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ae9ab No.60844

Hi, I would like to know how to talk to the administrator of this page (Wizardchan) to say it if you could create a / natura / section to publish content of nature, animals and things like that.

Thanks in advance, greetings bros.

3188e No.60845

why not just make a thread on lounge?

e3c96 No.60846

There should be a holistic health and other feminine shit containment board so I don't have to see some gullible idiots shilling for meditation, cold showers and fad diets every three posts. It looks like I stumbled upon a sub reddit populated by middle aged ladies and hippie larpers sometimes. Heed your own advice and go do yoga under a sequoia or something.

3188e No.60847

how about you just ignore it instead of acting like a redditor and wanting everything you dont agree with banned.

ae9ab No.60848

Because I don't feel like going looking, and that way you would go directly to the topic, instead of looking for publications.

3188e No.60849

You could host the information offsite and link it in the thread.
Why on earth would we need a board just for this when we don't even need one.

ae9ab No.60850

I don't know how I can put the post off-site and link it to the thread.
Also I'm new, have mercy. XD

0e7d8 No.60851

there are not enough people here to populate such a niche kind of board

3188e No.60852

can someone make an eating disorder thread? I don't seem to be allowed to.

25c16 No.60853

Not your personal army, fatty

3188e No.60854

it is called being a decent human being smh

25c16 No.60855

why aren't you allowed to make the thread? if you can't why can someone else?

3188e No.60856

mods removed it I think as it was attacked by trolls and something about a signature but I did not use one.
I have posted before off the mainboards about a similar topic and someone decided to derail thread so it is my fault I guess :(

0e7d8 No.60857

because you were attention whoring with your usual covert crap

3188e No.60866

so no one is allowed to discuss mental disorders that succubus typically suffer from because I happen to have them?

f7848 No.60868

Talk about it on crystal cafe with your girlfriends.

3188e No.60869

I dont use crystal cafe thank you.
The point is talking about these things on wizchan anyway.

you are so ignorant

c0eae No.60898

You can only interact with faggots who are pretending to be femanons a.k.a. transvestites.

06842 No.60903

I used to hate CC but he has proven a good poster. CC is welcome here tbh

23657 No.60904

crystal.cafe is a datamining website, do NOT go there

c8ed9 No.60905

yeah, I agree. that shithole can't even remotely touch this place in terms of quality. But i remember how once of them said that they posted in wage thread here, about the night guard jobs. Makes you think who actually posts here…all types of people it looks like

f93af No.60921

why don't you should create a /sme/ and /mc/ board?

91157 No.60922

File: 1634269683154.gif (921.73 KB, 400x225, 16:9, F3D4B55A-544B-4071-BF45-28….gif) ImgOps iqdb

petition for the butthurt madcuck army to make an offshoot board called single mother experts, those in favor type /sme/

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