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cff96 No.61032

Straight users never posts nudes of themselves. Straight users never engage in ERP with each other. The intrinsically sexually promiscuous nature of the homosexuality (sodomy fetish) makes it fundamentally antithetical to the spirit of the site. Gays should not be allowed to post here.

207b2 No.61033

pretty hypocritical from a guy that livestreamed his butthole on /b/

d342c No.61034

Fags ruin everything. Don't they have a LGBT board they can post on or something.

b2021 No.61035

I agree OP, but I have decided to leave wizchan as I believe the homosexual mods have ruined the website beyond repair, I would have liked having a board where straight virgins can discuss our problems without stupid crab culture, but seems impossible due to homos ruining this community for the rest of us.

26a0b No.61492

Honestly, I was excited when I found this place but it seems its just filled with fags who hate straight people.

618e8 No.61497

>dont they have an lgbt board
no no no, fuck off you are one of the gays and are trying to get a lgbt board here. fuck off

0734e No.61503

welcome to wizchan newfag

0c079 No.61507

>nature of the homosexuality (sodomy fetish)
why do heteros fixate so much on the mechanics of sex?

618e8 No.61508

this is all you faggots have to reply with lol

207b2 No.61509

the non virgins think that if they had sex then surely every gay must have had poopy buttsex as well

cff96 No.61510

why are homos so ashamed of the reality of their paraphilia?

618e8 No.61511

They are aware of how disgusting it is and this is why they needed a psyop campaign spanning decades in order to convince people to repress their natural disgust towards these faggots.

9fc93 No.61512

I think that gays should be allowed to post here. OP is just a normalfag and possibly a crab. Maybe both

618e8 No.61514

gays ruin everything.

66171 No.61532

""""" psychiatrist""""
LMAO, yeah right

1a84c No.61538

Yeah he's not even Jewish

7ca66 No.61568

I hate myself for being gay though and only shitpost to subliminate my urges to self destruct with faggot shit ^~^ It helps a lot actually i'm noticably healthier than i was

207b2 No.61792

saying that you want a girlfriend isn't admitting that you're straight, it's admitting that you're a dirty crab

cf524 No.61793

File: 1643829131541.jpg (44.93 KB, 492x656, 3:4, file_1581.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


So I was roleplaying with a homosexual "wiz imp" all along?

I feel fucking gross. Disgusting creature, fuck you.

e48bf No.61794

I'm the wiz imp poster thats amy, another feeler.

b2021 No.62152

EVERY faggot hates crabs, because they know crabs don't put up with their disgusting behavior and praise them for being disease ridden sodomites like normalfags do.

8a435 No.62153

cuz crabs are jealous of men not attracted to succubi, look at all the pain being attracted to succubi has caused crabs

346b5 No.62154

samefag and andrew doesn't exists. it's all a larp by the discord clique, that is why they archive everything and stealth post on /b/ hinting at your internet history

15140 No.62175

it's called /b/

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