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File: 1632576921386-0.jpg (116.76 KB, 1658x481, 1658:481, VTubeThreadLocked.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1632576921386-1.jpg (21.54 KB, 566x111, 566:111, IDon'tLikeItAndHaveNoAcoun….JPG) ImgOps iqdb

6e26a No.60666[View All]

How are animated avatars/digital puppets that are literally 2 dimentional in any way 3d?

So can any thing that doesn't in any way violate the rules just be banned because one of the mods personally doesn't like it?
Anime they don't personally like?
Audio they don't personally like?
Drawings they don't personally like?
Literature they don't personally like?
There is no reason here, just arbitrary unpredictable whims that will have a chilling effect on discussion of rule abiding topics.
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3aef7 No.60976

it is 3d females behind an avatar and you are fawning at them, rule 7

cd330 No.60977

>it is 3d females behind an avatar and you are fawning at them, rule 7
So having a waifu and saying how much you love her should get you banned?

3aef7 No.60978

non sequitor

c17c1 No.60979

If fawning over a fictional character is ban-worthy then yes, anyone who talks about having a waifu should be banned.

3aef7 No.60980

vtuber is as much of a fictional character as I am when I put a halloween mask on

c17c1 No.60981

71ef2 No.60982

>you are fawning at them,

This is totally false.
No one fawned over anything. Ether in the thread discussed or in this thread.
I 100% did not fawn over them. Just made the argument that they shouldn't be banned based on the rules.
Making such a argument is not in any way shape or form a violation of rule 7.

cd330 No.60983

There is nothing wrong with having a waifu and it has nothing to do with fawning over females. Having a waifu is much more like having a deity I worship in my case because I pray to her. You are homosexual.

As the other posters have said there was no fawning over these Vtubers we onoy talked about the fandom and shared fun songs.

3aef7 No.60985

>No one fawned over anything
Oh right I forgot they just watch succubi playing because they like the level of gameplay and skill that you can’t see anywhere else

83355 No.60988

maybe not you specifically but there are simps who do fawn over vtubers. just look into the community at all and you would know this is true. there are tons of porn based on the characters and the millions of dollars of donations from betas wanting attention etc. armpit compilations or audio tapes of them farting and shitting, people also interested in the female behind the character and fantasizing it goes on and on. by having the vtuber garbage here it attracts the toxic crab audience even if you are not a part of that. (which you are but keep lying and denying)

239d2 No.60989

There are simps who fawn over characters from Amphibia therefore posting or discussing it should be banned on wizchan.

83355 No.60990

vtubers are 3D cartoons and anime are 2D how do you not get the difference?

83355 No.60991

File: 1634750429301.png (12.9 KB, 214x236, 107:118, prooffromthehorsesmouth.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Vtubers are actual people not fictional characters

239d2 No.60992

File: 1634754375022.png (2.26 MB, 2048x1152, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

So the animation style is the deciding factor here? That hardly seems relevant. Does Maya the Bee deserve to be banned just because she's depicted in a 3DCG style?

239d2 No.60993

Wow a nobody from twitter agrees with you. Congratulations.

83355 No.60994

and a nobody from wizchan disagrees with me. your point?

83355 No.60995


also saying they are a nobody is meaningless since they are a fan of vtubers with over 18k followers saying that.

239d2 No.60997

This doesn't even merit a response. A "fan of vtubers" is not the arbiter of reality. I would think that wizchan users would be mature enough to not resort to such fallacious non-arguments.

71ef2 No.60998

>there is someone somewhere who fawns over a thing I don't like therefor it should be banned here despite no one here fawning over it
>implying cherry-picked twatter is ever relevant to anything

df683 No.61809

80e0b No.61847

The mod is objecting to the topic of the thread which clearly violates the 3d rule as it's all about fawning over 3d succubi, not the anime picture you posted.

df683 No.61848

Where did anyone fawn over anything?
That claim keeps being made but there's no evidence that anyone has ever in the whole history of the site fawned over the 3d voice actors behind the v-tubers.

d2643 No.61854

8e0e1 No.61856

A obvious shitpost that doesn't mention v-tubers made 3 days ago?
Is that the best you can do? I wouldn't even call that reaching for straws.

ad735 No.61868

There are a billion waifus out there who aren't merely a mascot for a streamer whore. Even then you won't get banned if you were to post some vtuber's avatar in a regular waifu thread, so long as you focus on the artwork and not the streamer. But when you make a thread about vtubers, you may not be explicitly encouraging fawning over 3dpd, you may not even consciously acknowledge it, but we all know it is subtle 3dpd worship. There is no other reason to have such a thread.

df683 No.61869

This is simply bad faith in the extreme with no rational bases in reality.
Repeating the same assertion of hidden motive that is based on nothing and ignores all evedence and rationale to the contrary.
People have expressed plainly and directly their motives and thoughts, yet you or people like you repeatedly disregard this and insist you know better what goes on in other people's mind then themselves.

It would be like insisting that the real reason anyone would ever watch anime is because they want to fuck the voice actors, so it should be banned and only manga can be discussed, but live action movies are totally fine.

Discussion of streamers isn't banned. Discussion of female streamers in a non-sexual manor also isn't banned. Discussion of anime succubi isn't banned.
So why should anime characters who are streamers be blanket banned even in totally non-sexualized context?

Personally I just find some of the clips funny and their acts amusing. I have no interest or idea who the people are behind the characters. But people like you insist time and time again that you know better what goes on in my mind then I do as your sole argument.

How about you demonstrate your mind reading powers first, otherwise this argument of secret motives should be disregarded.

843c1 No.61870

3aef7 No.61872

this, and any vtuber thread is bound to end up discussing their real life drama, just seeing on other sites people discussing vtubers and getting angry that they have a boyfriend is pretty telling of who the audience is. You might find the mascot cute and the script funny, but if that's it then you are in the minority

>Discussion of female streamers in a non-sexual manor also isn't banned
having a vtuber thread would be like having a thread about streamers like pokemane except people pretending they just think her personality is cool and her streams are fun when everyone with half a brain knows exactly who the audience is

8e0e1 No.61876

How about you demonstrate your mind reading powers first, otherwise this argument of secret motives should be disregarded.

96e60 No.61888

By this same logic you could defend 3D porn by saying you're only fapping to a digitally produced image of a succubus, not the actual succubus.

8e0e1 No.61889

That isn't the same logic at all.

d2643 No.61893

What about deepfakes or stuff with even more AI?

8e0e1 No.61897

What are you actually asking?

92e30 No.62075

Vtubers, especially Hololive, are quite literally 3D succubi half-heartedly playing up a character and sometimes forgoing said character entirely. Especially the Hololive EN bunch. "Gawr Gura" doesn't even try besides making lazy efforts to be cute, largely carried by her voice and "loli anime" avatar. Those of you who cope that it's "just like anime" neglect the fact that "anime characters" are literally fictional characters. They have a script, a persona, a history, an identity wholly separated from the voice actor and are based entirely in a fictional world. People base little value upon the voice actor at all. When people talk about an anime character, the person behind the voice has absolutely no bearing. When people talk about a Vtuber, the person behind the voice is often the main thing. You often see how Vtubers change over time as they begin to forgo the fake personality they set-up and the "real" them seeps through, which is natural for someone who streams for hours nearly every day. It stops becoming an act. When you fawn over a Vtuber you are fawning over a real succubus somewhere in the real world hiding behind the mask of an anime succubus.

3f0c5 No.62076

>Vtubers, especially Hololive, are quite literally 3D succubi
you say this because you are unable to differentiate and project that onto everyone else.
outed yourself

92e30 No.62077

You're delusional and are exactly the kind of fool these succubi seek to take advantage of with their "GFE" or parasocial relationship building. This was the kind of shit we all saw coming over 10 years ago even though most saw it as a now very unfunny joke. Self-centred egotistical succubi trying to pass themselves off as anime succubi in order to seduce men. A flimsy mask but you're falling for it.

31ae0 No.62079

This is uncannily similar to something I wrote up and then decided not to post, down to the technical use of the word "real".

a5fcf No.62080

File: 1650568647551.jpg (619.16 KB, 1464x2048, 183:256, 38675c725a992a2e983eef8471….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not that guy, but it should be simple common sense. I'm surprised at the amount of debate around this. It's very unambiguous and should not be a contentious issue. A waifu is a made up fictional character, while a vtuber is a 3D succ getting normalfags to fawn over her with a custom anime-like avatar. Simple as that.

Both are certainly created with the point of making as much money as possible (whether by appealing to a mostly casual wide audience, or a very niche but very dedicated tiny one). I think a point that anti-waifufags often miss is that you can always transform a fictional character from her creators' original intentions and adapt her to your own purposes with the power of your imagination. Fan communities have a tendency to transform and evolve characters into something very different from how they are officially portrayed.

And now that I think of it, not all potential waifu characters are created with the main purpose of generating profit, e.g., passionate doujin projects such as Touhou. But even when they are corporate, soulless bourgeois products, there's still a certain art to creating a good waifu requiring great talent and creativity. I still admire a lot of the character designs of Azur Lane and Genshin Impact, despite still looking down on bourgeois gacha mobile games full of micro-transactions.

269d3 No.62102

>A waifu is a made up fictional character, while a vtuber is a 3D succ getting normalfags to fawn over her with a custom anime-like avatar. Simple as that.

I would have thought that this is common sense that doesn't even need arguing. I wonder now, because this is such a point of debate, whether or not my assumptions are wrong?

35818 No.62120

So something like this totally invalidates every single point of your false narrative then.
Even your speculative ones.

The problem is you don't know anything about what you are talking about.
You just made some snap assumptions and now are being as bad faith and stubborn as humanly possible.
Probably for troll reasons of just enjoying cultivating negative feelings in others.
Or in otherwords you are just a crab who is lying and hating just to make the site worse rather then better.

1d01e No.62121

>ah yes here is the perfect image to sit beside my wall of text - MASTERPIECE MODE!

84d32 No.62122

File: 1651037706929.png (871.12 KB, 990x950, 99:95, dc3srbo-c65def4b-bc0e-41b0….png) ImgOps iqdb

Reading through this thread I'm baffled anyone could think otherwise, but it's pretty clear it's just one or two people. I think it's just so obvious that most people who think so haven't bothered replying and the mod has already made the right decision so there isn't really a reason to.
People make fan art of titty streamers, what even is your point? It's the same shit, just the next level of it. succubi trying to foster parasocial relationships with lonely men for their cash by being an uwu gamer gurl. What's there even to discuss there besides fawning over how cute and amazing this actual real life succubus is and how you want to give her money? It's worthless, there's nothing there. If you're going to allow one you might as well allow the other.

Doing a cutesy anime voice while you play videogames isn't "playing a character." That isn't a performance, it's a joke and so is anyone who watches this crap. That's not my opinion either, that's the opinion of your "waifu" when she reads your donation message on her headset and has to suppress her disgust so it isn't picked up by the motion capture. I guess they really are actors.

83355 No.62123

a5fcf No.62124

I always feel the need to add a pic to posts that are at least of a more medium length. It feels like the minimum of courtesy for having written something that's gonna make some people go "i'm not gonna read all that jfl".

She's saying "Let's sing together". Since the discussion involves waifus, I thought the pic set a related mood.


35818 No.62125

>Since the discussion involves waifus
It doesn't actually.
That is another one of your incorrect assumptions.
More bad faith mixed with trolling and insults.
How sad your life must be.

1d01e No.62126

calling everything a logical fallacy makes you seem like a huge faggot. just letting you know before you strawman me.

49183 No.62127


d808b No.62129

File: 1651140893142.jpg (213.8 KB, 732x1024, 183:256, 2f1e6bc0-2531-4e49-a20b-09….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I think a point that anti-waifufags often miss is that you can always transform a fictional character from her creators' original intentions and adapt her to your own purposes with the power of your imagination
Isn't that what a lot of vtuber fans do though?, vtuber doujins, fan animations and all that often portray them in ways vastly different from how they act on their streams, I think that at least shows that some of the viewers can and do differentiate between whoever is behind the character and the character itself and the latter can survive on it's own, at least I don't think it's quite that easy to say that there's no character.
>It's the same shit, just the next level of it. succubi trying to foster parasocial relationships with lonely men for their cash by being an uwu gamer gurl
That's the case for some of them (Hololive being the biggest offender here),but certainly not all, not only there are male vtubers that aren't aimed at succubi but also there are female ones that are far removed from that GFE shit
>Doing a cutesy anime voice while you play videogames isn't "playing a character."
I wonder about that too, when does something stop being a character?, If we go by SoL anime standards for example, a lot of characters boil down to some cute type of reactions to certain situations and some funny quirks, not much depth there either but they're mostly welcomed on this site's /jp/, think Nichijou for example and most characters boil down to one or two personality traits. You also have to consider that streams are a different medium, you can't have the same same scripted characters that anime does, the same way that improvisational theatre is not the same as normal scripted theatre but both of them have characters.

Let's say that at some point computers become powerful enough to do the same things these succubi are doing now and we have some fully automated vtubers doing the exact same shit, would people here react the same way and accuse others of "simping" for a computer? Or is it the problem that there's a succubus behind the character?, if it's the latter but you don't have a problem with the former then I think you're most likely not willing to accept that people can separate the character portrayed from whoever is playing that character, that's my opinion at least
Lastly I have to say that I agree with not allowing vtuber threads or it's discussion beyong posting pictures and shit, not because I have some problem with them but because most vtuber fans are annoying as hell.

bdf2f No.62134

>Isn't that what a lot of vtuber fans do though?
That's more akin to making illustrations and fan fiction of celebrities. They're all fan content of 3D people who're represented by an avatar. It's always inevitable that a fan community will distort and caricature certain features — both remarkable and unremarkable ones — of the characters they fawn over, though the crucial point remains that on the one side there is fawning over a fictional character, and on the other there is fawning over actual 3D person, if even a somewhat idealized version of their complex human self, which is another thing that tends to happen in 3D social relationships. When a BPD succ falls in love with her own delusional idealization of another person, no rational person could ever possibly say that that isn't a form of 3D worship. If celebrities suddenly start donning custom anime avatars that represent them, that suddenly doesn't make fawning over them 2D fawning.

It's all just like when, e.g., redditors, twitterers, and tumblrerers worship celebrities and produce fan content of them. It's still 3D worship, with this case the cute anime avatars being representations of vtubers, i.e., actual 3D people not fundamentally different from actors. If a waifufag fawns over the seiyuu of his waifu he's at that moment engaging in 3D worship.

It'd actually be okay if, hypothetically, some schizoid were to, in his imagination, completely separate a cute anime avatar like that Gawr one (which I do admit is extremely cute) from all its vtuber context and turn it into the physical appearance of their private fictional character. The thing is, that would be a completely solitary act. When that avatar is posted its meaning is that of the 3D vtuber, and not the schizoid's private fictional character, which could never gain any traction given its original, much more popular meaning. So it's not automatically 3D worship to merely admire a nice illustration of a vtuber's avatar, but when you start admiring the actual vtuber herself, e.g., how funny or cute the things she says and does are, then that's 3D worship. (To be honest, I still feel averse to context-free illustrations, e.g., hentai, of them because of their association with the 3D vtuber donning the avatar as a representation of herself.)

4eba7 No.62135

You are doing that thing again where you pretend to know what is going on in other people's minds better than them so you can just claim the worst of the people you dislike or want to shit on without any evidence.

All while just insisting on something that is even on the face of it dumb and has already been reasonably argued against over a dozen times in the thread.
Meaning you are just lying and hoping that if you repeat it like a mantra then it will stick.

The funny thing is even if the premise of your idiotic lie was granted it still wouldn't justify a total rule 7 ban as no one has ever on this site has sexualized any of the behind the scenes people of any v-tuber, nor even brought up the v-tube characters as someone to fawn over.
None of the content banned was even remotely sexual in nature. It's context clearly wasn't solely for the purpose of fawning over or sexualizing.
It's also clear the only reason it was banned was because the mod personally doesn't like it.

Streaming isn't banned, anime computer puppets aren't banned, so it makes no sense that someone streaming using a anime computer puppet should automatically be banned, especially falsely for rule 7 when all the comments and context were pg.

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