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76c5f No.61075

I've had lots of dumb bans but 24 hours for "pretending to be a succubus" because I used the word makeup in a post about mirrors? that's a new low, there was literally nothing to base that on

meanwhile you let someone who's either an actual succubus or doing a perfect job of pretending to be one run epic blog threads that attract ince]s begging him/her to be their GF and eat the peanuts from her shit logs, that's kosher

2eeb0 No.61076


aca9f No.61077

next time have some respect for the mods buddy

30100 No.61078

this is discrimination against wizards who wear makeup

76c5f No.61079

you mods are scum and you ruined this site

a0b2e No.61080

I don't like the mods and think they need more oversight/accountability, but in this case I side with them.

You are just trying to stir shit.

76c5f No.61081

yeah double standards and insane bans aren't the problem, I am for pointing them out

a0b2e No.61082

I will agree that people like you are the problem, yes.

76c5f No.61083

so just shut up and take it huh? no, I don't think so

e45c9 No.61084

Maybe don't rp as a succubus here for attention.
Only reason you did it is to upset people here. So yeah, you should be banned for pretending to be a succubus and shitposting on the surface boards in general.

76c5f No.61085

>pretending to be a succubus
never happened, prove it or stfu

88c76 No.61086

lol, i reported that post and was pleasantly surprised that it got removed so fast, what's not surprising at all is that whoever made it would bitch about it on lounge or meta. you should be banned for being a dumb attention whore fishing for replies.

76c5f No.61087

talking about mirrors is attention whoring? sure it is, tard
if makeup is a banned word now regardless of context just make it official, stop sockpuppeting to defend your insane ban

4f70b No.61861

Damn this website fucking sucks. Banned over a word? The mods are bigger bitches than actual "succubi", fucking mama's boy faggots. I'd kill you all if I could.

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