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811bb No.60984

Can we have some sort of weekly activity wizards can do "together"? maybe watch an anime or read a book in their own time by themselves and discuss it in a thread? A lot of smaller chans manage to do this so there is no reason we can't.

Wizardchan manga club/book club/ anime club/ movie club.
Should we try this? discussing a book with others can make the experience so much better.

35699 No.60986

I have tried to gather wizards many times and failed, most people here just want to do their own thing. If you do manage to make a group of wizards that are up for it then realize you are just getting the most normalfag types and eventually there will be drama and voicechatting and cliques. So basicaly, no

a5067 No.60987

811bb No.60996

I don't want voice chatting or any chatting outside of the thread. I was hoping it could be like
>lets watch this short anime series
>lets read this novella
and we do.

you are probably right though. I dont really like doing things with others anyway

f2b77 No.60999

You have to provide a good incentive to make people want to do anything. The easier, funner, and more rewarding the experience the better. People are too busy to be bothered with excess work. You really have to attract them on a basic level by providing a forum for entertainment.

9e9a2 No.61000

>Can we have some sort of weekly activity wizards can do "together"?
I don't see how it would improve my enjoyment of anything, and I am dubious of most of the regular posters taste in most things as they are of mine.
I am not saying don't or that it's bad, just that I don't get it and probably would not participate if you attempted it.

f2b77 No.61001

And it goes without saying that all people are essentially the same, having a stimulating discussion with another person is cathartic and desireable, even if you are a wizard. People want to socialize, and having a book or a movie as a bedrock to the discussion provides more than enough content to engage with. I am actually the president of a book club right now, and we are reading a book by Charles Bukowski. Having your own little cult is a very satisfying experience.

a7761 No.61068

Everything mentioned so far has to clear too high of a bar. A weekly session of Drawpile or Gartic Phone is more realistic.

385bd No.61070

the wizcord already watches movies/youtube videos every weekend

d9b95 No.61186

The wizcord watches gay porn together and stalks /b/ users!!! Omg so cool!!!! *in a faggy lisp*

3d61b No.61187

Lol bout to get banned, seeya later

e3ba3 No.61645

all the shilling about the metaverse makes me wish i didnt stop playing osrs (and also that rs3 never happened)

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