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File: 1635985067832.jpg (50.47 KB, 1100x618, 550:309, ap_18332030758020_wide-de8….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

247b1 No.61129

for the mods and community to consider segregating the furry porn from the actual porn. Why can't the furries use a thread on a dead board to post their porn?

No one wants to see that stuff in the fap thread it kills your wands power.

5225f No.61130

I second this motion

94148 No.61131

Do you think that furry porn is worse than anime porn? Why?

86a91 No.61132

What is even the point of the fap thread? Does anyone ever seriously think "I wanna fap, let me go to wizchan and look at the fap thread"? No, no one does that, I dont think anyone has ever done that, why would wizchan be the place anyone goes to masturbate. It is just people posting generic hentai and occasionally someone trolling with bestiality or hardcore gay porn to rile up the metaburgers. I don't have a problem with the thread but certainly there doesn't need to be two threads because of some ridiculous petty thing you dislike. Hide the pictures you don't like yourself.

c098f No.61133

It's not a porn thread, it's a fap thread, to post the last thing you fapped to. That's it.

5225f No.61134

ew its especially fucking gross now that I know that

94148 No.61135


b24fc No.61137

So then we should have separate porn threads to at the very least separate the gay and straight stuff.
It's totally retarded that they are forced in the same thread not because of the rules but just because the mod's personal preference.

dad99 No.61138

the whole point of the thread is to be exposed to things you don't otherwise find sexy or fap-worthy. who knows, maybe you'll find the right thick veiny dick or the right furry animal getting fucked that speaks to you and it expands your limited world view. life is to short to ONLY jerk off to tits and ass, son. you're like a little baby crying about not being able to eat poptarts cuz veggies are "gross". try some cucumbers with ranch sauce all over it or some nuts and cream, maybe even a chocolate banana if you're up for it.

247b1 No.61141

fag and not fag porn should not go together.
I do not think the mods will make that a rule but I hope they can separate the fur.
that isn ot the point of thread at all

94148 No.61142

You're that homosexual from /b/ right?

dad99 No.61145

yea the one and only. are you that black man from africa?

6dafe No.61146

Furry porn is better then that lolicon shit.

426c4 No.61148

Lolicons' preferred fapping material is superior to that of furries.

247b1 No.61150

Could not agree more.
you just have bad taste in art and are wrong

3ac19 No.61151

who wants to see whole threads of nothing but boring human succubi

247b1 No.61152

3D porn is banned you homosexual nigger I hate you and your fur faggots.
if a loli cant get you hard you have gone too far. lol pathetic.

We want nice orn, cream of the crop! not badly drawn deviantart shit.
dumb fuck head wants to fap to animals go do that literally anywhere else. we dont need to see your furry shit.

94148 No.61153

>we dont need to see your furry shit.
Then press your mod-given [–] button

e236c No.61155

the porn in here is only posted for shock value. just like gore it might as well be banned entirely

86a91 No.61156

the few times I posted porn in that thread it would trigger multiple people to almost immediately start replying to other people and post a bunch of generic hentai, it’s just a subtle butthurt generator where people just post their porn to try and make other people butthurt

I don’t think I’ve seen any attractive thing posted in that thread for years anyway, and there is nothing special about any of it, like it isn’t paywalled stuff you’re leaking or anything

3ac19 No.61157

who said anything about 3D numbnuts
no just you

a0fb5 No.61160

It's almost as bad as cartoon porn.

94148 No.61161

>if a loli cant get you hard you have gone too far. lol pathetic.
What does this mean? That if you don't fap to this particular fetish, you are not normal?

247b1 No.61162

lolis get everyone hard but fur doesnt and needs to be removed.

3ac19 No.61163

>get everyone hard

bbbf2 No.61177

File: 1636401223153.png (10.22 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

ooga booga, fur porn baaad, ook ook argh, hentai porn good

674bd No.61182

asking for a source isnt a rebuttal

3ac19 No.61183

making a universal claim requires proof or you're full of it

6180d No.61188

Sorry animated children don't get me hard

674bd No.61203

not even close to an argument and hardly relevant to the thread topic

94148 No.61211

It is not an argument, but it is a counterexample to your (unsubstantiated) claim of "loli gets everyone hard"

247b1 No.61299

>Sorry animated children don't get me hard
I can guess what does,
fir shit and other gay shit.

99e32 No.61308

>fir shit
yeah baby
*rubs against a pine tree*

df455 No.61355

File: 1637794003449.jpg (88.86 KB, 600x778, 300:389, 95b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hell yeah

99e32 No.61366

reported for 3D ass

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