2 No.60997

This doesn't even merit a response. A "fan of vtubers" is not the arbiter of reality. I would think that wizchan users would be mature enough to not resort to such fallacious non-arguments.

71ef2 No.60998

>there is someone somewhere who fawns over a thing I don't like therefor it should be banned here despite no one here fawning over it
>implying cherry-picked twatter is ever relevant to anything

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