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45e92 No.60875

The us versus them attitude that people here have clouds their vision and leads to being a reflection of society itself with different values.
People here are so hyperfocused on hating succubus for some reason that we cannot even discuss having mental disorders that are stereotypical for succubus to suffer from.
Think about that for a moment.
Having borderline personality disorder or an eating disorder makes you the biggest outcast on here as we are a target for the frustration of crabs who hate succubus because they never touched their penis.

3f3dc No.60876

Why do you have to talk about this shit on this particular forum? Realize that those disorders are not only incredibly rare in men, but also that much more rare in wizards that are extremely introverted and cannot relate to your hyper need for attention and pre-occupation with your appearance. In the decade or so of wizardchan's existence, you are likely one of the only people that have admitted to "suffering" from this disorder. It seems you have realized that this brings you lots of negative attention and now you're addicted to baiting replies.

5ca4f No.60878

>People here are so hyperfocused on hating succubus for some reason that we cannot even discuss having mental disorders that are stereotypical for succubus
no, you are just retarded and cant help basically namefagging by typing in your typical retard fashion (spelling mistakes, unproofread sentences with repeat characters, stupid typos), and also you couldn't even make a neutral eating disorder thread without bringing up that you have borderline personality disorder in the next post just so that people clearly know who you are, if you actually wanted to discuss something you would put the smallest effort into your post/op to make it not a covert attention whore thread

basically, you are retarded

84fb4 No.60879

hope she sees this bro

85868 No.60880

Don't forget the run-on sentences.

45e92 No.60884

1. I am valid because diagnosed and it is one of the only diagnoses I agree with and it can be very hard. You put quotations around suffering as if someone who has these disorders are not really suffering.

2. These disorders are not incredibly rare in men let alone wizards and the idea that having "succubi" disorders means you are not introverted is not true they can also exist seperatly from being concerned with what others think of you. It is your own personal fixation on some real or imagined defect in your body.

3. There was no attempt to gather bait replies and there was even another wizard who shared the same problem in the thread. The thread was not made in a recognizable way at all and was not a blog post or anything of that sort.

4. We have had BPD threads with 100's of replies before with a majority consisting of discussion of being a male with the disorder and the reason it is nice to discuss these "duccubi" disorders on here is that you are not talking with normalfags. Talking about BPD or body dysphoria with normals is as you would imagine.


What annoys me is not the abuse on here that does not bother me but the in group normalfag behavior of attacking people who fit in with the ethos but differ slightly and are seen as the enemy as you correlate them with being a succubus and what a sin it is to be anything like a succubus in some way to crabs.

I just can't even.
I often have threads I have made appearing on /all/ and people do not notice only as it is about different topics. You are probably half right I should have been much more careful to obscure myself however!! like only because the topic it gets connected as being "me".
Don't forget you dummies witch-hunt constantly and mistake other users all the time.

588d0 No.60885

OP is literally CC poster. Same posting style and poor bait. How have mods allowed him to shitpost for this long?

@mods do something you disgusting faggots or I'm spamming gore

45e92 No.60886


3f3dc No.60887

Another lolcow to milk and activate other lolcows to seethe with her mere presence.

95ce9 No.61632

A mod would never ban herself.

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