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c5478 No.61097

why so many threads within the past week specically about succubus and their sexuality as if it concerns a wiz?
these are actual crab posts and I see a hell of a lot of people engaging in dialogue with them.

433e8 No.61098


89981 No.61099

t. succubus

ce552 No.61100

Wizchan is in terminal decline and it's just a waiting game until crab culture reaches critical mass. Every young user now is growing up on crab culture and a modern retard 4chan. The good ones are happy not to discuss it here, but plenty of them begrudge that they can't. The balance will just continue to tip.

05e9d No.61101

idk guys its just so mysterious…what do succubi even want?

c5478 No.61103

Mods should ban these "black pill" memes from crab boards.
link is the boards just take a look.
>everyone who dislikes constant sex crazed monkey screeching must be a succubus
no buddy
WHy discuss it here? I can "understand" when it is somehow relevant a crab will make a quip in a thread but when you have actual threads dedicated to crab nonsense it makes me uneasy.

66882 No.61104

Same thing most people want.
Power, resources, and security/stability.

433e8 No.61105

>link is the boards just take a look.
this one single thread >>>/lounge/278819 ?
Seems like you are just being melodramatic because you are bored

c5478 No.61106

nice try ignoring all the other crab threads tourist

c5478 No.61107

(mods pls respond)
>oh no you cant talk about wanting sex or having se ot you are banned
Good rule
>oh but you can tell wizards to take HRT and become a femboi slut

433e8 No.61108

t. feminist simp

c5478 No.61109

oh yeah must be a feminist to be against the tranny psyops telling me and others to become succubi and take BBC.

a2190 No.61112

both posts are non sequitur, what does your imaginary tranny boogeyman have to do with this thread

89981 No.61113

unironically get a life and stop making a fuss over random bullshit on the internet. You react like a succubus.

c5478 No.61114

>if you dont like us bringing crab.co content to wizchan you must be a succubus
your brain on the crabsphere ladies and gentlemen

89981 No.61115

>ladies and gentlemen
found the succubus. go cry to reddit.

28a50 No.61120

U should become a tranny and take BBC also I work for Shareblue and I'm #WithHer

c5478 No.61123

crab has such powerful anger towards succubus for not touching his pp that anything that vaguely seems female to him will evoke rage.
Do you also smash household objects that have curves because they remind you of succubus?

bd424 No.61124

File: 1635920768045.gif (1.65 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1635717635015.gif) ImgOps iqdb


I'm done with this place anyways.

c5478 No.61125

Only because people here disagree with you and call you out all the time schnider

1e00b No.61127

This is place is no different from any other shithole where edgy mid 20s morons go, like 4chan or whatever else

quite ironic how they dislike reddit at he same time

c5478 No.61128

I agree a lot of edgy retards are here but it is nothing like reddit because anonymous and explicit normalfag posting is bannable

a658c No.61144

Because in the end there aren't that many active chans/imageboards and spillage is inevitable.

Lots of morons post here without even being wizards simply because they are bored and want to talk to someone.

They break the main rule just by existing here.

c7edf No.61149

Shouldn't this shit qualify as spam? This is like the third CC poster thread obsessing over crabs. Fuck you mod fags.

9088e No.61214

typical crab tactic, move goalpost and target a certain individual lol. ye best start parroting ben shapiro and the red pill coaches now wizzies. don't forget to lock eyes with succubi out there

c5478 No.61229

We are getting a little lax here.
we are allowing people to express how sad they are they are ugly and do not have a GF?

8d21f No.61302

Could a volcel be sad to be ugly? Like he morally agrees with volcel ideas and wants to live a volcel life of purity, but he is sad that he'll never be a true volcel because he couldn't get sex if he wanted to.

c5478 No.61305

ou could be sad for other reasons I guess.
It is nice to really validate your volcel nature by having to literally push succubus off you and remind them you want nothing to do with them.

a658c No.61344

But it *is* a cope to "push them off" if none of them are even looking at you (except in passing with disgust).

That's not exactly a voluntary action is it?

That's like a homeless hobo claiming he's actively resisting becoming a billionaire because he hates money.
No, the structure of the universe isn't allowing you to even have 5000 dollars despite you mustering up all your strength and power, dear hobo.
You are not choosing not to be a billionaire, you never had the choice to begin with.

This entire discussion to take place on Wizchan of all places is absurd anyway.

c5478 No.61345

>This entire discussion to take place on Wizchan of all places is absurd anyway.
Why? nice false comparison.

It should go without saying that our sanctuary should be free from those who covet flesh. The coptic monks who dwelt in relative isolation ran into the same problems as wizardchan has.

Homosexuals and crabs.
We shant repeat their mistakes.

433e8 No.61346

You are constructing a false paradigm about the reasons why a wizard is not having sex, it isn't because they choose not to, it is just who they are, the hobo billionaire analogy only works based on your skewed opinions

c5478 No.61347

really wish the 99yo wizard larper at least bothered to make better looking shit post threads.

a658c No.61348

>it is just who they are

See, this is much healthier.

Keep all those 'cel' - isms away from this board.

433e8 No.61349

how do you know he is a larper?

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