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f9313 No.60931

There needs to be more quality control and eliminating obvious trolling. You can't have a single thread without the local trolls shitting it up (most the active userbase).

Might help encourage people who should belong here to post more. We are barely a step up from r9k just slower and sometimes an effort post will be made but you get that on shitchan anyway.

6d040 No.60932

report them

9fd89 No.60933

It's because Andrew spends all his time gayposting on /b/ and cc mod spends all his time on crystal cafe.

9fd89 No.60934

They often don't get deleted, especially if the trolling happens to rub in the direction of the mods' agenda. You need to make an entire meta thread to get these posts deleted and then it get filled with mod bootlickers actually thanking the mods for not doing their job and calling people who want to have the rules enforced "butthurt".

f9313 No.60937

I still do report but when you see the same people or meme characters spouting shit over and over again on a SLOW site and not get taken down you get weary.

This site could be so much more than it is.

6d040 No.60940

maybe what you think is shit is not shit to other people

f9313 No.60941

How is this even an argument? there needs to be gatekeeping.
>dont like reddit?
>maybe what you think is shit is not shit to other people

69318 No.60954

Politics thread is shit and since it has begun there has been a noticable uptick in normalfaggots on muh chan. I also think 3D in the fap thread is okay we had some glorious threads back in the day many good faps

51ebe No.60963

The porn rules are progressing in the direction of more strict not less.

e5ac2 No.60964

Why do you fap to 3d porn son?

34209 No.60965

>>60964 At least 3d porn doesn't have mosaics in the way of the good shit.

9e8ea No.60967

I do not understand why the rationale for this? It has declined in quality since the change and the mods jump in with nasty gfur images for "teh lulz" it is just dumb. Fap is a basic human need as long as we ban crabs that actually give money simp to the demons what is the harm in allowing 3D tor that one specific thread only? Also the ban on image posting on VPN should be removed.

9e8ea No.60968

I fap to 2D and 3D both. 2D is better

f9313 No.60970

if you want to see 3DPD go back to r9k. Allowing 3D porn here is just awful as an idea the culture needs 3D ban.

Wizards should not even want to fap to flesh pigs anyway

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